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Burberry Releases ‘The Tale Of Thomas Burberry’

LONDON, UK – Sienna Miller, Domhnall Gleeson, Lily James and Dominic West star in a new Burberry Christmas campaign directed by Asif Kapadia. The ‘Tale of Thomas Burberry’ comprises a three-minute cinematic trailer, which reimagines key events that have shaped the company’s history and values.

London, 1 November 2016

Burberry premiered ‘The Tale of Thomas Burberry’ today, a new campaign that kicks off the Christmas season for the brand.

Written by Matt Charman and directed by Asif Kapadia,‘The Tale of Thomas Burberry’ comprises a three-minute cinematic trailer, which reimagines key events that have shaped the company’s history and values.

The Cast

Domhnall Gleeson stars as Burberry founder Thomas Burberry

Sienna Miller stars as Thomas’s fictional first love.

Dominic West plays Sir Ernest Shackleton, the pioneering polar explorer who wore Burberry gabardine for three Antarctic expeditions.

Lily James stars as pilot Betty Dawson, a fictionalised character inspired by the real life achievements of Betty Kirby-Green, who broke the world record in 1937 for a return flight from England to Cape Town in an aeroplane named ‘The Burberry’.

Real life moments re-enacted in the film include Thomas’s invention of the weatherproof fabric gabardine, dressing the military, and outfitting polar explorers and pilots.

Shot primarily at Shirburn Castle in Oxfordshire, the location served as the backdrop for the faithfully recreated First World War trenches, and Thomas’s workshop inspired by materials in the Burberry Archive. Replica gabardine tents, made at Burberry’s Castleford factory in Yorkshire, were created for the exploration scenes.


Shows: ‘The Tale Of Thomas Burberry’ http://brby.co/5bj 

01’30” – Interview with Asif Kapadia, director of The Tale of Thomas Burberry

02’32” – Interview with Matt Charman, screenwriter of The Tale of Thomas Burberry

03’36” – Interview with Dominic West, actor playing Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton


Microsoft Introduces Surface Studio And Windows 10 Creators Update

NEW YORK, USA – Microsoft has introduced Surface Studio and Windows 10 Creators update at an event in New York. Mixed reality blends the virtual world with the real world to change the way people create, communicate, learn and play across virtual reality, augmented reality and everything in between.




New Surface Studio turns your desk into a creative studio; the Creators Update brings new creativity and gaming experiences built around the people who matter most.



NEW YORK — Oct. 26, 2016 — Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday unveiled a broad vision to empower a new generation of creativity with a major update coming to more than 400 million Windows 10 devices and the introduction of Surface Studio, Surface Dial and a more powerful Surface Book.

Expanding the Surface family, Surface Studio is a new class of device that transforms from a workstation into a powerful digital canvas, unlocking a more natural and immersive way to create on the thinnest LCD monitor ever built.1 With a stunning ultra-HD 4.5K screen, Surface Studio delivers 63 percent more pixels than a state-of-the-art 4K TV. Surface Studio works beautifully with pen, touch and Surface Dial — a new input device designed for the creative process that lets you use two hands on the screen to compose and create in all new ways.

Launching as a free update in early 2017, the Windows 10 Creators Update will enable anyone to create, share and experience in 3-D and mixed reality, connect people faster to those they care about most, and empower every gamer to be a broadcaster. And with the Creators Update, Microsoft Edge will be the first browser to fully embrace 3-D.



Surface Studio turns your desk into a creative studio

Surface Studio is a new class of device designed for how people naturally create and bring ideas to life. The 28-inch PixelSense™ Display immerses the user in 13.5 million pixels of pure, true-to-life color, and the Zero Gravity Hinge allows the screen to effortlessly adjust to each stage of the creative process. When the screen transitions from Desktop Mode to Studio Mode, it sits at a 20-degree angle, the same angle as a standard drafting board, making it ideal for sketching, writing and designing.

The 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors accelerated by a discrete NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU deliver smooth and immersive graphics performance and the power to run professional programs such as Siemens’ NX™ software,2 taking people through their workflow from end to end. Now architects can sketch their ideas with the Surface Pen, put them into production using powerful 3-D modeling software, and review and mark up plans with a client, all on one device.

Surface Studio starts at $2,999 estimated retail price (ERP) USD. It is available for pre-order today in the U.S. through Microsoft Stores, MicrosoftStore.com and BestBuy.com, and will begin shipping in limited quantities this holiday with broader availability in early 2017.



Surface Dial — a new spin on creativity

Surface Dial is a new peripheral designed for the creative process. It integrates with Windows 10 to work with Surface for a faster and more intuitive way to scroll, zoom and navigate. The Dial also enables a set of unique experiences exclusive to Surface Studio. When you place the Dial directly on the screen, it brings up a set of digital tools specific to the app that is open, allowing people to more seamlessly move through their workflow. For example, with Surface Dial, artists can change the color or the size of their brush tip as they paint without ever moving the pen away from the screen. The combination of Dial, pen and touch creates a more immersive and tactile way for people to create in digital environments. Partners like BlueBeam Inc.,2 Drawboard,2 Mental Canvas,2 Siemens PLM Software,2 Silicon Benders,2 Smith Micro Software, Inc.2 and StaffPad have already optimized their software to take advantage of the new experiences Surface Dial provides.

Surface Dial is available for pre-order today in the U.S. through Microsoft Stores, MicrosoftStore.com, select Best Buy locations and at BestBuy.com, and will be available for $99 ERP USD starting Nov. 10.



The most powerful Surface Book yet!

Microsoft also introduced Surface Book with Performance Base, making the most powerful laptop in its class even better. The three new Surface Book models feature 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors and pack more than twice the graphics processing power as the original Surface Book. Plus Surface Book with Performance Base brings 16 hours of battery life3 into the same sleek, versatile design people love. With Surface Book with Performance Base, engineers can spin 3-D CAD models with thousands of parts, designers and developers can render large files quickly, and gamers can play more of their favorite games. No other laptop combines similar battery life, performance and pixels in as lightweight a package.

Surface Book with Performance Base starts at $2,399 ERP USD. It is available for preorder today at Microsoft Stores,4 MicrosoftStore.com and select retailers in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and is available starting Nov. 10.



The Windows 10 Creators Update

Empowering everyone to create, share and experience in 3-D

With the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft unveiled a comprehensive vision across hardware and software to bring 3-D to everyone.

Microsoft introduced a new way to bring your ideas to life with Paint 3D. Building on the popularity of Microsoft Paint, with more than 100 million monthly users on Windows, Paint 3D will be your all-new, easy-to-use 3-D art studio. The company also introduced the new online community Remix3D.com, connecting creators and creations around the world. Remix 3D will enable all-new scenarios for creators, including the ability for Minecraft players to share their 3-D creations broadly with the Remix 3D community.

To inspire a new generation of creativity, Microsoft is partnering with Trimble to bring the 3-D modeling program Sketchup — and its millions of creators and creations from 3D Warehouse — to Remix3D.com.

To further demonstrate the possibilities of 3-D in Windows 10, Microsoft showed how easy it is to use your phone to capture a real-world object in 3-D — like a sand castle from your family vacation — to save, personalize and share as a 3-D memory or photo. To bring your ideas to life, Microsoft is also adding support for 3-D in Word, Excel and PowerPoint over the next year, which means with the Windows 10 Creators Update, Office features will work seamlessly with 3-D models.

Everyone is welcome to start creating and sharing in Paint 3D today by joining the Windows Insider Program at insider.Windows.com. To learn more about 3-D in Windows 10, go to http://www.Remix3D.com.

Empowering everyone to experience mixed reality

Mixed reality blends the virtual world with the real world to change the way people create, communicate, learn and play across virtual reality, augmented reality and everything in between. To demonstrate the possibilities of mixed reality, the company showed a proof of concept together with Houzz — a leader in home renovation and design. Using the Microsoft Edge browser on HoloLens, Houzz users could preview products in their own home before they buy. Microsoft Edge was the first browser to bring inking to the web, and will be the first browser to fully embrace 3-D.

The Creators Update will be the most powerful and affordable way to experience mixed reality. Microsoft announced that HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer and ASUS will ship the first VR headsets capable of mixed reality through the Creators Update. Coming in 2017, these accessories will contain built-in sensors to enable inside-out, six-degrees of freedom for simplified setup and to more easily move around your home as you experience virtual worlds —no markers required.

Less powerful VR accessories today start at over $500 ERP USD. With the Windows 10 Creators Update, the new VR accessories will work with affordable laptops and PCs and start at just $299 ERP USD.

Windows 10: the best platform for 4K gaming and in-game broadcasting

Gaming has exploded in popularity as both spectator entertainment and as a sport. The Windows 10 Creators Update will make it easy for every gamer to create and enjoy live game streams and customized eSports tournaments on the fastest, most reliable multiplayer network, Xbox Live.5

The Creators Update will include Beam system integration on Xbox One and Windows 10 for interactive broadcasting and viewing of gameplay on Xbox Live, with even more features yet to be announced. And with interactive broadcasting, you don’t just watch your favorite streamer play, you interact in real time right along with them.

The Creators Update will also bring the power of user-generated tournaments via Arena on Xbox Live, where anyone can define the rules of competition, invite friends and track tournament progress seamlessly across devices, whether it’s on Windows 10 or Xbox One.

Plus, with a Windows 10 gaming PC, you’re able to play games like “Forza Horizon 3,” “Gears of War 4” and more in 4K,6 the highest possible visual fidelity that this holiday’s biggest blockbusters can deliver.

A faster way to connect and share with people who matter most

With the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is putting the people you care about most at the center of your experience — right where they belong — with Windows MyPeople. Now, with the Windows 10 Creators Update, your most important friends, family and co-workers will be instantly accessible across any Windows PC.

With MyPeople, you can pin your favorite contacts to the Windows task bar and easily drag and drop any document, photo or video right on top of the contact for easy sharing. Get unique notifications, called “Shoulder Taps,” from your most important people and easily open and see an integrated view of emails, IMs, shared documents and more, all in one place. The Windows MyPeople experience will be integrated across Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps for easy sharing.


More to come

Windows Insiders will be able to preview the Windows 10 Creators Update through the Windows Insider Program at https://insider.Windows.com. 3-D and mixed reality for everyone, in-game broadcasting and MyPeople are just some of the new experiences coming to the Windows 10 Creators

Update in early 2017. Additional productivity, creativity, security and gaming features will also be included and announced soon.

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

1 Average cross-section thickness across entire display

2 Sold separately

3 Surface Book with Performance Base features 16 hours of battery life for local video playback.

4 Where available

5 Network claim: Independent IHS Markit study, June/July 2016. Tested on Xbox One versus PlayStation 4 on top five selling games with matchmaking; results may vary, not an endorsement. Visit xbox.com/betternetwork.

6 Games sold separately. 4K functionality available with supported games, monitors and graphics chips. Check PC to determine graphics chip compatibility.


Table of Contents:

Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices Group

Megan Saunders, General Manager

Panos Panay, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Devices

Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer

Showcase B-Roll

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Dream Moves Towards Reality With DHL

DEFT, NETHERLANDS – A Hyperloop is a capsule that races along a vacuum tube at speeds of over 1,000kph. It uses very little energy and floats, making it much greener and more efficient than traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles, and potentially, could cover vast distances in a fraction of the time it takes today. SpaceX, which was founded by American entrepreneur Elon Musk, is looking to find the Hyperloop that can perform best, combining the highest speed with the lowest environmental impact. DHL is taking the first EU-built Hyperloop Pod to the US, first via its road network and then in a DHL freighter aircraft to Los Angeles, where it will be delivered to the SpaceX facility into testing, ahead of the competition in January 2017.


00:00:08 Delft Hyperloop Press Launch. Pod unveil.

00:00:40 Animation: Future of Hyperloop.

00:01:24 Animation: The Delft Hyperloop Pod.

00:02:00 Delft Hyperloop Workshop. Team work on Pod. Includes CAD drawings on-screen.

00:03:00 Delft University Exterior.

00:03:05 Civil Engineering and Geosciences Exterior.

00:03:06 Delft Team transport Pod from trailer to box.

00:03:28 Forklift carries Pod to DHL Truck.

00:03:42 Truck leaves warehouse.

00:03:47 Press take photos of DHL and Delft representatives.

00:03:54 Truck driving to the airport.

00:04:04 Truck enters Schiphol DHL hub.

00:04:10 Forklift takes Flight case off truck.

00:04:18 The DHL team check the consignment paperwork.

00:04:28 Forklift takes flight case off truck.

00:04:40 sniffer dogs check Flight case.

00:04:53 Forklift puts flight case on wrapping deck.

00:05:01 Flight case wrapped.

00:05:15 Schiphol Airport Tower GV.

00:05:21 Flight case loaded onto DHL plane.

00:05:44 DHL plane. Take off.



00:06:12 Tom Vervoorl – Vice President IT, DHL Express, Netherlands

00:06:51 Leendert Van Delft – Head of Marketing, DHL Express, Netherlands

00:09:16 Michiel Greeven – Managing Director DHL Express, The Netherland

Oct, 21, 2016




“Inferno” Lights Up Florence With It’s World Film Premiere

FLORENCE, ITALY – “INFERNO” finds the famous symbologist Robert Langdon (again played by Tom Hanks) on a trail of clues tied to the great Dante himself.

Saturday, October 8th saw the World Premiere of INFERNO in Florence.

The highly anticipated film based on the bestselling book series (Da Vinci Code) by Dan Brown. Acclaimed actors Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Omar Sy, Irrfan Khan, Ben Foster, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Ana Ularu, renowned director Ron Howard, author Dan Brown, screenwriter David Koepp and celebrated composer Hans Zimmer will attend the red carpet premiere.

INFERNO finds the famous symbologist Robert Langdon (again played by Tom Hanks) on a trail of clues tied to the great Dante himself. When Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), a doctor he hopes will help him recover his memories. Together, they race across Europe and against the clock to stop a madman from unleashing a global virus that would wipe out half of the world’s population.



SOUNDBITES Dur: 2’ 55”

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Dur: 0’ 08”

Felicity Jones Dur: 0’ 16”

Ron Howard Dur: 0’ 23”

Dan Brown Dur: 0’ 11”

Omar Sy Dur: 0’ 21”

Irrfan Khan Dur: 0’ 10”

Sidse Babett Knudsen Dur: 0’ 21”

Ana Ularu Dur: 0’ 22”

B-ROLL Dur: 3’ 02”

TRAILER Dur: 2’ 00”

INFERNO will be released in cinemas by Columbia Pictures globally from October 12th, 2016.

The film is directed by Ron Howard, written by David Koepp and produced by Brian Glazer and Ron Howard.


10th Release Of Ibrahim Index Of African Governance

LONDON, UK – Progress in African governance over the last decade is significant but held back by deterioration in Safety and Rule of Law

The 2016 Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG), the 10th release by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, reveals overall improvement in governance over the past ten years, with some deterioration in one category: Safety and Rule of Law. 37 countries, which are home to 70% of African citizens, registered progress across Human Development, Participation and Human Rights and Sustainable Economic Opportunity.

Story: The tenth edition of the IIAG, the most comprehensive analysis of African governance undertaken to date, brings together a decade of data to assess each of Africa’s 54 countries against 95 indicators drawn from 34 independent sources. This year, for the first time, the IIAG includes Public Attitude Survey data from Afrobarometer. This captures Africans’ own perceptions of governance, which provide fresh perspective on the results registered by other data such expert assessment and official data. In fact, according to Mo Ibrahim Foundation Founder and Chair Mo Ibrahim, the disparity shows that citizens are raising their expectations, a feeling echoed by former UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos.

Over the last decade, overall governance has improved by one score point at the continental average level, with 37 countries – home to 70% of African citizens – registering progress. This overall positive trend has been led mainly by improvement in Human Development and Participation & Human Rights. Sustainable Economic Opportunity also registered an improvement, but at a slower pace. However, these positive trends stand in contrast to a pronounced and concerning drop in Safety & Rule of Law, for which 33 out of the 54 African countries – home to almost two-thirds of the continent’s population – have experienced a decline since 2006, 15 of them quite substantially.

This worrying trend has worsened recently, with almost half of the countries on the continent recording their worst score ever in this category within the last three years. This is driven by large deteriorations in the subcategories of Personal Safety and National Security. Notably, Accountability is now the lowest scoring subcategory of the whole Index. Without exception, all countries that have deteriorated at the Overall Governance level have also deteriorated in Safety & Rule of Law.

38 countries – together accounting for 73% of continental GDP – have recorded an improvement over the last decade. The largest progress has been achieved in the sub-category Infrastructure, driven by a massive improvement in the indicator Digital & IT Infrastructure, the most improved of all 95 indicators. However, the average score for Infrastructure still remains low, with the indicator Electricity Infrastructure registering a particularly worrying decline in 19 countries, home to 40% of Africa’s population.


1. Graphics about the Ibrahim Index

2. Shots of dais and audience

3. Mo Ibrahim Foundation Founder and Chair Mo Ibrahim speaking about the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, saying: We see an improvement. It’s not a fantastic improvement, but it is an improvement. So: good news, but not fantastic news. We also notice that actually it’s 2000 to 2005 and 2006, there was the greatest improvement in governance, actually. There was real improvement there. But after that it started to slow down. And for two or three years now we have been raising the issue about this stagnation. Somehow people got a little bit too comfortable. And I think we really need to continue the work. It is challenging. That is an improvement, it’s not a fantastic improvement; it’s not enough.

4. Ibrahim saying: It’s the job of the government to deliver public goods to the population, and as such it is measurable – you can measure this. We want to move the narrative from, “I like this president because he speaks well, or he sings well or he dances well,” to: “What actually has he delivered over the year? What actually did he deliver to his people? That will be the way we evaluate our government and the way we wish the conversation between civil society, governments, business, all stakeholders, to be – around facts, about data.

5. Ibrahim saying: It is really interesting. While in this case data proves there is actually improvement in health and education, actually the African people’s perception is different. And that raises the question: Is that because people’s

expectations are getting higher now, so they are not really satisfied with what is being given? Is it social media now giving people that view of what is available, of what really happens, what guys are getting in other continents compared to what we are doing here? It is something we really need to understand and really look in to a little bit more.

6. Former Botswana President and winner of the Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership Festus Mogae, saying: The Index perhaps is the one thing that can help, since we all read it, as leaders, and think of it in our own privacy, and see where we have been placed. I think that’s perhaps the most effective weapon against corruption and fraud. And as far as citizens are concerned, governments that want to fight corruption – they can do so.

7. Ngaire Woods, Dean, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, saying: Ten years ago, people would talk about “the Africa premium”, or “the Africa Penalty” – the penalty that African countries across the continent paid because they had poor governance. And what the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, and the Ibrahim Index have done is given us real information, year on year, about what governance in each of the 54 countries of the continent looks like. And that’s shown people, first, that governance in many countries is good and improving, that there isn’t an Africa-wide story. It’s enabled people to think very carefully and use this dashboard to make nuanced decisions. And second, it has shown the importance that real information can keep you ahead of the curve.

8. Jendayi Frazer, President and CEO of 50 Ventures, LLC; former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, saying: If you look at it as a balance, and look at all four major indicators, there is reason to be optimistic. Governance has actually gone up. Not as fast as it should because I think personal security and national security – Personal Safety and National Security indicators are dragging it down. But definitely if we can have interventions that are smart and that help society itself address its problems towards sustainable peace, then I am very optimistic.

9. Donald Kaberuka, former President of the African Development Bank and Chair of the Board of Directors, saying: Economics may be doing very well, but attention must focus on distribution and inclusion is vital. Now, the fact that rural economies are improving is good, gender attention is good, but the education quality issue worries me enormously. And I hope policy-makers look at the demographic dynamics: So, child mortality is down; attendance in school is up; but education outcomes are falling. That suggest to me that it could be a problem in the next 20 years, when the famous “demographic dividend” shows up.

10. Abdoulie Janneh, Executive Director, Liaison with Governments and Institutions in Africa for the Mo Ibrahim Foundation; former UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa, (UNECA), saying: Mechanisms have been put in place to minimize. Look, there is no country where there is no corruption, but the question is, let’s do our best to minimize it, to make sure there is no impunity when people are corrupt and held accountable. I think that’s the general trend in Africa. The awareness is here, the willingness, and the determination to say, “Let us do something about it.” I think I feel that in the continent.

11. Abdalla Hamdok, Chair of the Ibrahim Index of African Governance Advisory Committee; Deputy Executive Secretary, Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), saying: Any serious government in the continent today won’t wait to see itself in the Index. Is it going up? Is it going down? So the Index is essentially addressing the fact of the assessment that: If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” And this is why the Index is here to stay.

12. Valerie Amos, Director of SOAS; former UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, saying: There are some really positive things that have come out of the Index this year. Looking at it over a 10-year trajectory, I was particularly struck by the Human Development indicators. If you look at education, if you look at health, if you look at welfare, there has been a sustained increase in all of those indicators on the continent. Now, that doesn’t necessarily match with people’s perceptions of where things are. But I think the fact that the data is telling us that things are improving, against the backdrop of where people’s expectations are rising, I think that could only be a good thing.

13. Mohamed ElBaradei, former Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); Ibrahim Prize committee member, speaking in Arabic: You cannot separate the Rule of Law from the overall indicators. What we are trying to do is measure all the indicators in Africa. How we can measure how the people in Africa can catch up with the rest of the world and become free and prosperous. And what we see right now is that Personal Safety, Rule of Law is not as it should be in fact it is deteriorating, but I have to look at “Why this is happening? Is it because political participation is not as good as it should be? Human rights are not in good shape?” People feel unemployment, corruption. When you have that, we have a tendency to say that we people can’t identify with government and we will take the government into our own hands.