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SKINCLUSION Ambassador Priyanka Chopra Jonas Talks Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias

SKINCLUSIONTM is a Global Awareness Initiative from Obagi® Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

Focuses on Need for People to Recognize and Address Their Own Unconscious Bias – Specifically Surrounding Skin Tone

Everyone possesses unconscious or implicit bias, but the majority of us are not aware of its impact on our thoughts and actions. Unconscious bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions and decisions in an unconscious manner.

SKINCLUSIONTM, a new campaign from Obagi®, is looking to create a global dialogue about the need for people around the world to recognize and address their own unconscious bias, specifically surrounding skin tone. While unintentional, unconscious bias reflects deeply engrained stereotypes and can create “blind spots” that prevent us from seeing the beautiful humanity we all share.

SKINCLUSIONTM Ambassador, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, discusses:

– Why this campaign is personal to her

– The importance of fighting for inclusion and celebrating diversity

– How she supports brands that align with her own values

– The SKINCLUSIONTM  campaign and how your audience can get involved

Obagi® is a female-led global skin care brand with a 30-year history of providing scientifically proven skin care products and a commitment to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of its business – including clinical research. Priyanka has been dedicated to fighting for inclusion and diversity over the course of her 20-year career and believes in supporting brands that align with her values.

Story Description

SKINCLUSIONTM is an initiative celebrating diversity and inclusion, which is very dear to my heart. It was developed by Obagi®, a skin care brand with more than 30 years’ experience researching products on all six skin types, including mine. I love the way their Pro-C products make my skin look and I’m excited to partner with a brand that aligns with my values.

SKINCLUSIONTM seeks to create a global dialogue about the need for all of us to make conscious choices to see the beauty in all of our differences. It helps us address our own unconscious bias which can create blind spots that can hurt and divide us.

Visit to join me in this conversation and to learn more.

Obagi’s SKINCLUSIONTM is a global awareness initiative that celebrates diversity and inclusion, and encourages us all to recognize and address our own unconscious bias, specifically surrounding skin tone. Unconscious bias affects nearly everyone, but the majority of us are not aware of its impact on our thoughts and actions.

Recognizing our own bias allows us to challenge it, overcome it, and ultimately, create a world where diversity is celebrated. Obagi is a conscious, global skin care company with a 30-year legacy and a commitment to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business – from their culture to product development. As part of this initiative, Obagi® will be supporting the important work being done by the International Diversity Cultural Organization and Project Implicit.


About Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is a multi-faceted talent, who is one of the most recognized personalities in the world.

Chopra was already a film and television star in her native India when she made her American TV acting debut, on ABC’s hit drama “Quantico.” Playing the central role of Alex Parrish, she made history as the first Indian actor to star as the lead of a TV drama series. “Quantico” ran for three seasons and was licensed in 212 territories (excluding the U.S. and Canada), across 54 languages. In January 2016, Chopra won a People’s Choice Award for her role in “Quantico,” in the category of Favorite Actress in a New Television Series, again making history as the first Indian actress to win a People’s Choice Award.

In April 2016 she was featured on the cover of TIME magazine’s coveted TIME 100 issue, named as one of the “Most Influential People” in the world.  The following year, she won her second People’s Choice Award, for Favorite Actress in a TV Drama.

About Obagi®

Obagi® is a female-led, conscious global skin care company dedicated to creating industry-leading, advanced skin care lines formulated with scientifically proven ingredients. Obagi® has a 30-year legacy and commitment to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of its business – from culture to product development.

Obagi® has led a number of skin care advances, including being the first skin care brand to design their clinical research protocols to cover all six skin tones across the Fitzpatrick skin spectrum.

Obagi® pioneered the science-based, professional skin care space with the introduction of Obagi Medical in 1988. In 2018, in an effort to increase access of its transformative, solution-driven skin care products to more people, Obagi® introduced its Obagi® Clinical line, which is available to consumers through an exclusive relationship with Sephora.

Today, Obagi® provides inclusive skin care solutions with more than 100 products, covering everyone’s skin care concerns no matter their skin tone, skin type or where they are on their skin care journey.


Sharjah Literature: Promoting Peace And Freedom Of Expression

SHARJAH, UAE – The world’s largest book fair aimed at children, Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, has attracted a record number of people.

This month 306,000 people attended the event in Sharjah, in the UAE, a small increase on last year’s figure of 305,000.

Leading publisher and member of Sharjah’s ruling family Sheikha Bodour Bint Al Qasimi said during the event that it is her lifelong mission to get children reading to promote peace and understanding and reduce bigotry, hate and violence.

Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival has particular relevance this year as the emirate has been named UNESCO World Book Capital 2019.

Poetry and creative writing workshops, a talk by a young social media star and sessions about child geniuses were included in the 11-day programme at Sharjah’s Expo Centre. Competitions and cookery workshops were also in the itinerary as well as workshops for young illustrators.

Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival is one of two annual book events in the emirate. Sharjah International Book Fair has been running since 1982 and is in the top three book fairs in the world.

Hira Hareem, an exhibitor from Pakistan, said: “People are more inclined to gadgets now – iPhones,

iPads, YouTube – and books are losing their importance. We feel this festival and festivals like these are a great opportunity because this is how you bring them closer to books.”

Sheikha Bodour said: “It is my lifelong mission to get children to enjoy books. I’m a mum of four children and for me what I really like to see is for children to enjoy books. It’s not about education and learning because they do that at school. What I like to offer them at home is for them to have pleasure from reading a story. For them to laugh, to cry, for them to get connected to the stories and that for me is a joy.”

As Vice President of International Publisher’s Association Sheikha Bodour is also a strong advocate for freedom of expression and aiming to bring the UAE’s leading publishing experience to global markets. “It’s important for us to allow our authors that platform where they can freely say what they want and also express themselves freely.”

The city was selected by UNESCO because of its “innovative, comprehensive and inclusive nature” towards reading and its proposals to engage the large migrant population. During Ramadan Sharjah is also running a special program, distributing books to refugee camps in the Middle East.



IGCF Conf 2019 “Indian School Leads Global Movement To Change Education”

lt’s a question that education experts are trying to answer.

How do we prepare children for a technologically advanced world where 65% of today’s jobs will disappear?

Riverside School in India believes it has the answer and has started exporting its model around the world. With the motto ‘I Can’, children as young as four work with local organisations to solve real problems and graduate believing they can achieve their dreams.

Pupil Preya Patel

Students have successfully rebuilt a new butterfly garden for the community, helped with a local sanitation problem and created a new ice cream flavour which they marketed and sold, donating profits to terminally ill children. Teaching methods involve getting the pupils to experience topics first hand.

Riverside teacher Niall Walsh sot

The strategy has the full support of parents who say their children are responsible, mature and ready for life’s twists and turns.

Parent Shweta Garg sot

Riverside pupils have not only been successful in improving the world around them, they have also outperformed most of their peers in India for over a decade. The school is now expanding to China and is in talks with schools and governments in Jordan, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, Lebanon and the US.

This week it was held up as a blueprint for the future of education at an international Government conference in the Middle East.

Author and education expert Marc Prensky sot

While doubters might see such a project as too local and limited to such a small community, Riverside says its principles are universal and can be easily adapted to communities around the world.

The students themselves and the growing international interest, they say, speak for themselves.

Shows: * Audio Track 1 English Narration / Track 2 Natural Sound and Interviews

IV with pupil Preya Patel

IV with teacher Niall Walsh, Riverside School India

IV with parent Shweta Garg

IV with Marc Prensky, education expert

GVs of school

GVs of IGCF 2019

Panel discussion


A leading school in India is exporting its award-winning model around the world to improve children’s chances of getting jobs in an advanced digital age.

Experts estimate that around 65% of jobs will not exist in the future due to technological advances which will see machines replacing roles in the workplace.

Children as young as four at the Riverside School in Ahmedabad are now collaborating with organisations to find solutions to important environmental problems, food shortages and issues in their local community.

School leaders believe that by putting children to work on issues from a young age, they will be better equipped to find jobs. Teachers focus on making children self-aware, adaptable and resilient so that irrespective of technological change, they will have the growth mindset to learn, unlearn and relearn if required.

Community successes include raising awareness of the need for good sanitation in less privileged areas and redesigning a butterfly garden for the community. Other students teamed up with a local ice cream brand and created a new Christmas flavour. They marketed and sold the ice cream, donating a percentage of their earnings to terminally ill children.

Riverside pupils have not only been successful in improving the world around them, they have also outperformed their peers in most of India’s top schools for over a decade.

The award-winning school was held up as a blueprint for the future of education at a conference in the Middle East this week.

Over the next two years three schools in India and two in China will be set up. Organisations and governments in Jordan, Singapore, Malaysia, Lebanon, Israel, the US and Spain are also interested in the model.

The school was set up in 2001 to empower children to help their communities and make positive changes once they graduate. It is one of a small but growing number of schools working in this format.

The ambition is to train large numbers of teachers from around the world and offer online support.

Leading education expert Marc Prensky, from the US, has endorsed the Riverside model. He said there are millions of untapped creative young brains which could help solve community and global problems if children are allowed to work on them.

Education experts and decision-makers have gathered in Sharjah, UAE this week at the International Governmental Communication Forum to discuss, amongst other topics, the future of education and how to best educate children to work in an advanced digital age.


Under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, UAE Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, Sharjah launched the inaugural edition of the forum in 2012.

A first-of-its-kind event, the forum aims to build a platform for better communication between governments and their stakeholders to support the government of Sharjah towards creating a participatory dialogue and to develop government communication mechanisms for the benefit of government institutions in the UAE and the region.

Hosted now by International Government Communication Forum, the event witnesses the convergence of local, regional and global media experts along with government thought leaders from all over the world in the emirate of Sharjah. By internationalising the title to ‘International Government Communication Forum (IGCF), the forum is set as an annual event to benchmark Sharjah’s media and communications mandate against global best practices, aims to bring the latest professional standards of various governments’ communication methods to the emirate, seeks to address and embed macro topics to develop a collaborative and participatory dialogue with opinion leaders, heads of government institutions, and other officials.

In addition to a series of panel discussions and workshops, the forum highlights Sharjah Government Media Bureau and its role in developing and overseeing best practices in the field of media relations and communications for government institutions.

Source: Pool Material International Government Communications Forum and ENEX (Access ALL)