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Vivid Sydney Light Festival 2015: Biggest Ever Program Announced

Vivid Sydney is set to shine even more brightly in 2015 when the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas delivers its biggest program yet.
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Expansion into city suburbs Chatswood and Central Park
Over 60 Lighting Installations and Projections
Expanded Music Program and Australian exclusives including The Hoodoo Gurus
and Daniel Johns
Award-winning, Australian-first global speakers at Vivid Ideas

Story: Sydney, Australia, Wednesday 18 March, 2015
Vivid Sydney is set to shine even more brightly in 2015 when the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas delivers its biggest program yet. For 18 nights, from 22 May – 8 June, Vivid Sydney will again transform the city and harbour. The 2015 program includes expansion into new city precincts Chatswood and Central Park, its biggest ever music program including Australian exclusives such as The Hoodoo Gurus at the Powerhouse Museum and Daniel Johns’ international solo debut at the Sydney Opera House, and heavy-hitting speakers at Vivid Ideas.

Vivid Sydney, now in its seventh year, is owned and managed by the NSW Government’s tourism and major events agency Destination NSW.

Destination NSW Chief Executive Officer Sandra Chipchase said: “Vivid Sydney is an incredible public event that has seen amazing growth, attracting a record 1.43 million attendees in 2014. It’s the largest festival of its kind in the world, and with our biggest program yet, there’s even more to love about Vivid Sydney this year.

“While the heart of Vivid Light is still beating strongly in and around Circular Quay, Vivid Sydney is spreading even further into the city suburbs, with Central Park and Chatswood joining the program this year,” Ms Chipchase said.

“Favourite locations Circular Quay, Walsh Bay, Martin Place, and Darling Harbour are back with over 60 light installations and projections with even more opportunity for visitors to get hands on, more water theatre shows – this time with lasers and fire – and new and expanded programing at Pyrmont & The Star and the University of Sydney. The sandstone canvases of Customs House and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) will also return with spectacular new 3D projections.

“With all eyes on the Sydney Opera House, Lighting of the Sails will once again take its place as the centrepiece of the amazing light spectacular during Vivid Sydney, with Universal Everything promising awe-inspiring projections that will reimagine the architecture as a living mural, with a diverse series of vibrant, hand-drawn sequences.

“Vivid Music will introduce its most expansive program yet, featuring more shows and venues and an impressive line-up of local and international talent,” she said.

The Hoodoo Gurus will perform an exclusive one-off show at the Powerhouse Museum and a new line up of cutting edge, innovative performances will be held across the city at new venues Goodgod Small Club, Oxford Art Factory and Freda’s, with the Seymour Centre, The Basement, The Argyle and Barrio Cellar part of the line-up again in 2015.

Part of the Vivid Music program, Vivid LIVE at the Sydney Opera House features a 10-night run of exclusive Sydney-only performances and for the first time will also include two large scale outdoor events, internal light projections and an event for kids and families. Features include four exclusive performances from Morrissey, Daniel Johns in his international solo debut, Sufjan Stevens in his only Australian performances and FCX – 10 Years of Future Classics featuring Flume and Flight Facilities.

With a line-up of heavy-hitting speakers, Vivid Ideas introduces The Game Changers, a new talk series this year headlined by three global influencers: multi Emmy-winning writer Matthew Weiner, series creator and executive producer of Mad Men and former executive producer and writer on The Sopranos; Grammy-winning designer Stefan Sagmeister, whose clients include the Rolling Stones, Lou Reed and the Guggenheim Museum; and entrepreneur and publisher Tyler Brûlé, founder of the world-famous magazines Wallpaper and Monocle.

“With such an amazing festival planned, Destination NSW will continue to work with the travel industry to encourage visitation to Sydney from across Australia and the globe for this incredible event. We aim to build on the results from last year when more than 20,000 international visitors travelled to Sydney on dedicated Vivid Sydney travel packages,” Ms Chipchase said.

“Vivid Sydney will also work with event partners, land owners and a new accessibility specialist to build on the positive initiatives undertaken last year.

“A new sustainability partnership with The Banksia Foundation will also further develop Vivid Sydney’s sustainability agenda which includes recycling assets, environmental waste management practises and improved energy efficiency,” she said.

Vivid Sydney welcomes the return of Intel, a world-leader in computing technology, as event partner for the fifth consecutive year. 2015 Supporters include Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, City of Sydney, Sydney Opera house, The Star, Canon, Indeed, 32 Hundred Lighting, Oracle and TDC.

For more information on Vivid Sydney visit

The full Vivid Sydney media kit and high-res imagery including 2015 Vivid Sydney light renders and footage of 2014 festival highlights is available at

Slate – Vivid Sydney 2015 Program Content Snippets – Light, Music, Ideas

Sydney Opera House light installations (Mute)

Various concept lighting installations

Customs House installation concept

Public Photo opportunity platform points

Building light insulation concept

Darling Harbour view of city skyline lighting

Park installations

Habour light and laser show concepts

Park view concepts

Meeting point concepts

Street art lighting concepts

Coloured Drum lighting controller

Various coloured street art installations

Various Video projections

Various Live music events

Public view points

Music videos

Public game areas

Various concept planning meeting/organisers/contributers

Slate – Vivid Sydney 2015 Media Launch Cutaways
Various of the launch event

Slate – Sandra Chipchase, CEO, Destination NSW
(English VOX POP)
“Well Vivid Sydney is the signature event for winter in Sydney. Around the world it is has firmly established itself as the major festival in Australia during that winter period”.

“Well Vivid Sydney is so important to Sydney and to New South Wales because it drives over night visitation, it delivers economic benefit and it firmly establishes Sydney as the creative services hub of not only Australia but of the Asia Pacific”.

Slate – Ignatius Jones, Creative Director, Vivid Sydney
(English VOX POP)
“The thing that is special about Vivid Sydney is that, it’s when we take the art off the walls and we put it on the street, it’s where we show the people the nexus of art and technology, where art meets technology and changes the world, it’s where we show the people the future and the other great thing about Vivid is that 98 percent of it is free”

“One of the big things about Vivid 2015 is the concentration on mass player games, which is actually an exploration of interactivity, which has always been an important part of Vivid, but this year we’re really, really expanding it. So, the Star and Pyrmont area will have a whole series of mass player installations, there’s a couple of them on the Light Walk itself and I think, you know, here we are absolutely stretching the limits of technology”

Slate – Anthony Bastic, Curator, Vivid Light
(English VOX POP)
“The Vivid Light Walk this year has over 60 light installations, some of them are interactive and highly imaginative installations which hug the Sydney Harbour foreshore but also take us into new areas in the city. We’re back again in Martin Place this year, which is fantastic, and we’re also moving into 2 new areas, a new precinct called Central Park Sydney and also at Chatswood.”

“The Vivid Light Walk is the great leveller. It enables us all from whatever background we are to come out and enjoy the light art installations, which will be positioned around Sydney Harbour, and the two new areas, Central Park Sydney and also Chatswood”

Slate – Stephen Ferris, Curator, Vivid Music
(English VOX POP)
“What I think what’s really special about the Vivivd 2015 music program is that when people visit Sydney, whether it’s from inter-state or the country, or even the suburbs, or from international areas, they come in all different shapes and sizes and I think they really want to see, some diversification. They want to see the essence of Sydney but there’s a whole bunch of levels I think that we’re trying now to program for, for all those sorts of people – and also to enlighten them a little bit, entertain them a bit and maybe even sort of titillate a little bit as well”

“We’ve got a whole lot one off events all around Sydney, so Vivid Music is really expanding, the footprint’s expanding and the cultural fabric of it is also broadening as well”

Slate – Ben Marshall, Curator, Vivid Live
(English VOX POP)
“We have the first time 10 straight nights of Sydney only music in the Opera House concert hall. We’re doing an event for families and kids with a magnificent dress up adapt people. We’re bringing the projections inside for the very first time and including them as part of the Light Walk. There’s a lot to evolve and a lot that stays the same. It’s still an event that programs the gold standard in contemporary music”

Slate – Jess Scully, Curator, Vivid Ideas
(English VOX POP)
“Vivid Ideas is entirely about turning your inspiration into action, and taking what you learn on stage and applying it in your creative practise”

“We’ve got an incredible line up of people who who have actually changed the way that we watch TV, the way that we communicate, the way that we express ourselves”

Mar, 18, 2015



Million Dollar Prize Awarded To The World’s Best Teacher, Nancie Atwell From USA

The biggest prize in the history of teaching has been won by American teacher Nancie Atwell, who has established her own system for teaching children to read and write inspiring a lifetime’s passion for literature.

In front of a packed conference hall in Dubai, Nancie was given a standing ovation as she was awarded the inaugural Global Teacher Prize which brings with it prize money of a million US dollars.
Nancie told the cheering audience: “I’m honoured to accept this award especially so in the company of these extraordinary teachers.” The Award is designed to become the teaching equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize.

On stage at the ceremony was former President Bill Clinton, the Honourary Chairman of the Varkey Foundation which awarded the prize as well HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Former President, Bill Clinton said: “I think the most important thing this prize has done is to reawaken the world’s appreciation of the importance of teachers.”
Nancie was handed the coveted prize by Sunny Varkey, the founder of the Varkey Foundation.

The Foundation received more than five thousand nominations from around the world before whittling the entrants down to ten finalists – all of whom were present at the ceremony.

The eventual winner was decided by votes from an Academy of experts drawn from around the globe in a process overseen by PWC.

Nancie has written many critically acclaimed books about her teaching methods which centre on giving children the chance to choose which books they will read and study.

She has also established a non-profit demonstration school, the Center for Teaching and Learning in her home State of Maine, which passes on to children and fellow teachers from around the world the basic lessons of her approach to learning.

The results have been extraordinarily impressive.

Nancie has committed to using the entire amount of prize money to expand her school and teach more students, many of whom come front underprivileged backgrounds.

The Global Teacher Prize is the brainchild of the Foundation chairman, Sunny Varkey , and is designed to enhance the status of teaching as a profession and to encourage more children to become teachers.

For more information go to:

For download information on the longer (3min approx.) videos on each candidate, please see below.

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All footage has been shot on behalf of the Varkey Foundation and is cleared for unlimited use in all territories.

Shows: 15th March 2015: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

00:00 General shots of venue00:03 Shot of Global Teacher prize trophy

00:08 Candidates introduced and led onto stage

00:32 Bill Clinton, Honorary Chairman of the Varkey Foundation speech’I think the most important thing this prize has done is to reawaken the world’s appreciation of the importance of teachers.’

00:00 Cutaway of Bill Clinton during speech

00:00 2nd bill Clinton grab’When I was elected President I was only the second governor of a very small state ever to be elected President. It would never had happened without my teachers, ever.’

01:08 Shot of Skeikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum with Sunny Varkey

01:13 Wide shot of stage

01:22 Announcement of the Global Teacher Prize

01:56 Nancie Atwell being presented with her trophy

02:12 Nancie speech on stage’I’m honoured to accept this award especially so in the company of these extraordinary teachers.’ – applause

02:27 Nancie cutaway on stage

02:37 Interview with Nancie
Q – “How much does it mean to you?”
A – “It’s so hard right now to get my mind around the fact of it, that if you ask me tomorrow or in a week I might be able to tell you, all I can say right now is that it feels like a miracle, it feels like a miracle.”

02:59 Q – “Can I ask one last question, the money, what are your plans for that?”

03:03 A – “Our school is very low tuition, we offer a lot of tuition assistance so that we can keep a really rich mix, socio-economic mix of children, most of this money will go into tuition assistance but also because our school is a resource for the whole country, the whole United States, for what books kids should read, kids are always blogging and listing and recommending, we need to just keep our books current so that our kidscan keep on reading 40 books a year but also so the rest of the children in America can stay current with the advice of our kids, please Michael, we need 2 new boilers, our furnaces are shot so (laugh) they’re held together with gum and duct tape, it will be wonderful to think that next winter we’ll probably go into it with another 8 feet of snow and new furnaces, practical and also inspiring things will happen with that money.”

04:01 General vision of Nancie Atwell’s school, The Center for Teaching and Learning. Exterior shots, children reading, Nancie teaching students

05:25 Interview with Nancie Atwell “The first time I went into a classroom in my practicum, I felt like is was home, um, it was where I was meant to be, these were the people I was meant to be with, nothing has felt so right to me really before or since.”

05:40 Interview with Varkey Foundation founder, Sunny Varkey – “This professional is supposedly to be the mother of all professions and here we are, we are trying to, trying to really bring it back to the status that it deserves.”

05:51 ENDS

Mar, 16, 2015



FIA Formula E Round 5 In Miami Takes Place On A Temporary Circuit Along Biscayne Bay

After four thrilling races, producing four different winners, the fifth round of the FIA Formula E Championship – the world’s first fully-electric racing series – took place in Miami, USA on a temporary circuit along the picturesque Biscayne Bay.
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Story: After four thrilling races, producing four different winners, the fifth round of the FIA Formula E Championship – the world’s first fully-electric racing series – takes place on Saturday, March 14 2015, in Miami, USA on a temporary circuit along the picturesque Biscayne Bay. The one-day race event sees 10 teams and 20 drivers racing head-to-head in fully-electric single-seaters designed to appeal to a new generation of motorsport fans, whilst promoting sustainability.
Notes For Editors: Following the race, this highlights round-up VNR is available to download. It contain a selection of post-race driver interviews including new US driver Scott Speed racing for home team Andretti. Also included is Formula E drivers Jaime Alguersuari, Jerome d’Ambrosio, Antonio Felix da Costa and Scott Speed taking in the sights of Miami by boat, as well as undertaking paddle-boarding. Further highlights include the Formula E drivers at the Miami Heat NBA match, the official post-race party, CEO Alejandro Agag driving the Formula E race car for the first time and all the atmosphere from the Miami ePrix. The piece is be rounded off with coverage from the exclusive pre-race charity Gala Dinner at the city’s Perez Art Museum.Shows: MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES (RECENT) (AURORA MEDIA ON BEHALF OF FORMULA E – ACCESS ALL)
Part 1
00.00.00 – 00.18.10 – Nico Prost post-race INV00.18.10 – 00.37.06 – Scott Speed post-race INV00.37.06 – 01.01.22 – Daniel Abt post-race INV01.01.22 – 01.09.11 – Miami heli shot 1

01.09.11 – 01.18.11 – Miami heli shot 2

01.18.11 – 01.27.03 – Miami beach pan

01.27.03 – 01.32.11 – Pan down on Ocean drive.

01.32.11 – 01.36.22 – Shot of red car with people walking.

01.36.22 – 01.43.10 – Tracking shot of sponsors on track.

01.43.10 – 01.47.04 – Shot of buildings from track.

01.47.04 – 01.52.11 – Shot of Biscayne Blvd. sign.

01.52.11 – 01.55.00 – Shot of American flag.

01.55.00 – 02.01.05 – Agag getting equipment ready.

02.01.05 – 02.05.16 – Agag putting on helmet.

02.05.16 – 02.13.08 – Agag getting in FE car.

02.13.08 – 02.18.20 – Agag starting car.

02.18.20 – 02.24.12 – Onboard of Agag driving FE car.

02.24.12 – 02.28.13 – Onboard facing Agag driving FE car.

02.28.13 – 02.46.06 – Agag INV.

02.46.06 – 02.49.21 – CU of FE logo on car.

02.49.21 – 02.53.10 – CU of FanBoost logo.

02.53.10 – 03.04.08 – Presser – Agag soundbite 1

03.04.08 – 03.24.10 – Presser – Agag soundbite 2

03.24.10 – 04.02.03 – Presser- Michael Andretti soundbite

04.02.03 – 04.22.12 – Presser – Richard Branson soundbite

Part 2
00.00.00 – 00.08.16 – CU of cheque signed Agag.

00.08.16 – 00.16.05 – Agag & Mayor Regalado holding cheque, handshake.

00.16.05 – 00.26.02 – Agag & Mayor Regalado signing docs & handshake.

00.26.02 – 00.58.07 – Agag INV.

00.58.07 – 01.12.14 – Mayor Regalado INV 1

01.12.14 – 01.30.08 – Mayor Regalodo INV 2

01.30.08 – 01.35.14 – Shot of paddle boards and Scott Speed.

01.35.14 – 01.45.02 – Drivers being taught how to paddle by coach.

01.45.02 – 01.54.14 – CU of Alguersuari and D’Ambrosio.

01.54.14 – 00.02.00 – CU of Scott Speed.

00.02.00 – 02.08.00 – Alguersuari taking off on paddle board.

02.08.00 – 02.30.01 – Drivers racing to the finish.

02.30.01 – 02.43.22 – Scott Speed winner INV.

02.43.22 – 02.52.20 – Scott Speed and Antonio Felix Da Costa high five.

02.52.20 – 03.05.15 – D’Ambrosio INV.

03.05.15 – 03.11.19 – Scott Speed and EJ banter.

03.11.19 – 03.26.22 – Scott Speed GoPro on paddle board.

03.26.22 – 03.30.04 – Wide shot of the American Airlines Arena.

03.30.04 – 03.36.17 – Slow mo of Chandhok, Alguersuari, Bird and Abt.

03.36.17 – 03.39.24 – Slider shot of Chandhok with FE car.

03.39.24 – 03.43.21 – CU of FE car “Full Electric”.

03.43.21 – 03.48.17 – Slider of FE car with AA Arena in background.

03.48.17 – 03.52.07 – FE drivers lined up on basketball court.

03.52.07 – 03.56.15 – Heidfeld spinning ball on fingertips.

03.56.15 – 03.59.16 – FE drivers posing for the cameras.

03.59.16 – 04.03.01 – Photographers taking shots.

04.06.09 – 04.09.22 – Pull focus of Miami skyscrapers at night time.

04.09.22 – 04.14.09 – Pull focus of Fe car at Gala dinner outdoors.

04.14.09 – 04.18.02 – Wide of Agag, mayor Regalado &friends with FE car.

04.18.02 – 04.21.04 – CU of above shot.

04.21.04 – 04.27.11 – Pan of Gala dinner indoors.

04.27.11 – 04.30.04 – Agag with friends at table.

04.30.04 – 05.16.01 – Mayor Regalodo INV.

Mar, 15, 2015



World’s Best Teacher Set To Win One Million Dollar Prize

An unprecedented international search to find the world’s most exceptional teacher reaches a conclusion this Sunday 15th March 2015, at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, with the announcement of the first winner, who will receive a prize totalling one million dollars (USD).

The award is the brainchild of the Education Charity, the Varkey Foundation based in Dubai, and is being supported by educationalists and policy makers from around the world.

Former US President, Bill Clinton, is the honorary Chair of the Varkey Foundation.

The Global Teacher prize is aiming to raise the profile and status of teachers around the world.

The Award will be announced at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai – the world’s leading assembly of prominent figures from the public, private, and social sectors addressing ways to deliver on the promise of education, employment, and equity for all.

The Global Teacher Prize is to be an annual event from 2015 onwards – a sign of the Varkey Foundation’s commitment to raising the standards of education around the world.

Entrants from all over the developing and developed world have been whittled down to just Ten Finalists – one from Afghanistan, three from the United States, one from Haiti, one from India, one from Cambodia, one from the UK, one from Kenya, and one who has founded schools throughout South East Asia.

The following VNR features footage shot on location in all of the countries listed above, as well as interviews with all 10 Finalists.

There is also an interview with the Founder and Trustee of the Varkey Foundation, Sunny Varkey.

The VNR includes shots of the Bazaar in Kabul, shantytowns in Haiti, villages in Kenya and Cambodia, as well as all the Finalists teaching in class.

There is 3 minutes of extra footage of all Finalists including interviews with students, parents, and fellow teachers, as well as extra color shots and extended clips with the Finalists themselves.

Dropbox link for 10 x 3 minute packages

Vimeo link for 10 x 3 minute packages

The result plus interview with the winner and further background footage will be released on a separate VNR on Sunday the 15th feed within hours of the announcement.

For more information go to

For download information on the longer (3min approx.) videos on each candidate, please see below
Dropbox link for this year’s GESF 2015 videos:

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Vimeo PRO (20GB/week) login details:
GESF2015 (password)


Azizullah Royesh (Afghanistan) Kabul.
School: Marefat High School.
Forced to leave formal education at the age of ten, Aziz has nevertheless devoted his life to education. He has faced and continues to face enormous danger as a result of his determination to offer Afghan boys and girls a liberal education. School numbers have grown from an initial thirty-seven students in Kabul to more than four thousand – forty-four per cent of whom are girls. Islamic extremists have attempted to storm the school and have called for his execution. But he and his students continue to turn up each day undaunted.

Guy Etienne (Haiti). Port au Prince.
School: College Catts Pressoir.
Working in one of the poorest countries on earth, he has had to improvise to teach science under arduous conditions. He believes that the key to teaching students in countries like Haiti is to ensure that everything they learn has a practical use in their daily lives. It is the country’s best hope of a brighter future.

Jacque Kahura (Kenya). Kilifi.
School: Bofa Primary School.
Working in a region which has been split by horrific religious and ethnic violence, she has been instilling into students that we can control what comes out of our mouths; we can control our actions, and we can control our emotions. She has been making them think about the way they treat others, and reaching out to young girls in particular, distributing sanitary towels to remote villages to try to encourage wider debate about the role of women.

Kiran Bir Sethi (India). Ahmedabad.
School: The Riverside School.
Kiran has founded her own internationally acclaimed school where making children care for each other and care for the world is the primary focus rather than concentrating on making students the fastest, strongest, and smartest. She believes that if children do good, they will also do well.

Madenjit Singh (Cambodia, East Timor)
School: Science of Life Studies in various locations in South East Asia.
Madenjit has developed a revolutionary teaching program which gives poor students in Asia the chance to learn English at an astonishing speed. He says anyone can learn the language in three to six months, studying for just one hour a day. He believes nothing is more potent in helping lift children out of poverty. Once they can speak English, a world of new opportunity opens up to them. They are able to find jobs with real prospects.

Nancie Atwell (USA). Southport in Massachusetts, USA
School: Centre for Teaching and Learning.
Forty years a teacher, she has developed a whole new system for engaging children with writing and reading which has been taken up by hundreds of teachers around the world. She runs workshops where the children themselves decide what they will read and write. She has an unrivalled reputation for instilling literacy and a life-long love of literature in all her students.

Naomi Volain (USA). Springfield in Maine. USA
School: Springfield Central High.
Curiosity, fun and, rigor characterize her classes. Her teaching of science is completely hands-on. Her inner city students spend many classes outside learning about the natural world in a way they might never experience. She also has close links with NASA, who regularly allow her to borrow genuine moon rocks to use in her class.
(N.B. In the footage featuring Naomi, there are shots of students looking at small dark pebble-like structures under glass. These are moon rocks)

Phalla Neang (Cambodia).Phnom Penh.
School: Phnom Penh Thmey.
Following the brutal genocide by the Khmer Rouge, which killed up to four and half million people, Phalla became the first person to set up a school for blind children in Cambodia. Her school now also houses deaf students as well. It has transformed the lives of thousands of children who would otherwise have had no access to any type of education. She was also integral in translating the Khmer language into braille.

Richard Spencer (UK). Billingham.
School: Middlesbrough College.
The winner of numerous teaching awards, he has developed his own unique style of teaching biology. His students learn biology poems, sing biology songs, and dance the biology dance. They tour the school as a nephron or as a digestive system, bringing science to glorious life. As he himself says; “Lessons don’t have to be all singing and dancing, but why not once in a while.

Stephen Ritz (USA). The Bronx.
School: Public School 55.
Teaching in the poorest Congressional District in America where 37% of people are so-called food insecure, he has transformed attitudes by teaching children all about growing their own food. A continuing experiment, which is working and ‘bearing fruit.’ He believes that by teaching children about nature, they learn to nurture. They gain confidence and self-belief.
All footage has been shot on behalf of the Varkey Foundation and is cleared for unlimited use in all territories.

00:00 Azizullah Royesh from Kabul in Afganistan. He teaches at Marefat High School.
Shot of local market

00:02 Exterior shot of school

00:04 Aziz teaching class

00:19 Shots of students in Kabul

00:23 Interview with Azizullah Royesh
‘In my view, you cannot change the mindset and the overall cultural vision of the community unless you provide education for the girls because the boys or the male focus of the community, they just can’t follow the footprints of their fathers but these are the girls that they can bring a change in the mindset of the community.’

00:45 Guy Etienne from Port au Prince in Haiti. He teaches at College Catts Pressoir.
Shots of Etienne entering his class and teaching students

01:00 Shots of Port au Prince

01:05 Exterior of school

01:10 Interview with Guy Etienne
‘I am always happy to transform my students like change makers for the community because I still believe that education, it’s the only way that we can use to develop a country.’

01:30 Jacque Kahura from Kilifi in Kenya. She teaches at the Bofa Primary School.
Shots of Jacque teaching her students

01:44 Jacqui talking to local villagers
‘Standard of education is good but it is not good enough’

01:49 Jacque and her team handing of books, pencils etc to villagers

01:59 Interview with Jacque
‘My passion about teaching, my passion about development, my passion about getting people out of poverty and more importantly, getting the children to school, remaining in school and completing school is what really drives me.’

02:15 Kiran Bir Sethi from Ahmedabad in India. She teaches at The Riverside School.
Shots of the local area and markets

02:19 Shots of Kiran teaching and talking to her students

02:42 Interview with Kiran
‘Every today we are recommitting to the idea of education, that our children will find their passion and along side, develop a deep compassion to what they can be as a presence in this world and add surplus to the world, a surplus of kindness, a surplus of compassion, a surplus of talent, a surplus of skill.’

03:00 Madenjit Singh, who teaches in Cambodia and East Timor. His school is the Science of Life Studies in various locations in South East Asia.

03:02 Shots of students and various classroom locations

03:18 Madenjit Singh talking to students
‘For anybody to learn English, if you have a high IQ, you will figure that out. But what if you don’t have a high IQ, you wont be able to figure it out. So what we are doing is we are helping you understand all of this.’

03:29 Interview with Madenjit Singh
‘Within 3 to 6 months you can get almost anybody to be able to learn this language, 1 hour a day.’

03:35 Madenjit teaching his students

03:45 Nancie Atwell from Southport in Maine, USA. She teaches at the Centre for Teaching and Learning.
GV’s of township, kids playing in the snow

03:50 Nancie teaching her students

04:01 Sound up of student reading ‘I will stay here.’

04:04 More shots of classroom

04:09 Exterior sign of the school

04:12 Students boarding a bus

04:16 Interview with Nancie
‘You know, it really is fascinating, it’s kind of authoring an heir when you figure something out that will move this kid from where he is to the next stage in his development as a writer and reader, I love it!’

04:30 Naomi Volaine from Springfield in Massachusetts, USA. She teaches at Springfield Central High.
Exterior shots of the school

04:33 Shots of the classroom and students

04:57 Interview with Naomi
‘I think environmental education has to be supported worldwide, at any level, in any country or village or city, students need to learn about the earth because without it, there’s nothing, nothing at all.’

05:15 Neang Phalla from Phnom Penh in Cambodia. She teaches at Phnom Penh Thmey.
Shots of street in Phnom Penh

05:19 Phalla and students in class

05:45 Interview with Phalla – audio track 1 in Cambodian, track 2 is English translation
‘No one had Cambodian children, especially visually impaired children so I wanted to do something for them. I think that they have a right to the same education as other children.’

06:00 Richard Spencer from Billingham in the UK. He teaches at Middlesbrough College.
Exterior of the school

06:04 Shots of Richard teaching in his classroom

06:08 Richard teaching his class biology using music

06:28 Interview with Richard
‘To see students develop over 2 years, to come in as quite young 16 year olds with not always a lot of confidence but to see them develop and develop a love of biology over 2 years, it’s just fantastic and there is no other job like it.’

06:45 Stephen Ritz from The Bronx in New York. He teaches at Public School 55.
Bronx gv’s

06:49 Stephen teaching class, learning to grow food from seeds

07:01 Shots of the different vegetables growing in the classroom

07:09 Stephen and students eating lunch, made from what they have grown.

07:12 Interview with Stephen
‘We have children here who have never seen what real food is and we also have kids here who have emigrated from other countries in search of food so people are constantly hungry and to think that food is the entry point for public education, for reading, writing, for literacy, for maths, for aspiration and inspiration is incredible.’

07:30 Interview with Mr. Sunny Varkey, Founder of the Varkey Foundation.
‘Teachers play a very, very important role in educating a child. Without good education you knowthe world can be in turmoil and that’s what you see in today’s world. I mean, education is the solution to every conflict, peace in the world, and the inequality that you find in the different genders, the rich and the poor divide.’

07:55 ‘I think the fact that all these very, very important people have acknowledged what we are doing is simply because they value the role of the teacher in the school and I think it is so important that we rally behind the teachers because they are the only people who can make a difference in the world.’

08:14 ‘We had 5,000 nominations, we had 1,300 odd applicants, and we had a response from almost 130 countries. It is a phenominal thing for the first year of this award and so going forward I am sure we will do better and better and improve upon what we have done so far.’

08:35 ‘How do you get good students to take teaching as a profession, this is very, very important and only way we can do that is by trying to raise the respect, the reward and the celebration of the teacher and so by doing this global teacher prize we are hoping that good students would be inspired to take up teaching as a profession.’

09:03 Shots of Mr. Varkey visiting a classroom at Gem’s Wellington School in Dubai.

09:27 Exterior shot of the Atlantis Palm Hotel in Dubai, the venue for the 2015 Global Education and Skills Forum, where the winner of the global teacher prize will be announced this Sunday the 15th March.

09:33 Interior shot of setting up for the conference

09:49 ENDS

Mar, 13, 2015




Real Madrid Create Fan Digital Album With Microsoft

Supporters from 118 countries have contributed to create the first digital ‘Fan Sticker Album’ of Real Madrid.
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Locations: MADRID, SPAIN
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Notes for Editors:
Microsoft presented today ‘The Fan Sticker Album’, the first digital sticker album where Real Madrid fans from around the world are in control. Supporters from 118 countries have contributed to create the first digital sticker collection of Real Madrid. The authors of the best photographs had the chance to chat with Bale, Chicharito, Marcelo and Sergio Ramos thanks to Skype technology.
What is the Fan Sticker Album and which are its objectives?
It’s the first important milestone in our vision of putting the fan in the centre and connecting people from around the world and sharing their passion thanks to the Microsoft technology. Today we have had 12 lucky fans who are made their dream come true thanks to the power of Skype and the Microsoft Cloud.How many fans participated and how was it made?
Thousands and thousands participants fans from around the world. 118 countries are represented as part of this initiative and we have had 1.5 million viewers of the promoting video plus 1 million likes in the social networks.How can Technology bring fans closer to their teams?
Technology can people get together, connect and spread all around the world and share their passion for the players thanks to the Microsoft Cloud and the magic of Skype we have been able to connect all of them around the world. Today we have had 12 fans who have made their dream come true thanks to the power of the Microsoft Cloud and the magic of Skype.Story: Microsoft presented today (March 12) ‘The Fan Sticker Album’, the first digital sticker album where Real Madrid fans from around the world are in control.The ‘Fan Sticker Album’ has been debuted in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and Bale, Chicharito, Marcelo and Sergio Ramos, players in the first-team squad were there.With the goal shared by Real Madrid and Microsoft, technological partner of the club, of placing supporters in the center of the sport experience, this unique initiative has had the participation of thousands of Real Madrid fans from 118 countries, who showed their passion for Real Madrid uploading photographs during two weeks to This project, which has been communicated by tens of Microsoft social media accounts in different countries, has got more than a million Facebook likes and more than a million and a half reproductions of its spot.

Microsoft and Real Madrid chose amongst thousands of participants the 12 stickers that showed best what the Real Madrid values are. The creators of the selected images, everyone from a different country, had the chance to speak with Bale, Chicharito, Marcelo and Sergio Ramos about the current situation of the team using Skype video conference.

“We have thrown ourselves into this project so that people can enjoy every moment of their lives to the fullest thanks to our tools” – said Sebastián Lancestremère, General Manager of Sports Business in Microsoft. “We are thrilled to offer solutions for the millions of Real Madrid fans around the world and to contribute to make their passion for football more exciting. ‘The Fan Sticker Album’ aims to make Real Madrid fans even closer when rallying for their team and to create a real global community thanks to the new technologies.”

Technologies for connection
The “Fan Sticker Album” is the perfect example of how Microsoft technology can be a bridge between people anywhere in the world. This new initiative is supported by Microsoft Azure, offering an open, secure and flexible platform in the Cloud for organizations. Giving service to 57% of the companies in Fortune 500, Azure includes more than 1,000 services and applications developed by Microsoft partners. Around 1,000 companies per day bet on this solution all over the world because Azure guarantees full flexibility when it comes to solution scalability, and to ensure that storing, data recovery and backup configuration are more efficient and cheap.

Furthermore, to allow natural interaction between Real Madrid players and fans around the world during an event, Microsoft made available Skype for Business. This is a tool that reinvents productivity by tearing down the distance barriers and it will replace Microsoft Lync by mid-2015.

Nowadays, Skype allows more than 300 million users to call, video-call or send messages to people who are hundreds or thousands kilometers away through everyday devices such as tablets, smartphones and computers. Skype for Business, aiming to transform the way in which people communicate inside organizations, will bring those benefits to the professional field through a new user experience along with a new server, and by being implemented in Office 365.

About Microsoft
Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

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Time Code
TC: 00.00 Resources images from the Fan Sticker Album event at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid, Spain.

TC: 00.13 Real Madrid players entrance

TC: 00.39 Fans from all over the world participating in the event

TC: 01.16 Conversations between fans and Real Madrid player through Skype

TC: 03.36 Family photo album with fans and Real Madrid players
Real Madrid Players Statements

TC: 04.26 Sergio Ramos (Spanish)
Talks about:
– Champions League final and how was his feeling when scored
– Best goal of his life
– Relationship and funny moments in Real Madrid’s squad

TC: 06.48 Marcelo (Spanish)
– His motivation in Real Madrid team
– The most thrilling match he has played

TC: 08.04 Bale (English)
– What football means for him
– His goal in the Copa del Rey final

TC: 08.39 Chicharito (Spanish)
– What he like most about playing in Real Madrid
– The importance of Real Madrid fans for the team

TC: 09.40 Spokeman Microsoft’s interview: Sebastián Lancestremère, General Manager de Microsoft Sports

Mar, 13, 2015



French Canadian Jean Vanier, Founder Of L’Arche, Wins 2015 Templeton Prize

Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche, a revolutionary international network of communities where people with and without intellectual disabilities live and work together as peers, has won the 2015 Templeton Prize.The news conference will take place at the British Academy, 11 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AH, attended by Jean Vanier.

L’Arche fosters two-way relationships where those who help are transformed by those they encounter. Jean Vanier discovered that those people society typically considers the weakest enable the strong to recognise and welcome their own vulnerability.

Vanier, 86, supports a culture of belonging and social justice. He encourages and nurtures dialogue and unity among Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and other faiths through lectures, conferences and retreats around the world. Works include more than 30 books translated into 29 languages.

Valued at £1.1 million ($1.7 million or €1.5 million), the Templeton Prize is one of the world’s largest annual awards given to an individual and honours a living person who has made an exceptional contribution to affirming life’s spiritual dimension. The Prize will be awarded on 18th May at the church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London.

Established in 1972 by the late global investor and philanthropist Sir John Templeton, the Templeton Prize is a cornerstone of the John Templeton Foundation’s international efforts to serve as a philanthropic catalyst for discoveries relating to the Big Questions of human purpose and ultimate reality.


1. Jean Vanier walking with assistance at home in Picardy (Northern France)

2. GV of L’Arche sign outside community centre

3. GVs- various of people working on cardboard boxes, mosaic cutting and making soap- various

4. Jean Vanier at lunch with members of the community

5. Jean Vanier stooping to greet elderly lady

6. Three stills of closeup of Jean Vanier portrait

7. GV of London press conference (March 11, 2015)

8. Medium of press conference panel

9. SOT (Jennifer Simpson, daughter of Dr. John M.Templeton,Jr):

10 SOT from Canadian and French embassy officials (as outlined)

11 SOT (English speech) Super: Jean Vanier, Templeton Prize 2015 Winner- various soundbites.

12. SOT (Presenter Ed Stourton asking for reaction on hearing ISIS-related atrocities..)

13 SOT (English speech) Super: Jean Vanier, Templeton Prize 2015 Winner.

14. Audience interchange with L’Arche man
Super: Richard Keagan-Bull, L’Arche Lambeth resident

15. SOT (Presenter Ed Stourton asking about relativity of success and help)

16 SOT (English speech) Super: Jennifer Simpson
“I would like to thank….

17. Mid shot of panel and applause

Mar, 11, 2015



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