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Star Of India – Sir Don McCullin Hails New Female Photographic Prodigy

Veteran war photojournalist Sir Don McCullin has described a woman from a small town in India as a rising star.

Ranita Roy, from Andul, a small agricultural town near Kalkota, borrowed a high-quality camera to take the photos that have won her a prestigious international competition because she can’t afford to buy her own.

24-year-old Miss Roy won a scholarship to train with one of the world’s leading travel photographers, Timothy Allen, and now dreams of being a world-famous photographer.

Sir Don, best known for his war photography and images of working class life, met Miss Roy at Xposure, an international photography exhibition in Sharjah, UAE, and tipped her for the top.

Miss Roy borrowed her cousin’s camera four years ago to overcome depression and now describes photography as her ‘meditation’.

Miss Roy’s traditional upbringing meant she had been expected to marry and have children after leaving school but she explained that wasn’t her destiny.

Once she had convinced her father that photography was a hobby she would stick at, he bought her a basic, beginner’s digital camera using a payment plan.

A family friend and fellow lover of photography became her mentor and now lends her his high-quality camera to take her award-winning photographs. But it caused a stir when she entered the competition as the owner’s name was still registered on the image’s metadata.

One phone call cleared it up and Miss Roy has wowed the judges with her other photos.

This week she attended Xposure, an international photography exhibition in Sharjah, UAE to collect her award. It was the first time she had left India, where she is an environmental studies student and yoga instructor.

She described herself as “a small town girl with a big dream”.

The Timothy Allen Photography Scholarship Award is run at the annual Xposure exhibition in Sharjah, which is attended by many of the world’s most prominent exponents.

Shows: Three stills taken by Ranita Roy and entered in the TAPSA scholarship

GVs of Sir Don McCullin, Timothy Allen and Ranita Roy in front of Miss Roy’s winning photograph

GVs of panel of Timothy Allen Photography Scholarship Award winners

IV with Timothy Allen, photographer and bursary sponsor

IV with Sir Don McCullin, photographer

GVs Ranita Roy, winner of the Timothy Allen Photography Scholarship Award, at the Sharjah Souq (marketplace)

IV with Ranita Roy *

GVs of Xposure visitors viewing Miss Roy’s photograph

IV with His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi Chairman of the Sharjah Media Council

*INTV with Ranita also available in her native Bengali on the following RedRobot MediaGrab Portal-


Other: Don McCullin

Sir Don McCullin (born 9 October 1935), is a British photojournalist, particularly recognized for his war photography and images of urban strife. His career, which began in 1959, has specialised in examining the underside of society, and his photographs have depicted the unemployed, downtrodden and the impoverished.

McCullin is one of history’s great war photographers. His interest in photography was sparked during his national service (1953-1955), when he served as a photographic assistant in aerial reconnaissance in the Royal Air Force. His photojournalistic career took off when his photo of a local London gang was published in the national daily newspaper The Observer. In 1964, The Observer offered him his first war assignment in Cyprus where he covered the conflict between Greek and Turkish Cypriots. 

After working as a freelance photojournalist for The Observer, The Sunday Telegraph, and magazines such as Paris Match, Stern and Life, Don McCullin became a staff photographer at The Sunday Times in 1966. During his 18 years at the The Sunday Times he covered numerous international conflicts to great appraise. His reportages include the famine in Biafra (1967), the Vietnam War (1968-1972), the Troubles in Northern-Ireland (1971), the fall of Phnom Penh (1975) and the civil war in Lebanon (1975-1982). 

After leaving The Sunday Times in 1984, he began to explore different kinds of photography, notably landscape photography. In recent years, he has focused primarily on the African content. Since 1995, he has been associated with Contact Press Images. Don McCullin has been awarded numerous awards including the Word Press Photo of the Year 1964, and in 2006 the Cornell Capa Award by the International Center for Photography in New York for his lifetime contribution to photography. In 1992, he became the only photojournalist to be made Commander of the British Empire (CBE).


We are passionate about photography and, we are dedicated to supporting the visual language in all its splendid genres.

Photography is not about our tools or capabilities, it’s about our eye, and this is life.

Evolution, variety, effort, joy, memories, pain, and hope all subjects of the single international language and behind every picture there is a story. We are keen to recognise and promote regional and international emerging photographers and film-makers, and we offer free to enter competitions; providing a platform for photographers and film-makers to show their work and open the door to new opportunities.


To establish Sharjah, already regarded as the cultural heart of the United Arab Emirates, as a global platform for the visual language of photography by gathering photographers of varying skill sets, from around the world, to engage, share knowledge and exhibit their work in a custom designed and dedicated indoor area along with several outdoor regional  locations.


To be a leading International Photography Festival, implementing high standards of production and captivating content with an emphasising on education. Hosting dozens of photography exhibitions from world-class acclaimed professionals and, simultaneously supporting emerging talents, while hosting the largest photography trade show in the Middle-East


TAPSA stands for Timothy Allen Photography Scholarship Award. The award will be offered to a total of 5 photographers who have entered a portfolio of images that represent the best of their work shot within the last 3 years.  This portfolio can comprise one or more stories or just a selection of single images.Entries will be judged individually and as a portfolio.  Timothy Allen will be looking for those photographers showing the most ingenuity and originality as well as photographic excellence in both image making and storytelling.

The Photography Scholarship Award winners received a 10-day package to Sharjah, UAE and will participate in a 5-day photography workshop with Timothy Allen, that includes assignments, a portfolio review, one-to-one coaching, location photography training and the opportunity to present their work and story to a live audience in the main auditorium.

Scholarship winners will also benefit from opportunities to meet some of the great names in photography and receive an additional portfolio review from a leading Director of Photography or Photo Editor and further experience seminars, additional workshops.

Nov, 26, 2018



DHL Delivers Black Friday, Cyber Monday And Holiday Season

Chicago / Columbus / Miami / New York

Retailers are preparing for another record holiday season, with sales predicted to top USD 1.1 trillion in 2018, boosted by promotions such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To support them, the logistics industry will be ramping up capacity. DHL’s logistics divisions handle up to 40% more volumes in the peak season than in the rest of the year. With e-commerce expected to grow at an even faster pace – 22% vs. 17% last year – and the US economy close to full employment, logistics companies are also introducing more automation and other technologies in order to boost productivity and handle the additional peak volumes.

In New York, DHL couriers will be collecting packages from automated delivery depots and beating the traffic to get them to customers’ doorsteps.

Says Greg Hewitt, CEO for DHL Express U.S.: “We define peak as the period right after Thanksgiving through to Christmas. We really see volumes go up around the globe at this time. In the U.S., our busiest day of the year for outbound shipments is November 26 – Cyber Monday. Our busiest inbound day will be December 17 – the last Monday before Christmas.

To ensure shipments arrive on time, Hewitt says “first think about your product and how to protect it. Ensure you have the right packaging to move through our network. Next, ensure that your staff is accurately portraying content on the shipment’s commercial paperwork and declaring the proper value – if you don’t know how to do this, ask someone in our team. Most importantly, plan early and ship early, in order to beat potential delays due to weather or customs hold-ups. The assurance we can provide is, if it gets to our stations by December 24th, we’ll deliver it. We don’t close our doors until every package is out and on its way to the final destination.”

DHL eCommerce’s new highly automation distribution center in northern New Jersey, one of the company’s 19 distribution centers along with four large fulfillment centers in the U.S., provides the last mile delivery solution for online retailers. For these merchants, logistics is the back-end support that provides a significant part of the consumer experience.

Says Lee Spratt, CEO for DHL eCommerce Americas: “This season will probably be stronger than 2017. The market is growing at 10-15%. I expect a minimum of 10% growth on peak volumes vs. last year, but wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit 20%. The peaks are Black Friday and Cyber Monday – around these days we see a dramatic increase in orders. The volumes usually show up on the Saturday and Tuesday directly after these days. This is when we need the highest amount of labor in our facilities and our operations at full power. Consumer expectations are high – they want to receive their orders just as on any other shopping day – and this is a defining moment for many retailers in winning and retaining business, so it’s critical that delivery providers meet their commitments.”

In Chicago’s O’Hare airport  and JFK airport in New York, DHL workers will be loading American goods onto pallets and freighters for export to consumers in Asia and Europe.

Says Mike Parra, DHL Express Americas CEO: Many of our customers are shipping to the UK, Australia and China. These are key trade lanes, but the rest of the world is still important. A large portion of our growth is now coming from e-commerce and our fast-growing retail channel. In line with the growth we’re seeing over the first and final mile, we’ve made recent investments, for example, in expanded facilities in Tucson, Arizona, Ontario, California, and Baltimore, Maryland. We’ve also invested in air capacity – our customers want speed to market for their own customers, so we have invested in new flights to Vancouver, Lima and Bogota.

“To improve the customer experience, we are also looking at more automation in our facilities, robotic process automation for customs clearance and billing, and chatbots and voice assistants. These enhance the end-to-end customer service experience. You can now opt to speak to someone live or to go through one of our tools that is integrated with Alexa, WhatsApp and other applications to find your package or get other information from DHL Express.”

At the Port of Miami, DHL staff will be supervising the offload of containers filled with consumer goods from trading partners around the world.

Says David Goldberg, CEO for DHL Global Forwarding U.S.: “The peak season usually starts a bit earlier for the forwarding industry, as customers reposition inventory to their fulfillment centers in the U.S. ahead of time in consolidated freight consignments. Last year, we saw an extremely strong peak in the fourth quarter, with a capacity crunch in air freight and ocean freight, and rates going up by more than 100% versus previous months. Now, with the tariffs, inventory is getting pushed forward, so the peak has started even earlier and become more elongated. We are seeing tight capacity in transpacific ocean freight, in particular, which is one of the main trade lanes during the holiday season. And air freight capacity has tightened in recent weeks. Both capacity and rates are tight overall.”

And in Columbus, Ohio, DHL warehouse associates will be working with several innovative technologies that help them make sure that the right products are in every order and get them on the road well in time for Santa’s visit. Vision Picking is among the technologies that DHL is using. These “smart glasses” is an augmented reality tool that provides staff in warehouses with the location of products needed to fill orders; helps reduce pick time and increases order picking accuracy thus providing productivity increases of up to 10%. It also helps reduce employee training time.

DHL is also working with collaborative robots which can see, move, and work alongside people. Made by Locus Robotics, LocusBots are used in e-commerce fulfilment operations, helping staffers locate products for orders and ferrying them from warehouse aisles to the shipment prep area. With the bots, order pickers don’t have to push carts or carry heavy bins. LocusBots are used in several DHL warehouses.

Says Scott Sureddin, CEO for DHL Supply Chain North America: “The expectation of next-day or 2-day delivery is compressing order cycle times and challenging everyone in the supply chain to become more efficient and adaptable to change. The first thing our e-commerce customers want is quality and operational excellence with a continuous improvement culture. They also want experts who are leaders with emerging technologies, who can help them to find ways of improving efficiencies and productivity. And they want agile solutions, which will allow them to respond to changes in their market and business needs.”

– Ends –   


0:01 – 1:34 Location: DHL Express Manhattan service center 

Shipments daily are trucked in from JFK to the five boroughs of New York City.

– Containers are unloaded, put on conveyor belts to be sorted, couriers load up their vans and start to hit the streets of Manhattan with their deliveries just as the work day is getting started.

0:59 – 1:34 Location: Manhattan

Courier doing deliveries in Manhattan. Some deliveries are done by DHL Express walking couriers.

1:34 – 2:23 Location: DHL Express gateway at O’Hare International Airport

Vision — Unloading air freight and express shipments, packages being sorted on conveyor belts, scanning packages, shipments in airplane containers being loaded on air freighters

2:24 – 2:58 Location: DHL Global Forwarding air freight facility at O’Hare International Airport

Air freight shipments in DHL warehouse being readied for shipping

2:58 – 3:33 Location: DHL Supply Chain warehouse in Columbus Ohio 

Operations in warehouse,

3:09 – 3:12 – Using autonomous forklifts/tugs to move large loads inside warehouse

3:13 – 3:21 – Using Vision Picking/smart glasses – an augmented reality tool that provides staff in warehouses with the location of products needed to fill orders; helps reduce pick time and increases order picking accuracy

3:22 – 3:33 – Using LocusBots, mobile robots which can see, move, and work alongside people. The robots are used in e-commerce fulfillment operations, ferrying products for orders from warehouse aisles to the shipment prep area. Made by Locus Robotics, LocusBots are used in several DHL warehouses.

3:34 – 3:52 Location: Port of Miami

Overseeing DHL Global Forwarding ocean freight operations

3:53 – 4:43 Location: DHL eCommerce distribution center in Avenel, N.J.

Vision of operations at the distribution center, which is a highly automated new facility.

4:10 – 4:14 – Vision of packages on conveyor belt pass through infra-red barcode scanners to be scanned and sorted.

4:15 – 4:43 – View for conveyor belt (camera is sitting on one of the packages) shows packages being automatically sorted

4:44 – 5:05 Location: DHL Aviation facility at JFK Airport, New York 

4:44 – 4:54 – Vision of cargo being towed out to planes; planes being loaded with containers full of packages.

4:54 – 5:05 – DHL helicopter being loaded and taking off from JFK. The helicopter service flies each weekday morning from JFK and makes two stops in Manhattan – financial district in lower Manhattan and midtown Manhattan

5:06 – 5:12 Location: Brooklyn, NY 

Vision of a DHL Express courier delivering a package.

5:13 – 5:35 Mike Parra, CEO, DHL Express Americas

5:36 – 5:55 Lee Spratt, CEO, DHL eCommerce Americas

5:56 – 6:22 Greg Hewitt, CEO DHL Express U.S.

6:23 – 6:42 David Goldberg, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding

6:43 – 7:00 Scott Sureddin, CEO, DHL Supply Chain North America

Other: None


Assurant Appoints New Chief Financial Officer for Europe

LONDON, UK, 19 NOVEMBER 2018Assurant, Inc. (NYSE: AIZ), a global provider of risk management solutions, has appointed Claude Sarfo as its new chief financial officer, Europe. 

As part of the Enterprise Finance team, Claude will have responsibility for planning implementing, managing and controlling all financial activities including forecasting, strategic planning, deal analysis, capital management and M&A support. He will also be appointed as a Statutory Director of Assurant’s core European legal entities (subject to receipt of regulatory approval). 

Claude joins from Lloyds Banking Group where he spent almost twelve years in a range of senior finance roles. He has extensive experience in financial management, corporate development, strategy and M&A activity across multiple industry sectors, including financial services, technology and automotive. 

Andy Morris, CEO and president, Assurant Europe, said, “We’re pleased to welcome Claude to the team. With our acquisition of The Warranty Group in May, we broadened our global footprint and continued our growth strategy of helping consumers protect their appliances, mobile devices and electronics, and vehicles. Claude’s depth of experience will be invaluable as we continue to protect what matters most to our customers.”

Claude Sarfo said, “It’s an exciting time to join Assurant and I’m looking forward to working across the European markets as the business continues to focus on providing excellent service and innovative products to its customers.”

Claude is a Chartered accountant, FCA, a Chartered Banker, FCIB, a BA Banking and Finance graduate and holds an MBA from Warwick Business School. 


Other: About Assurant
Assurant, Inc. (NYSE: AIZ) is a global provider of risk management solutions, protecting where consumers live and the goods they buy. A Fortune 500 company, Assurant focuses on the housing and lifestyle markets, and is among the market leaders in mobile device protection and related services; extended service contracts; vehicle protection products; pre-funded funeral insurance; renters insurance; and lender-placed homeowners insurance. Assurant has a market presence in 21 countries, while its Assurant Foundation works to support and improve communities. 

Learn more at or on Twitter @AssurantNews 

Nov, 19, 2018



World’s Most Technically Advanced Motorcycle Revealed!

      • Arc VECTOR is the safest and most advanced motorcycle ever made. 
      • Disruptive design re-defining the motorcycle industry
      • Unique Human-Machine Interface comprises intelligent jacket and ‘heads up’ helmet 
      • Fastest electric bike ever!
      • Built by British engineers in Coventry and backed by InMotion, Jaguar Land Rover’s Investment Fund

Story: MILAN, ITALY, 6TH NOVEMBER 2018 – Newly announced motorcycle maker Arc has launched its first model, the Vector, at Milan’s EICMA Motorcycle show today; a machine which tears up convention, just as it tears up the tarmac. The Arc Vector is the most advanced electric motorcycle ever brought to market, utilising exotic materials, thoroughbred componentry and cutting-edge architecture, wrapped in a futuristic body with post-modern nods to café racers past.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) has been taken to a new level, comprising an intelligent rider jacket packed with haptic sensory technology and a Heads-Up Display (HUD) helmet inspired by those of fighter pilots, giving the user important information and enhancing the freedom and wellbeing of their riding experience.

As big on soul as it is technology, the hand-built Vector has a lightweight carbon-composite structure and ingeniously elegant battery-module monocoque, which is as clean and efficient as it is beautiful to behold. Its featherweight solves one of the headaches normally attributed to brick battery EVs, and it has MotoGP levels of stiffness so that there’s zero compromise on ride. Vector utilises carbon swingarms front and rear, custom-made Ohlins dampers for telepathic handling and feedback, and meaty Brembo brakes on anorexic BST wheels. The entire package tips the scales at 220kg, which is almost 60kg lighter than comparable machines. Vector has the best power-to-weight ratio of any electric motorcycle of its class by a considerable margin.

In raw pace, Vector rivals fossil-fuelled superbikes, sprinting from standstill to 60mph in 3.1 seconds and carrying on to 120mph.

The battery cells are the absolute cutting-edge. Their packaging has been developed to be completely modular, flexible, and legacy-free, maximised for simplicity, space and massreduction. The power cell produces 399 units of voltage, giving a realistic range of about 200 miles in urban use and 120 miles on the highway. That’s about 30% more than any comparable EV. Arc will install a personal electric charger at the owner’s desired premises. Away from home, the Vector can be charged in 45 minutes at a quick charge point or service station.

The key to the bike is the Zenith helmet, which has been designed in collaboration with Hedon. Its connected HUD projects speedo, sat-nav and ancillary graphics onto the rider’s visor so they can keep their eyes affixed to the road, Iron Man-style. A live rear-view camera is encased in the calfskin-trimmed helmet, giving the user the ability to see what’s behind them.

The bespoke jacket, Origin, represents a game-changing advance in intelligent technology, making motorcycling even more immersive. HMI has been applied to the armoured ride-wear by packing the jacket with audio-type haptic amplifiers – like a smart phone’s vibration notifications, but a lot more advanced. These may vibrate to alert of a potential hazard, provide dynamic performance-based feedback, or enhance the senses when on a stimulating ride.

The Origin jacket, which is tailored in collaboration with style gurus Knox, has three settings. Urban Mode focuses on safety, alerting the rider to dangers such as vehicles in their blind spot with a polite tap on the shoulder. Sports Mode gives the rider feedback on the bike’s dynamic position and parameters by taking G-Force related data from the Vector’s carefully nuanced sensors and providing a graduated level of feedback. This tells the rider how close to the limit of the motorcycle’s capabilities the rider is. For example, the harder you brake the more feedback you receive. Euphoric Mode lets you play music through the haptics as you ride and simulates the bass through the jacket’s amplifiers, making your hairs stand on end. It communicates with the Vector bike and the Zenith helmet wirelessly, emboldening freedom by enhancing the senses.

Recognising the Vector’s ingenuity and enormous potential, financial backing has been obtained from a number of blue-chip beneficiaries, including Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital fund InMotion Ventures, Mercia Fund Managers and the Midlands Engine Investment Fund.

The Arc Vector, which includes the custom-made Zenith and Origin ride-wear, is priced at £90,000. Production is targeting 399 motorcycles in year one, the same figure as the batteries’ total voltage.

Mark Truman, Founder and CEO, Arc Vehicle Ltd: “We felt that there was more one could get out of motorcycling which no one was tapping into. This is about using technology to strip back the experience of riding a bike, through the use of haptics and HUD. The helmet and jacket work in tandem with the Vector to remove distractions and emphasise the joy of riding.”

“With Vector, we’ve set out to build the best performance electric motorcycle. With electric vehicles in general, the powertrain weighs a lot. This really can’t be avoided if you want capacity, distance and performance. So, it was about stripping everything back and using a lot of exotic, lightweight materials, such as carbon-fibre. The chassis and battery module had to be one, and because of this approach we’ve been able to reduce the weight as much as possible to achieve the performance we wanted.  The design brief was; if the term ‘cafe racer’ was going to be coined in ten years’ time, what would that look like?”

“Arc Vector satisfies those of us who are rarely satisfied, who are always looking for a different road, a different view. We understand the need to be different, to be better, and challenge the norm.”

Sebastian Peck, Managing Director, InMotion Ventures: “For Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital fund, this is about being a technology leader in a disruptive environment. Our mission is to develop an expanded footprint for Jaguar Land Rover in the brave new world of premium mobility. We understand the power of emotional connection and creating really desirable objects, so we see natural synergy with Arc. The Vector is an incredible development in the next generation of motorcycle travel.”

Based in Coventry, in the centre of the UK’s automotive high-tech industry, Arc is on a mission to explore Earth in state-of-the-art style, combined with a promise to protect it. Vector is a catalyst; a transformative vehicle that will challenge the rider’s way of seeing and thinking, and one that shapes the world around it.

In addition to revolutionary tech, Arc promises a sales and ownership experience as individual, luxurious and highly-detailed as the Vector machine itself.


Establishing GV EICMA, Milan

Establishing GV Arc stand at show

Arc Vector bike unveiled at show – cloth comes off

Interview – Mark Truman, Arc Founder and CEO

Arc Vector imagery on stand at show

Interview – Jordan Gibbons, Editor of Motorcycle News (World’s biggest motorcycle newspaper)

Media interest in Arc Vector at show

Arc Vector VR experience on stand at show plus VR experience screen

Arc Vector HUD helmet

Interview – Sebastian Peck, Managing Director, InMotion Ventures (Jaguar Land Rover investment fund)

Arc HQ Coventry office sign

Arc HQ – staff at work and in conversation with Mark Truman and Arc Vector designers plus screens

Arc designer screens/design etc

Projection mapping on model bike

Haptic suit and VR test and R&D 


Other: Arc is a jump of electricity. Arc is Arc-hitecture. Arcs are structural, as is our monocoque philosophy.  Arc is about the journey – every journey on this planet takes an Arc.  Mark Truman is the largest shareholder in Arc. The committed environmentalist, designer and engineer won the Society of Automotive Engineers International Young Engineer of the Year Award in 2005 for his experimental work on motorcycle chassis and swing arm flex and design parameters. He’s also a former Data Acquisition Engineer in top-level racing, during 35 years of motorcycling experience, and has built many of his own road and race machines.

Instagram & Twitter: @ArcVehicle #Arc #Vector #ADifferentRoad