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K-Pop’s Mega Music Sensation Rain (비) Visits Queensland

Korea’s mega music sensation, Rain (비), visits APT8 as part of his role as Queensland ambassador.

It’s a destination best known for its sunshine, but Brisbane and the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) in Brisbane welcomed Rain with open arms today as one of K-Pop’s biggest stars checked out a contemporary exhibition from the Asia Pacific region as part of his visit to Queensland as its official ambassador.

Wrapping up his final days at a restaurant overlooking the Brisbane river, Jung Ji-hoon or Rain as he’s best known, said he had an incredible stay in Queensland and a great day at the 8th Asia Pacific Triennial (APT8), looking at works by more than 80 contemporary artists from the region.

“My time is Queensland was incredible including my visit to APT8 which showed beautiful art, including an installation from Korean artist Choi Jeong Hwa, from Korea.

The singer-songwriter, actor and music producer is to Korea and Asia what Justin Timberlake is to pop music in the United States.

Rain travelled to Queensland as the official tourism ambassador for Queensland to help launch QPop, a new tourism marketing campaign to entice more Korean and Asian travelers to visit the Great Barrier Reef state.

That includes ticking off a bucket list of high-energy adventures like climbing 323m above sea level to the top of Skypoint on the Gold Coast, sailing in the Pacific Ocean, visiting South Bank in Brisbane, and cuddling one of the state’s most loveable locals, Cinnamon the koala. As a well-known foodie, Rain also made time to hit Brisbane’s best restaurants and dine on the local seafood.

“I had an awesome time in Queensland including Brisbane, Gold Coast and Cairns. I want to come back to get to know this place more,” he said.

The 8th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT8) is the world’s largest exhibition of new art from Australia, Asia and the Pacific, with works by more than 80 artists reflecting the expanding creative diversity of the region.

This year the APT explores how the human form can express cultural, social and political ideas. Major commissions include a sprawling structural installation of reclaimed timber by India’s Asim Waqif and a mesmerising suspended sculpture by South Korea’s Haegue Yang. The 8th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art runs from 21 Nov 2015 until 10 Apr 2016,

Rain is a highly-respected singer and actor in the Korean entertainment industry, and is considered a worldwide star throughout Asia, Europe and North America. He has headlined several Korean television series, Korean and Chinese movies and featured in American films including Ninja Assassin (2009) for which he was the first Korean to win an MTV award. In 2011, he was crowned by Time 100 Poll Magazine Readers as the world’s most influential person.



00:00 Rain meets ‘Cinnamon’ the Koala from Dreamworld on the Gold Caost, upon his arrival into Queensland

00:30 Rain arrives at Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) to visit the 8th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT8)

00:48 Rain meets Korean artist Chai Jeong Hwa.

01:03 Rain visits Choi Jeong Hwa’s installation called ‘The Mandala of Flowers’

01:22 shots of ‘The Mandala of Flowers’ with people enjoying the installation

01:59 Shots of an installation by another Korean artist Haegue Yang.  The installation is called ‘Sol LeWitt Upside Down – Open Modular Cubes (Small), Expanded 943 Times’

02:20 Vision of other APT8 exhibits

02:48 Interview with Rain

Question is – Why are you here in Queensland?

Answer – ‘I personally like Queensland. I have heard there is a lot of different cultural experiences and a lot of food and wine to enjoy. There are a lot of things to do and enjoy. I came to QLD one year ago for Running Man. I enjoyed it a lot. This year, TEQ (Tourism and Events Queensland) and TA (Tourism Australia) invited me to come as Queensland Ambassador, this is an honour to come to Queensland for this opportunity’.

03:32 Question 2 – How would you describe Queensland?

Answer – ‘There is a lot of culture in Queensland it is very pretty with nature and the natural environment. I visited a number of places; the Park, Art Gallery, it was the perfect place to enjoy your holiday. I tried a lot of different food and I especially enjoyed the Eat Street Markets. I had a really good time at the Markets with my friends and eating nice food and meeting people. And as you can see with my backdrop, the City itself is quite pretty with the bridge and nice view.’

04:33 Question 3 – What did you think about the APT8

Answer 3 – ‘I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the Queensland Art Gallery, especially when I met the Korean Artist Mr Choi Jung Hwa. I was so proud of him as a

fellow Korean in that moment and I thank him for his hard work. I was delighted that I came across Korean art on display in a famous Queensland Brisbane Art Gallery.

05:18 Question 4 – Do you have any recommendations for your fans to do in Queensland

Answer 4 – ‘What I enjoyed the most, I liked the scenic views and the nature. I find this place very scenic with a pure environment.

I posted 2 times on my social channel, one is at Southbank park in Brisbane, and one in Cairns, where the sky meets the sea. I find in Queensland you can actually enjoy nature. You should try and relax and have a good time. You need to go to see the Koalas. When I came here for Running Man shooting I went to the Koala Park. It was so fun. I would like to make a recommendation that you do this. If you want to enjoy nature, learn more about natures. Queensland is the best place.’

06:26 Rain visits famous Eat Street Markets

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation Governance Weekend

Africa’s cities are vibrant centres of innovation, business growth, and social inclusion, which can drive significant GDP growth across the continent. They are also home to some of the world’s largest slums, suffer from inadequate infrastructure and lack of opportunity.

The 2015 Ibrahim Forum, dedicated to “African Urban Dynamics” brought together politicians, policy makers, business leaders and civil society representatives from Africa and Africa’s international partners to explore those countervailing forces.

Mo Ibrahim, Founder and Chairman of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation which established the Forum in 2010, opened the session by noting that cities are incubators for finding innovative solutions to some of the biggest problems facing Africa, around the environment, development, food security and other issues.

Ghana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Hanna Tetteh noted that the great cities of Africa like Lagos, Johannesburg, Nairobi or Accra, also face some of the greatest challenges. And it is important to be honest about those challenges.

Akinwumi Adesina, President, African Development Bank, noted that 24 cities represent 44 percent of GDP in Africa. So how those cities deal with sanitation, health, power and the effects of increased populations will have an amplified impact on the continent.

Kumi Naidoo, International Executive Director, Greenpeace International, said that dealing with these issues was urgent, and that the current state of urban Africa was creating a potentially volatile situation.

Vera Songwe, Regional Director for West and Central Africa, International Finance Corporation, said that inefficiency in government feed economic inefficiency and added to urban struggles. As an example, she noted that 54 percent of people on the electricity grid in Lagos also have generators, doubling their real energy cost, and all based on their distrust of the local government’s ability to guarantee a supply.

Patricia de Lille, Mayor of Cape Town, South Africa, challenged her fellow mayors to always include a social development strategy alongside plans for business development because, “They are two sides of the same coin.”

Khalifa Sall, Mayor of Dakar, Senegal, noted that the influx of people from rural areas was making every inch of an African city a place of commerce or of living.

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation was established in 2006 with a focus on the critical importance of leadership and governance in Africa. By providing tools to support progress in leadership and governance, the Foundation aims to promote meaningful change on the continent.

The Ibrahim Forum is its annual high-level discussion forum tackling issues of critical importance to Africa. Previous Forums have dealt with Africa in the next 50 years (2013), Youth (2012), Agriculture (2011) and Regional Economic Integration (2010).

In addition to the Ibrahim Forum, the Foundation releases the annual Ibrahim Index of African Governance, which has become an important policy tool used in African and global finance and government circles; the Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership, which was presented earlier in the Governance Weekend, to former Namibian president Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba at a music-filled ceremony Friday night (20 November); and the Ibrahim Fellowships and Scholarships program, which places promising young African leaders in high-profile agencies.

The Foundation also finds ways to reach new audiences with its message.

A concert of African musicians drew some 40-thousand people to Independence Square that evening (21 November). International superstars Angelique Kidjo from Benin and Youssou N’Dour from Senegal, who was

once called “the most famous musician in Africa”, headlined along with younger artists Stonebwoy and Sarkodie, two of the hottest rising stars in Africa, both BET Awards winners and both from Ghana.

The weekend ended on Sunday 22 November with the Governance Cup, a football match sponsored by the Foundation between a “Dream Team” of Ghana All-Stars and African Club Champions TP Mazembe from the Democratic Republic of Congo, owned by former governor of Katanga Province Moise Katumbi. He underscored the Foundation’s goal of introducing governance issues to young people and the general public through popular culture and sports. Ghanaian President John Mahamba agreed, saying, “In Ghana we say we have two passions: politics and soccer. So I guess you can tell that Ghanaians are very happy about this football match.”

Though the Ghanaians had several opportunities, TP Mazembe won the friendly match, 3-1.


Shows: Accra, Ghana (21 November 2015)

1. Various shots of the International Conference Centre in Accra

2. Various shots of audience

3. Mo Ibrahim Foundation Founder and Chairman, Mo Ibrahim saying, “Cities are rising now as a key element in the world order. Their GDP is huge. And mayors have proved they can be more efficient, more effective than governments. If you watch what happens in some of the major cities in the world and see how they are far ahead of their governments in implementing really key issues when it comes to climate, to development, innovative solutions are coming from cities. That is really important for us.”

4. Ghana Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Hanna Tetteh saying, “Cities are some of the most dynamic spaces in our continent. When you look at cities like Lagos, like Abuja, like Johannesburg, like Cape Town, like Nairobi, like Abidjan, like my city of Accra, immediately when you the names of these cities come to mind you think of vibrant spaces. And you think of energy and entrepreneurship, the promise that Africa shows coming out of these spaces. But at the same time, in these cities we also have some of the biggest slums, which are growing at wonderful rates. And at the same time, we also have to deal with our fair share of challenges.”

5. Akinwumi Adesina, President, African Development Bank, saying, “You have a situation where today, 24 cities account for 44 percent of the GDP in Africa, so what we do with cities is important. So how we light up cities is important. How we feed cities is important. The kind of infrastructure, the water health and sanitation that we get for cities are very important. And how we deal with the pattern if migration into the cities will determine the extent to which the cities themselves can become more resilient going forward.

6. Kumi Naidoo, International Executive Director, Greenpeace International, saying, “We need to recognise that as we sit here right now, that without any further migration into our cities that our cities are actually tinder boxes and powder kegs waiting to explode.”

7. Vera Songwe, Regional Director for West and Central Africa, International Finance Corporation, saying, “If we can build that public space of trust, then we can begin to change. Let me give you a concrete example. In Nigeria today, 54 percent of the eight million people who are connected to electricity in Lagos have generators. That is a sign that they don’t trust the government. They know that when they wake up in the morning they won’t have electricity. So what do they do? They double the price of energy a buy a generator.”

8. Patricia de Lille, Mayor of Cape Town, South Africa, saying, “And where are we now in Africa? Africa is on the rise. And we must rise as African leaders and design a template, a new template, how to adapt existing cities so that they can fit into and deal with urbanization, So you have to have an economic growth strategy for your city, you need to have a social development strategy for your city because economic development and social development are two sides of the same coin.”

9. Khalifa Sall, Mayor of Dakar, Senegal, saying (French), “The problem we have in African cities is that public space is not just for vehicles. It is for the public. And the public is real people. That’s the first thing we have to realise. And in African cities, rural migration is transforming every public space into a place of commerce or of living.”

10. Various shots of crowds at Independence Square

11. Angelique Kidjo performing

12. Sarkodie performing

13. Stonebwoy performing

14. Youssou N’Dour performing

(22 November 2015)

15. Various shots of Ghana National Stadium

16. Crowds arriving

17. TP Mazembe owner Moise Katumbi saying (French), “You know it is for good governance in Africa above all democracy. The Ibrahim Forum this time was about the economics and politics of urbanism. So the players participate in this as well. People will come to the match as well to see Mazembe. So it is a way to communicate as with all the people of Africa.”

18. TP Mazembe team going onto the field

19. Ghana President John Mohamba arriving with Mo Ibrahim

20. Mohamba saying, “In Ghana we say we have two passions: politics and soccer. So I guess you can tell that Ghanaians are very happy about this football match.”

21. Crowd shots

22. Ghana has some near misses

23. TP Mazembe’s Daniel Nii Adjei scores the first goal

24. TP Mazembe’s Meschak Elia scores their second goal

25. Ghana Dream Team player Godfred Saka scores the team’s only goal

26. Mo Ibrahim presenting the Governance Cup

27. TP Mazembe team members holding the Governance Cup


Nov, 22, 2015



Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership

Former Namibian President Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba received the 2014 Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership at a music-filled ceremony in Accra, Ghana.

The ceremony was part of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s Governance Weekend, which includes a Forum dedicated to Urban Issues, a concert of African musicians expected to draw tens of thousands in Independence Square on Saturday 21 November, and a football match between Ghana All-Stars and TP Mazembe from the Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday 22 November.

As part of the Forum, the Foundation sponsored a photo completion called “Snapping Cities”

Welcoming the audience to the Governance Weekend, Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama emphasized his country’s dedication to democracy and human rights.

Mo Ibrahim, Founder and Chairman of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, addressed the former laureates, diplomats and African thought leaders on his signature issues of promoting good governance and a new generation of leaders, agricultural investment, and economic integration. He also scolded some African leaders whom he said made easy political points by ostracizing homosexuals.

Pohamba served as Head of State of Namibia from 2005 to 2015. He won the 2004 election overwhelmingly as the candidate of SWAPO, the ruling party, and he was re-elected in the 2009 election.

Reading the award citation, Salim Salim, former Prime Minister of Tanzania and the Prize Committee chair, noted that Pohamba was awarded the fourth Ibrahim Prize for his role in maintaining his country’s stability and prosperity and for forging national cohesion and reconciliation at a key stage of Namibia’s consolidation of democracy and social and economic development. The Prize also recognised his contribution in cementing Namibia’s reputation as a well-governed, stable and inclusive democracy with strong media freedom and respect for human rights.

The Ibrahim Prize celebrates excellence in African leadership. It is awarded to a former Executive Head of State or Government by an independent Prize Committee. Previous Laureates include Presidents Joaquim Chissano (2007, Mozambique), Festus Mogae (2008, Botswana) and Pedro Pires (2011, Cabo Verde. The 2007 Honorary Ibrahim Laureate was given to President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

For his part, Pohamba accepted the award on behalf of the Namibian people, who support democratic institutions. He repeated his call for all African leaders to abide by their constitutions and not usurp power.

Hadeel Ibrahim, Executive Director, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, addressed her work on the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on humanitarian financing.

The evening included musical performances from Mayra Andrade from Cape Verde, Rex Omar from Ghana and ended in exuberance as Angelique Kidjo led the crowd in her trademark hit saluting Africa.


Shows:  Accra, Ghana (20 November 2015)

1. Various shots of the International Conference Centre in Accra

2. Snapping Cities exhibition

3. Ghana President John Dramani Mahama welcoming the event to Accra, saying, “Ghana’s democracy continues to grow and we are looked on as a beacon of democratic advancement on the continent of Africa. We believe that the path to true growth and prosperity lies in submitting to the sacred will of our people in whom political power resides. Ghana continues to work with other like-minded nations to advance the course of the Continent by focusing on the key issues of strengthening political and democratic governance, curbing youth unemployment and developing key strategies to push forward Africa renaissance.”

4. Mo Ibrahim Foundation Founder and Chairman, Mo Ibrahim saying, “We need to raise the profile of African leaders, especially those people who are really doing wonderful things for their people. That is important. We need role models. We need heroes. That’s what we need to really inspire our young people.”

5. Ibrahim saying, “For many years, we all have been arguing that we really need to diversify our economies. We have forgotten about agriculture. We used to send food to people, now we buy food from abroad. That is unacceptable. We have the largest tracks of land, fertile lands, arable lands, we really need to something about the agricultural sector.”

6. Ibrahim saying, “It’s always a hope one day for a United States of Africa, but to be practical, let’s start with a single market.”

7. Ibrahim saying, “I am really disappointed in a number of African leaders who ride cheap popular waves by pandering to some of these low instincts and attacking lesbians or homosexuals or whatever, acting as if this is the main issue facing us in Africa. We can’t eat. We need clean water.”

8. Mayra Andrade performing

9. Salim Salim, former Prime Minister of Tanzania and Prize Committee chair, reading the award citation, saying ”Through the decade of President Pohamba’s era, Namibia’s reputation has been cemented as well-governed, stable and a place of democracy, with strong media freedom and a respect for human rights. At a time of global uncertainty, this sustained progress unified and cohesive nation at an important time in Namibia’s transition reinforced to the prize committee that President Pohamba was a worthy winner of the 2014 Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership.

10. Ibrahim Prize presentation

11. Former Namibian president Hifikepunye Pohamba saying, “This honor is not for me alone. I accept it with a sense of great humility, on behalf of the people of Namibia, who entrusted me, though democratic processes, to lead our country as president, through two consecutive terms.

12. Pohamba saying, “We must reject the manipulation of constitutions. This must be our mission, as the African people. It must be the mission of all African leaders: No individual or group of people should be allowed to usurp power from democratically-elected leaders with impunity

13. Pohamba saying, “Africa is about hope, optimism, respect for human rights progress and above all peace, stability and social justice.”

14. Rex Omar performing

15. Hadeel Ibrahim, Executive Director, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, saying, “The challenge I would like to make to all of you is that our humanity requires us all to be humanitarians. We have been asked by member states to produce a bold, visionary and ambitious report, and I believe we will do that. But we will need bold, visionary and ambitious action from everybody in this room to make this a reality.”

16: Angelique Kidjo performing




Mo Ibrahim Foundation

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation was established in 2006 with a focus on the critical importance of leadership and governance in Africa. By providing tools to support progress in leadership and governance, the Foundation aims to promote meaningful change on the continent.

The Foundation, which is a non-grant making organisation, focuses on defining, assessing and enhancing governance and leadership in Africa through four main initiatives:

Ibrahim Index of African Governance

Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership

Ibrahim Forum

Ibrahim Fellowships and Scholarships

Ibrahim Forum

Established in 2010, the Ibrahim Forum is an annual high-level discussion forum tackling issues of critical importance to Africa. The Forum convenes prominent African political and business leaders, representatives from civil society, multilateral and regional institutions as well as Africa’s major international partners to identify specific policy challenges and priorities for action. Previous Forums have dealt with: Africa in the next 50 years (2013), African Youth (2012), African Agriculture (2011) and African Regional Economic Integration (2010). Data and research on Forum issues are compiled by the Foundation as the basis for informed and constructive debate.

Nov, 21, 2015



Darcey Bussell Switches On Regent Street’s Christmas Lights

Classic FM Presenters Myleene Klass and Aled Jones hosted an enchanting evening with classical music stars Laura Wright and Alison Balsom performing with The Philharmonia Orchestra.


Regent Street delivered a spectacular evening of entertainment to celebrate the switching-on of ’Timeless Elegance’, the brand new Regent Street Christmas Lights, sponsored by Jo Malone London.

The crowds were treated to a glamorous occasion to remember, featuring a world- class line up of live entertainment hosted by Classic FM presenters Myleene Klass and Aled Jones.

Darcey Bussell, the Strictly Come Dancing judge and former prima ballerina, who’s storming the charts with her compilation album

‘The Darcey Bussell Ballet Collection’, lit up London as she pulled the switch.

Darcey Bussell said:

“It was an honour for me to switch on the world famous Regent Street Christmas Lights. It was wonderful to see so many people celebrating the start of Christmas with us, right in the heart of the world’s finest city.

Aled Jones said:

“Now that’s what I call a switch on! What a privilege to help turn on Regent Street’s brand new lights.

Joined by thousands of shoppers and with performances from some of Classic FM’s favourite artists, I can’t think of a better

way to launch the countdown to Christmas in London.”

A mixture of shoppers, Classic FM listeners and fans of Strictly Come Dancing entered into the spirit of a truly British evening in the West End. The cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, soprano star Laura Wright and British trumpet soloist

Alison Balsom all performed live with the Philharmonia Orchestra. Getting the crowds in the festive spirit, Laura and Alison performed stunning renditions of Christmas favourites ‘Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire’ and ‘Ding Dong Merrily On High’ respectively.

To mark the switch-on moment the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Nicholas Dodd, played a brand new piece of exclusively composed music for Regent Street by Pierre Mussche from Musicom, in collaboration with acclaimed lighting designers Koert Vermeulen and Julie Boniche from ACT Lighting Design, who created the lights.

For the first time ever, the lights feature video animations and projections. As the switch was pulled, the lights moved and sparkled in time with the music. The unique and dazzling elements created a golden way and lit up the night sky over The Mile of Style.

Cheryl Joannides, Vice President General Manager, Jo Malone London said:

“This is Jo Malone London’s first Christmas on Regent Street and, to mark the opening of our Global Flagship, we are delighted to be the first brand to sponsor the new Christmas Lights design. This year’s theme of ‘Timeless Elegance’ celebrates the rich heritage and sophistication of both Jo Malone London and Regent Street itself and a festive spirit, which lies at the heart of the Jo Malone London brand. We look forward to welcoming customers to Regent Street this Christmas…”

Annie Walker, Director of the Regent Street Association said:

“The switch-on of the Regent Street Christmas Lights truly marks the start of the festive season. Shoppers were able to enjoy the glamour of London’s most iconic shopping destination along with live performances and entertainment for all the family to enjoy.”

Shows: – One minute silence – Countdown & switch on – GVs of stage performances (Alison Balsom, Laura Wright, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory) – Darcey Bussell soundbites – Myleene Klass & Aled Jones soundbites – Alison Balsom soundbites – GVs Regent Street & Regent Street stores – ENDS


ICE! Winter Wonderland In Sunny Central Florida

Beginning November 24, Central Florida’s favorite holiday hub hidden under a 4.5 acre glass-enclosed snow globe comes to life during Christmas at Gaylord Palms.

Gleaming with more than two million twinkling lights and dripping with masterful decor, the resort exudes a warm welcome to guests wishing to celebrate both the traditional and modern sentiments of the season.

From 2 million pounds of ice to 1.5 million pounds of snow, there is something for everyone.

Christmas at Gaylord Palms presented by The Noerr Programs is chockfull of signature events and sprinkled with new offerings which include Cirque Dreams Unwrapped, The Elf on The Shelf Scavenger Hunt, Cosmic Snow Tubing, Breakfast with Mrs. Claus, Build-A-Bear Workshop and the anxiously awaited nightly Grand Snowfall.

ICE! featuring ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas is this year’s main attraction.

Guests walk through a chilly nine degrees as they experience the classic poem come to life in hand-carved, life-size ice sculptures. ICE! presented by Pepsi will also feature four slippery ice slides, a live carving zone in which guests can witness a master carver at work and On the Blocks ICE! Bar, the exclusive adult-only bar inside of ICE!

Everyone’s favorite wintery rush, Alpine Rush Snow Tubing, an 18’ 8-lane giant snow hill created with real Florida snow is back by popular demand. On Friday and Saturday evenings the lights go down and the fun turns up as Cosmic Tubing comes to life. Guests tubing during this time enjoy high spirited holiday music accompanied by flashing LED lights.

Not a thrill seeker? How about an elf seeker? The all new The Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt ignites the inner sleuth and takes guests on a journey throughout the holiday-clad hotel. Participants will follow clues and scan the hotel to spot the 10 scout elves who have landed at Gaylord Palms. By solving puzzles and finding all of the elves, guests will reveal the elves’ names so they can report back to Santa.

Once you have found the last scout elf, make your way over to the Emerald Bay Stage for the world premiere of the all-new Cirque Dreams Unwrapped.

Guests will be dazzled by an array of seasonal characters brought to life in a dreamscape of imaginative costumes and creativity, while stunning feats of showmanship are unwrapped, performed on stage and in the air, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats.

Broadway director and Cirque Dreams founder Neil Goldberg is bringing the famed entertainment brand to Orlando for the first time in the company’s 22 years with this exclusive show. The entire family can enjoy this uniquely inspired 25-minute Christmas dream presented with the Broadway style and inventive theatrics for which Cirque Dreams is renowned.

The Build-A-Bear Workshop pop-up shop is the perfect way to add a little more heart to the holidays. This interactive destination is a place where guests can create their very own personalized furry friends and will feature the same memorable experiences offered at other Build-A-Bear Workshop stores throughout the country. Choose from an exciting array of animals and characters, including faces featured in some of the season’s most popular movies. Watch them come to life at the signature stuffer and add accessories, clothing and more, including an exclusive, furry friend-sized “Christmas at Gaylord Palms” t-shirt to commemorate your visit.

The season’s hottest couple, Mr. and Mrs. Claus will also be a part of the festivities. Photos with Santa will take place in Santa’s Workshop located in Alpine Village and Mrs. Claus will be a part of the all-new Breakfast with Mrs. Claus at the award-winning Villa de Flora.

Alpine Village, the holiday attraction hub, will also feature the Gingerbread Decorating Corner sponsored by PEEPS, Snowy’s Snack Shack and holiday shopping galore.

If that’s not enough, wander through the atrium’s lush gardens (over 500,000 plants) sprinkled with poinsettias, grand holiday displays and watch as the famous 54-foot-tall majestic Christmas tree comes to life every night during the famous tree lighting ceremony. Still haven’t had enough? Sit back and enjoy a nightly grand snowfall in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the resort’s grand atrium.

In addition to the holiday happenings, hotel guests can enjoy fish and alligator feedings, relax at Relâche Spa with themed-seasonal treatments, plunge into Cypress Springs Family Fun Water Park and indulge in holiday dining at our nine delectable restaurants. Whether you enjoy a filet, fresh seafood, pasta or a burger – we guarantee there is something to whet your appetite.

Christmas at Gaylord Palms is open daily from November 24, 2015 – January 3, 2016, including holidays. For more information and to purchase tickets, go to

ICE! is an indoor winter wonderland featuring:

  • Walk-through holiday attraction, kept at a chilly 9 degree
  • Two million pounds of hand-carved ice sculpture
  • Four ice slide
  • Six individual rooms depicting the story of ‘Twas the Night Before Christma
  • The Frostbite Factory — a live carving zon

Final room is a breath-taking Nativity scene carved from crystal clear ice

Marriott International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAR) is a leading lodging company based in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, with more than 4,000 properties in 78 countries and territories and reported revenues of nearly $13 billion in fiscal year 2013. The company operates and franchises hotels and licenses vacation ownership resorts under 18 brands. For more information or reservations, please visit our web site at, and for the latest company news, visit

Over 50 million people have experienced a Cirque Dreams show in theatres, casinos, theme parks, cruise lines, and on Broadway. Now in its 22nd Year, Cirque Dreams shows have garnered the praise of critics around the country from USA Today, Associated Press and the New York Times to CNN, Today Show and Fox & Friends. Producer and Director Neil Goldberg has been declared “One of today’s leading theatrical impresarios” by The LA Times and “Uniquely ingenious” by the New York Daily News. The Cirque Dreams franchise is a globally recognized entertainment brand including, Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, Cirque Dreams Rocks, Cirque Dreams Holidaze and Cirque Dreams & Dinner onboard Norwegian Cruise Line.

For more information, visit

Founded in St. Louis in 1997, Build-A-Bear Workshop is an interactive destination where guests of all ages can create personalized furry friends. Build-A-Bear has approximately 400 stores worldwide where guests can create customizable furry friends, including company-owned stores in the United States, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom, and franchise stores in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico and the Middle East. The company was named to the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For list for the seventh year in a row in 2015. Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. (NYSE: BBW) posted a total revenue of $392.4 million in fiscal 2014. For more information, visit the Investor Relations section of

Nov, 11, 2015




Range Rover Evoque Convertible Launch

London, UK, Monday 9th November – Having first teased the public with candy-coloured wireframe sculptures, Land Rover has finally revealed the all-new Range Rover Evoque Convertible to the world in spectacular style.

The fifth and newest member of the Range Rover family lowered its roof for the first time in a blaze of dazzling light using state-of-the-art projection technology, transforming the darkness of a cold winter night into the golden glow of warm summer sunshine.

The stunning scene was set against the backdrop of the University of the Arts London’s famous Central Saint Martins building in Granary Square, Kings Cross, London.

The projection covered an area the size of approximately 10 tennis courts using twenty projectors, each with a combined brightness of 400,000 lumens, the equivalent of 40,000 candles. The spectacular reveal also incorporated Granary Square’s innovative and high-tech water feature comprising of 1,080 fountain jets and 4,320 individual low energy LEDs, with each jet individually controlled and lit using a giant pixel map to invoke the mood of the changing seasons.

With design at its core, the Range Rover Evoque Convertible is supremely capable, has space for four adults, a proper boot and even an innovative ski hatch for road trips to Courchevel or Aspen. This is sophisticated roof-down all-season motoring for drivers from all corners of the globe.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Design Director and Chief Creative Officer, said: “The Range Rover Evoque Convertible is a symbol of refinement, luxury and creative design. It’s perfectly suited to the urban surroundings of London. The Evoque’s elegant design proportions lend themselves to the creation of a Convertible, and it’s fitting to reveal the vehicle against the backdrop of one of the world’s leading centres for art and design education here in the creative hub of London.”

UAL is Europe’s largest university specialising in art, design, fashion and the performing arts. UAL is made up of six colleges including Central Saint Martins which are world-renowned for progressive art, design and creative thought.

Since its launch in 2010, Evoque has changed the luxury SUV landscape. Now Land Rover’s best-selling model with close to 500,000 sold to date, the compact Range Rover’s progressive design has redefined the perception of compact SUVs. Packed with advanced technology and equipped with fuel efficient petrol and diesel engines, the Evoque has revolutionised the sector.

Design is inextricably linked to Evoque. The distinctive shape was introduced to the world for the first time using wireframe sculptures in 2010 – an artistic theme carried forward to 2015 in the build up to the reveal of the latest member of the Range Rover family. Six new Convertible wireframe sculptures were first shown in London’s most exclusive addresses earlier in October, and today formed part of the production model’s dramatic debut.

The reveal of Evoque Convertible also marks the start of a new partnership between Land Rover and the BORN Summit of Creativity ( BORN is a unique crowdfunding business set up to commercially mobilise the world’s global creative talent. The Summit of Creativity is an annual celebration of the most promising creative ideas from around the world, reflecting Land Rover’s commitment to fostering and nurturing the talent of tomorrow.

In the run up to the BORN Summit of Creativity, which takes place in Courchevel, France, in March 2016, Land Rover and BORN will release a series of short films exploring the processes and challenges of established creative leaders, and how they are encouraging emerging talent.

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Nov, 09, 2015




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