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Facebook Controversy Stokes Digital Privacy Debate At IGCF

Sean Spicer (Former White House Press Secretary)
Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee (Chairman of the Open Data Institute, Creator of the World Wide Web)
Tanmay Bakshi (World’s youngest Artificial Intelligence Expert)
His Excellency, Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of Sharjah Media Council

SHARJAH, UAE – The International Government Communication Forum opened its doors to guests from around the world for the 7th year in Sharjah, UAE, on Wednesday, 28 March, 2018.

The two day event brings together over 3000 delegates from the fields of politics and technology. The theme of the conference is how governments can better communicate with their citizens, and how technology companies can help communication strategies evolve.

However, the recent Facebook data collecting controversy has drawn attention and concerns among some of the key figures in the industry.

The creator of the world wide web Sir Timothy Berners-Lee has said that connecting people through internet technologies is no longer enough in itself. Speaking at the Sharjah International Government Communication Forum in the United Arab Emirates, he called for regulation that gives users rights over their own data and who uses it. He said it was a fundamental value of the web that data is ‘your own’.

Former White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, said companies like Facebook need to be more transparent with how they collect and store data. Spicer who resigned from the White House in July 2017 suggested ways need to be found to allow users to ‘scale back’ their own data from the big tech platforms.

The world’s youngest Artificial Intelligence expert, 14-year-old Tanmay Bakshi, said the unknowing collecting of people’s data is ‘horrible’.

His Excellency, Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of Sharjah Media Council, and part of the Government of Sharjah, said that education was key in protecting privacy.

Various GVs of City of Sharjah

Various GVs of Opening of Sharjah International Government Communication Forum

Various GVs of Sean Spicer on stage

Various GVs of interior of the venue of Sharjah International Government Communication Forum

Various setup and cutaways of Tanmay Bakshi

Various setup and cutaways of Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Various cutways of Tanmay Bakshi

04’51-05’29 Soundbite (in English) of Sean Spicer, Former White House Press Secretary:
“You look at companies like Facebook in particular in the news now, the amount of information from all of their users. They need to be more transparent with what information they have, how that’s been shared, and more importantly, how people can protect it, how they can be scaled back, how they can eliminate sharing. I think most users check a box when they log into a site, that it says ‘I agree’, most cases probably haven’t read that 10, 15 pages of information. We need to make sure people are better informed with what information they’ve been giving to those platforms and how its been used and further how it can be scaled back.”

05’29-06’01 Soundbite (in English) of Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, Creator, World Wide Web:
“Some of the things are bugs, some of the things have been attacked by foreign powers, you’ve got to look at it and then set back. There are some fundamental things here, what are the fundamental values, the fundamental values are, for me is, my date is mine, i should be not only able to control who gets to it but also i should be able to use it for whatever i want.”

06’01-06’12 Soundbite (in English) of Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, Creator, World Wide Web: “Regulation that gives people rights to their own data? Yes. Regulation that restricts and allows government to censor the news? No.”

06’12-06’39 Soundbite (in English) of Tanmay Bakshi, Youngest Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert:
“if you take a look at the Facebook scandal recently happened, sharing that private data people sharing with facebook, that’s absolutely horrible, sharing people’s private data that you promised not to share. What i’d like to say is that it’s a combination of the private companies like Facebook and individuals themselves, they both have to work together to make sure that the data relations are totally trust worthy. “

06’39-06’59 Soundbite (in English) of His Excellency, Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of Sharjah Media Council:
“Education always comes first. you have to educate whoever is using those platforms that it’s not always safe to do whatever they tell you to do. The government can help in the way, but i’m sure the technology is developing way faster than the government can catch up.”

Other: Notes to editors:
The 2018 edition of the annual International Government Communication Forum (IGCF) will be held on 28-29 March 2018 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

IGCFs are held under the auspices of His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, UAE Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah.

The event aims to build a platform for better communication between governments and their stakeholders for the benefit of government institutions in the UAE and the region.

Topics to be covered during the event include, but are not limited to:
• Government responsibilities and their fit in the age of digital communications
• Artificial intelligence (AI) as the key to the future of government communication
• Future of open data in light of private sector domination
• Female leadership and its role in digital communities
• Building young skills for the digital millennium

Source: Pool Material International Government Communications Forum and ENEX (Access ALL)


“Dracula” The Largest Flying Dinosaur Ever Discovered Goes On Display!

DENKENDORF, GERMANY – It’s not only the largest and most powerful flying dinosaur ever found – it also belongs to a completely new genus of pterosaurs.

Scientists and paleontologists are talking about a sensation, because it’s different from all other fossils excavated so far.

Half a ton in weight, and with a wing-span of up to 20 metres.

His nickname “Dracula” comes from where he was discovered in 2009 Sebeş, Transylvania (Romania).

In the Altmühltal Dinosaur Museum (Germany/Bavaria), the Pterosaur is going to be presented to the public for the very first time.


Footage from the press meeting, updated daily,

“Dracula” being set up in the museum,

Pictures of the excavations in Transylvania


Mátyás Vremir, the man who found “Dracula”

Michael Völker, founder and owner of the Altmühltal Dinosaur Museum,

Raimund Albersdörfer, Altmühltal partner of the Dinosaur Museum, excavator and geologist

Other: Altmühltal Dinosaur Museum. Dinopark 1, 85095 Denkendorf

Editor Notes:

Dinosaur Museum Altmuehltal exhibits real Dracula

The  special  pterodactyl  exhibition  “Emperors  of  the  Skies”  presents  a  pterosaur  with  a  physique  that  is different from other previously-known species.

Well-preserved remains show that this is the largest and most robust pterodactyl ever found.

Denkendorf, March 22. The special pterosaur  exhibition “Emperors  of the Skies”  presented by the Altmuehltal

Dinosaur Museum features 24 important exhibits from the Altmuehl Jurassic along with a sensational find from

Transylvania. Nicknamed “Dracula” because of its origin in Transylvania,  this  pterosaur  has a physique that is different  from  other  previously  known  species.  Because  of  its  excellently  preserved  remains,  researchers conclude that it is the most powerful pterodactyl ever excavated.

“The carpal bone alone was larger than that of a mammoth, and the neck was the  width  of a full-grown man,” says paleontologist Mátyás Vremir, member of the Transylvanian Museum Society.

He discovered the first bone on a steep slope near the Romanian town of Sebeș in 2009.

Scientists  estimate  Dracula’s  weight to be at least  half a ton  and its  wingspan  at more than  12  meters.  “The pterodactyl may have had a  wingspan of up to 20  meters, and standing upright, it was probably as  tall  as a giraffe,”  says  Mark  Norell,  Curator,  Division  Chair  and  Professor  Division  of  Paleontology   at  the  American Museum of Natural History in New York. Norell was involved in the excavations in Romania.

“No large predators were found in the region around the site, which was probably a subtropical island landscape in the Cretaceous period. We assume that he was at the top of the food chain,” explains Raimund Albersdörfer, an  excavator and geologist who was involved and financed  the work for many years.

Like T.  rex  that  ruled another continent at the same time, “Dracula” was a witness and victim of the mass extinction of dinosaurs.

“This sensation underscores the Dinosaur Museum Altmuehltal’s claim to be one of the world’s most important exhibition  venues  for  prehistoric  times,”  says  museum  founder  Michael  Völker.  The  “Emperors  of  the  Skies” exhibition is open from March 23 to November 4, 2018.


“Largest Ever Aerial Projection” Smashes Guinness World Record!

The UAE Breaks the Guinness World Record for the Largest Ever Aerial Projection Screen

The new record set by wasl Asset Management Group commemorates the Founding Father of the UAE 100 years after his birth

A 300-foot aerial projection screen — the equivalent of the length of an NFL pitch — soared over Dubai’s skyline

World record attempt beat the previous world record by 50 feet

DUBAI, UAE – As the UAE celebrates the 100th anniversary of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the nation’s Founding Father, one of Dubai’s leading real estate companies has broken yet another Guinness World Record in the city with the world’s largest aerial projection screen.

The record-breaking effort, which was set by wasl Asset Management Group in partnership with Remarkable Media, saw a 300-foot video screen soar across Dubai’s iconic skyline towed by a Bell Huey 212 helicopter.

A second Bell 212 projected the video onto the screen, using a combination of augmented reality tracking and live projection mapping.

The screen could be viewed from 3 kilometres away and was watched by a crowd of onlookers as it made its triumphant journey across the Emirate of Dubai.

Paying tribute to the late Founding Father, the gigantic screen displayed a short film about the UAE’s ‘Year of Zayed’, which is a nationwide initiative that celebrates the life and values of the late Sheikh Zayed who served as the President of the UAE for 33 years and was the driving force behind the union of the seven emirates on 2nd December 1971.

The world’s largest aerial projection screen record was previously held by MTV Networks for a 250-foot projection over New York’s Hudson River, which was almost as wide as the Statue of Liberty is tall. Last night’s projection flew into the Guinness Book of World Records when it beat the previous record by 50 feet.

The screen was 30 feet wider than the height of Big Ben, 50 feet wider than the Dubai Frame, and almost 200 feet wider than the vertical drop at Niagara Falls.

A Guinness World Records’ representative handed over the certificate to His Excellency Hesham Abdulla Al Qassim, CEO of wasl Asset Management Group.

Shows: HD Broadcast quality B-Roll will be available. The footage is broadcast rights cleared for all territories and will include:

1. Sizzel Reel

2. GVs: World’s Largest Aerial Projection Helecopter Flight

3. GVs: Preperations for World’s Largest Aerial Projection

4. GVs: Crowd reactions on the night

5. Soundbites:  Kevin Southam, Official Adjudicator, Guinness World Records

6. Soundbites:Ryan Osbourne, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Remarkable Media

7. Soundbites:His Excellency Hesham Abdulla Al Qassim, CEO of wasl Asset Management Group

Other: The Guinness World Record is based on the current Total projection area: 22,193 sq/ft. (2061.8 m2) wasl and Remarkable Media’ Total banner size will be: 26,148 sq/ft (2429 m2)


First-Ever Cruise Ship Christened In Shanghai!

Viking Cruises Expands As Fourth Ship Sails Into China

SHANGHAI, CHINA – How do you possibly top a sold-out 141-day world cruise from Miami to London?  Possibly with an historic stop in Shanghai – the first time one of Viking’s ocean ships has called in China.

Viking Sun, the fourth ocean cruise ship from the river cruise giant was just officially christened during a spectacular celebration on The Bund.

Classified as a “small ship” by Cruise Critic, the 930-guest, 47,800-ton vessel arrived this morning, navigating into the mouth of the Yangtze River and then up the Huangpu River to a warm welcome from locals and boats in the harbor.

Mrs. Yi Lou, Vice President of China Merchant Bank Financial Leasing (CMBFL), served as ceremonial godmother and offered a blessing of good fortune and safe sailing for Viking Sun – a naval tradition that dates back thousands of years. In keeping with the christening custom, Mrs. Yi Lou also cut a ribbon that allowed a bottle of Norwegian aquavit to break on the ship’s hull.

When the voyage ends in London in early May, passengers will have visited five continents, 35 countries and 64 ports. Viking Sun will continue to sail the globe during a second World Cruise, a 128-day itinerary from Miami to London, which departs in January 2019.


– Exclusive video of the Viking Sun being christened in a spectacular ceremony in Shanghai

– Sound with Viking Cruises Chairman Torstein Hagen

– Footage of the ship on its World Cruise in Australia

– Video of what the ship looks like inside and out!

H.E. Ban Ki-moon To Be Keynote Speaker At PATA Annual Summit 2018

BANGKOK, THAILAND – The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is proud to announce that former Secretary General of the United Nations, H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon is set to be the opening keynote speaker at the PATA Annual Summit 2018 (PAS 2018).  The event, generously hosted by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and Gangwon Province, will take place from May 17-20 at the Lakai SANDPINE in Gangneung, Korea (ROK).

“We are truly honoured to be welcoming His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon to the PATA Annual Summit 2018. His vision and leadership in encouraging partnerships, global citizenship and sustainable development are aligned with the Association’s mission in creating a unified and strong Asia Pacific travel industry where our potential is powered by our connections to the world,” said PATA CEO Dr. Mario Hardy. “Among his many accomplishments during his two consecutive terms as UN Secretary General between 2007 and 2016, he was instrumental in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the introduction of tourism as an integral aspect of it. Furthermore, he also oversaw the negotiation of the Paris Agreement on climate change and is a strong advocate for women’s rights and gender equality, having successfully pressed for the creation of UN Women, an agency that consolidates the UN’s work in this area. This is indeed an incredible and rare opportunity for our members and delegates to be inspired by one of the world’s top global thinkers.”

PAS 2018, under the theme ‘Building Bridges, Connecting People: How Collaboration Creates Opportunities’, is a 4-day event that brings together international thought leaders and industry professionals that are professionally engaged with the Asia Pacific Region.

The Annual Summit programme embraces a dynamic one-day conference that will examine the various connections that are helping to shape the industry as we move towards a more exponential future, bringing together a diverse line-up on international thought leaders, industry shapers, and senior decision-makers.

The one-day conference is followed by the half-day UNWTO/PATA Leaders Debate, where tourism leaders from both the public and private sector will come together to discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the industry. The Honourable Edmund Bartlett, C.D., M.P., Minister of Tourism of Jamaica, has confirmed his participation at the debate.

Before the conference, the Association also provides the opportunity for students and young professionals to engage with industry leaders at the PATA Youth Symposium. A primary focus of the Association’s Human Capital Development programme is upon the development of the ‘Young Tourism Professional’ (YTP) and the symposium highlights PATA’s commitment to this endeavour.

Other confirmed speakers during the event include Adrienne Lee, Director of Development, Planeterra Foundation; Alistair McEwan, Senior Vice President, Commercial Development Asia & ANZ, BBC World News; Amy Kunrojpanya, Director of Communications, Asia Pacific, Uber; Dr. Chris Bottrill, Vice Chairman of PATA and Dean of Global and Community Studies, School of Tourism Management, Capilano University; Ambassador Dho Young-shim, Chairperson of UNWTO ST-EP Foundation; Edward Chen, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, oBike; Faeez Fadhlillah, PATA Face of the Future 2017, CEO and co-founder of Tripfez; Kyle Sandilands, Director and Cinematographer; Michelle Kristy, Associate Expert-Women and Trade Programme Sustainable and Inclusive Value Chains Section, SheTrades; Pai-Somsak Boonkam, CEO & Founder, LocalAlike; Raya Bidshahri, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Awecademy, and Vinoop Goel, Regional Director-Airport, Passenger, Cargo & Security Asia Pacific, IATA.

The event will explore various topics including ‘Connecting Communities: Harmonising Local Interests with Global Sustainability in Tourism Development’, ‘A case study of Korean local tourism development’, ‘Designing Intermodal Connectivity for Destination Competitiveness’, ‘Connecting Generations’, ‘Bridging the Gender Gap’, ‘The New Way to Connect’ and ‘The Human Touch in a Digital Marketing World’.

Delegates attending the event will experience the diverse landscapes of Gangneung, Korea’s best all-year-round destination. A popular destination among locals, Gangneung combines the white sandy beaches that stretch across the East Coast with the misty peaks of the Taebaek Mountains, also referred to as the spine of the Korean Peninsula. It is expected to have perfect weather with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius during the event. Serving as the location setting for popular Korean drama, Gangneung is gaining traction as a destination for fans of the Korean Wave, or ‘Hallyu’. The city boasts a unique cultural heritage – the Gangneung Danoje Festival serves to preserve the folk culture of the Joseon Dynasty, and has been UNESCO-designated as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Gangneung also co-hosted the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, along with the cities of PyeongChang and Jeongseon.

Registered delegates for the conference also receive complimentary access to the PATA/UNWTO Leaders Debate on Saturday, May 19.

For more information or to register for the event visit or email

— ENDS —

About PATA

Founded in 1951, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is a not-for profit association that is internationally acclaimed for acting as a catalyst for the responsible development of travel and tourism to, from and within the Asia Pacific region. The Association provides aligned advocacy, insightful research and innovative events to its member organisations, comprising 95 government, state and city tourism bodies, 25 international airlines and airports, 108 hospitality organisations, 72 educational institutions, and hundreds of travel industry companies in Asia Pacific and beyond. Thousands of travel professionals belong to the 36 local PATA chapters worldwide. The chapters organise travel industry training and business development events. Their grassroots activism underpins PATA’s membership in Uniting Travel, a coalition of the world’s major Travel & Tourism organisations dedicated to ensuring that the sector speaks with one voice and acts in unison on the major issues and includes  ACI, CLIA, IATA, ICAO, WEF, UNWTO and the WTTC. The PATAmPOWER platform delivers unrivalled data, forecasts and insights from the PATA Strategic Intelligence Centre to members’ desktops and mobile devices anywhere in the world. PATA’s Head Office has been in Bangkok since 1998. The Association also has official offices or representation in Beijing, Sydney and London. Visit

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Daniel Abt Wins The Mexico City E-Prix

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – Daniel Abt became the first ever German winner of a Formula E race, as he took the chequered flag following a dramatic fifth E-Prix of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship in Mexico City.

Abt’s victory provides redemption for the second E-Prix of the season in Hong Kong, when the Audi driver thought he had secured his first ever race win on his 25th birthday, only to be later disqualified due to a technical breach on his car.

But things went to plan for Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler this time around, as Abt won ahead of NIO driver Oliver Turvey and Renault’s Sebastian Buemi. The result gave Briton Turvey his first ever podium finish in Formula E and a third-consecutive top-three finish for Swiss driver Buemi.

The race also saw struggling champion Lucas di Grassi gain his first point of the Formula E season, having delivered a stunning drive to finish ninth, having started the race at the very back of the grid.

In one of just two traditional track races on the Formula E calendar, the 20 drivers raced 47 laps of an adapted 2.093-kilometre circuit at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez and contented with altitude of over 2,200 metres above sea level.

With all proceeds from the race being donated to post-earthquake reconstruction efforts in Mexico City, and all teams sporting the hashtag #FuerzaMexico on their cars’ livery, there was a special atmosphere in the packed grandstands.

Both Rosenqvist and Turvey got off to excellent starts from the front row, while third-placed Antonio Felix da Costa quickly fell back to seventh place as both Nelson Piquet JR and Championship leader Jean-Eric Vergne took advantage.

Leading the race by over two seconds, the race looked to be a procession for Rosenqvist, until his car came to a sudden halt after 15 laps, as the entire grid overtook him. He was forced to stop again three laps later and lost ground in the championship race with a 19th place finish.

Abt began in fifth and quietly worked his way up the field until a mistake from Buemi allowed the young German to slip into second place and he quickly closed the gap between him and race-leader Turvey.

And at the pit stop Turvey was held up by Nico Prost which allowed Abt to come out in front and take the lead which the 25-year-old never relented.

Buemi used his FANBOOST to overtake Vergne on lap 28 to move back into third place and soon was closing down Turvey. The Swiss racer tried an audacious overtake on the penultimate lap but locked up, as did Turvey in a slightly panicked response, but that was the final test as the Englishman held on to second place.

Despite finishing off the podium, it was a good day for Vergne, who continues to lead the Drivers’ Championship, as both second placed Rosenqvist and third placed Sam Bird failed to score points. Sebastian Buemi also moves closer to contention, lying in fourth place and just nine points behind DS Virgin Racing’s Bird.

The race also ended on an unlucky run of results for di Grassi, as he raced brilliantly to move from 20th to ninth and also drove the fastest lap to gain an extra point and keep slim hopes of retaining his title alive.

But the day belonged to Abt, who’s victory has throwing the title race wide open ahead of the Punta del Este E-Prix in two weeks’ time.

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