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DHL Opens First American High Tech Innovation Center


Chicago, USA – DHL is expanding its global innovation footprint to the Americas region with the grand opening today of its Americas Innovation Center in Chicago. Joining the DHL Innovation Center in Cologne, Germany, and the Asia Pacific Innovation Center in Singapore, the Americas Innovation Center will exhibit technologies that DHL is already implementing across the region as well as investigate and test future solutions that can provide significant productivity and efficiency gains.

Companies exploring new logistics and supply chain technologies have become the focus for venture capital investors. The trend is expected to continue in coming years. DHL’s new state-of-the-art 28,000 square foot facility provides a collaborative space for DHL to work with its customers and its technology partners. The new center showcases technologies that are being tested as well as innovations that have already provided significant productivity increases, especially in peak volume times such as the holiday season, by using various robotic solutions including automated guided vehicles that can ferry goods through warehouses, mobile robots that can facilitate order fulfillment in e-commerce operations and collaborative robots designed to help with repetitive tasks, such as picking and packing.

Establishing the new center in the Americas is a high point in the celebration of DHL’s 50th anniversary this year.

The four DHL business units operating in the Americas are committed to investing in coming years in the development and adoption of new technologies that can improve operations, better the customer experience, lower costs and facilitate better workplace processes for its employees.

As a global leader in logistics, DHL continuously evaluates innovative customer-centric solutions, already implementing a variety of advanced technologies to boost productivity, lower costs and better serve evolving customer needs. For instance, DHL Supply Chain, the contract logistics specialist within Deutsche Post DHL Group, has already seen significant productivity increases, especially in peak season, by using various robotic solutions including automated guided vehicles that can ferry goods through warehouses, mobile robots that can facilitate order fulfillment in e-commerce operations and collaborative robots designed to help with repetitive tasks, such as picking and packing.

As part of its commitment to invest in new technologies, DSC said last November it would be investing $300 million in 2018 and through this year to deploy emerging technologies to 350 of its 430 North American facilities and transportation control towers. The company is also investing in the development of a new digital platform to manage its transportations operations.

DHL Express, the world’s leading international express delivery company, expects to invest about more than $300 million over the next three years to add more automation at its regional hubs, gateways and service centers, introduce robotics to help with shipment loading/unloading, expand the use of AI and machine learning for better route optimization, apply repetitive process automation for billing tasks as well as continue the addition of chatbots and voice recognition tools for bookings, order tracking and improved customer service.

DHL Global Forwarding, the top specialist in air and ocean transport, is working with improved technology to track packages and handle temperature-sensitive shipments as well as implementing warehouse automation with RFID tracking to track cargo location, shipment consolidation and shipping schedules. DGF unveiled yesterday a new advanced data analytics tool designed for clients with highly sensitive cargo such as the life sciences and healthcare sector. It provides quick analysis and insights for better decision-making such as the optimal trade lanes to utilize, verification of temperature controls in transit, and the ability to analyze and reduce risks Like DHL Express, DGF is using virtual reality for employee training programs in several countries in the Americas.

DHL eCommerce Solutions, a major provider of domestic and cross-border delivery services for online retailers, is also using automation and robotics to improve productivity in its distribution centers. It’s utilizing new software solutions to optimize inventory management for its merchants and improve the last-mile delivery experience for consumers.

Sep, 12, 2019




DHL Delivers Black Friday, Cyber Monday And Holiday Season

Chicago / Columbus / Miami / New York

Retailers are preparing for another record holiday season, with sales predicted to top USD 1.1 trillion in 2018, boosted by promotions such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To support them, the logistics industry will be ramping up capacity. DHL’s logistics divisions handle up to 40% more volumes in the peak season than in the rest of the year. With e-commerce expected to grow at an even faster pace – 22% vs. 17% last year – and the US economy close to full employment, logistics companies are also introducing more automation and other technologies in order to boost productivity and handle the additional peak volumes.

In New York, DHL couriers will be collecting packages from automated delivery depots and beating the traffic to get them to customers’ doorsteps.

Says Greg Hewitt, CEO for DHL Express U.S.: “We define peak as the period right after Thanksgiving through to Christmas. We really see volumes go up around the globe at this time. In the U.S., our busiest day of the year for outbound shipments is November 26 – Cyber Monday. Our busiest inbound day will be December 17 – the last Monday before Christmas.

To ensure shipments arrive on time, Hewitt says “first think about your product and how to protect it. Ensure you have the right packaging to move through our network. Next, ensure that your staff is accurately portraying content on the shipment’s commercial paperwork and declaring the proper value – if you don’t know how to do this, ask someone in our team. Most importantly, plan early and ship early, in order to beat potential delays due to weather or customs hold-ups. The assurance we can provide is, if it gets to our stations by December 24th, we’ll deliver it. We don’t close our doors until every package is out and on its way to the final destination.”

DHL eCommerce’s new highly automation distribution center in northern New Jersey, one of the company’s 19 distribution centers along with four large fulfillment centers in the U.S., provides the last mile delivery solution for online retailers. For these merchants, logistics is the back-end support that provides a significant part of the consumer experience.

Says Lee Spratt, CEO for DHL eCommerce Americas: “This season will probably be stronger than 2017. The market is growing at 10-15%. I expect a minimum of 10% growth on peak volumes vs. last year, but wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit 20%. The peaks are Black Friday and Cyber Monday – around these days we see a dramatic increase in orders. The volumes usually show up on the Saturday and Tuesday directly after these days. This is when we need the highest amount of labor in our facilities and our operations at full power. Consumer expectations are high – they want to receive their orders just as on any other shopping day – and this is a defining moment for many retailers in winning and retaining business, so it’s critical that delivery providers meet their commitments.”

In Chicago’s O’Hare airport  and JFK airport in New York, DHL workers will be loading American goods onto pallets and freighters for export to consumers in Asia and Europe.

Says Mike Parra, DHL Express Americas CEO: Many of our customers are shipping to the UK, Australia and China. These are key trade lanes, but the rest of the world is still important. A large portion of our growth is now coming from e-commerce and our fast-growing retail channel. In line with the growth we’re seeing over the first and final mile, we’ve made recent investments, for example, in expanded facilities in Tucson, Arizona, Ontario, California, and Baltimore, Maryland. We’ve also invested in air capacity – our customers want speed to market for their own customers, so we have invested in new flights to Vancouver, Lima and Bogota.

“To improve the customer experience, we are also looking at more automation in our facilities, robotic process automation for customs clearance and billing, and chatbots and voice assistants. These enhance the end-to-end customer service experience. You can now opt to speak to someone live or to go through one of our tools that is integrated with Alexa, WhatsApp and other applications to find your package or get other information from DHL Express.”

At the Port of Miami, DHL staff will be supervising the offload of containers filled with consumer goods from trading partners around the world.

Says David Goldberg, CEO for DHL Global Forwarding U.S.: “The peak season usually starts a bit earlier for the forwarding industry, as customers reposition inventory to their fulfillment centers in the U.S. ahead of time in consolidated freight consignments. Last year, we saw an extremely strong peak in the fourth quarter, with a capacity crunch in air freight and ocean freight, and rates going up by more than 100% versus previous months. Now, with the tariffs, inventory is getting pushed forward, so the peak has started even earlier and become more elongated. We are seeing tight capacity in transpacific ocean freight, in particular, which is one of the main trade lanes during the holiday season. And air freight capacity has tightened in recent weeks. Both capacity and rates are tight overall.”

And in Columbus, Ohio, DHL warehouse associates will be working with several innovative technologies that help them make sure that the right products are in every order and get them on the road well in time for Santa’s visit. Vision Picking is among the technologies that DHL is using. These “smart glasses” is an augmented reality tool that provides staff in warehouses with the location of products needed to fill orders; helps reduce pick time and increases order picking accuracy thus providing productivity increases of up to 10%. It also helps reduce employee training time.

DHL is also working with collaborative robots which can see, move, and work alongside people. Made by Locus Robotics, LocusBots are used in e-commerce fulfilment operations, helping staffers locate products for orders and ferrying them from warehouse aisles to the shipment prep area. With the bots, order pickers don’t have to push carts or carry heavy bins. LocusBots are used in several DHL warehouses.

Says Scott Sureddin, CEO for DHL Supply Chain North America: “The expectation of next-day or 2-day delivery is compressing order cycle times and challenging everyone in the supply chain to become more efficient and adaptable to change. The first thing our e-commerce customers want is quality and operational excellence with a continuous improvement culture. They also want experts who are leaders with emerging technologies, who can help them to find ways of improving efficiencies and productivity. And they want agile solutions, which will allow them to respond to changes in their market and business needs.”

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0:01 – 1:34 Location: DHL Express Manhattan service center 

Shipments daily are trucked in from JFK to the five boroughs of New York City.

– Containers are unloaded, put on conveyor belts to be sorted, couriers load up their vans and start to hit the streets of Manhattan with their deliveries just as the work day is getting started.

0:59 – 1:34 Location: Manhattan

Courier doing deliveries in Manhattan. Some deliveries are done by DHL Express walking couriers.

1:34 – 2:23 Location: DHL Express gateway at O’Hare International Airport

Vision — Unloading air freight and express shipments, packages being sorted on conveyor belts, scanning packages, shipments in airplane containers being loaded on air freighters

2:24 – 2:58 Location: DHL Global Forwarding air freight facility at O’Hare International Airport

Air freight shipments in DHL warehouse being readied for shipping

2:58 – 3:33 Location: DHL Supply Chain warehouse in Columbus Ohio 

Operations in warehouse,

3:09 – 3:12 – Using autonomous forklifts/tugs to move large loads inside warehouse

3:13 – 3:21 – Using Vision Picking/smart glasses – an augmented reality tool that provides staff in warehouses with the location of products needed to fill orders; helps reduce pick time and increases order picking accuracy

3:22 – 3:33 – Using LocusBots, mobile robots which can see, move, and work alongside people. The robots are used in e-commerce fulfillment operations, ferrying products for orders from warehouse aisles to the shipment prep area. Made by Locus Robotics, LocusBots are used in several DHL warehouses.

3:34 – 3:52 Location: Port of Miami

Overseeing DHL Global Forwarding ocean freight operations

3:53 – 4:43 Location: DHL eCommerce distribution center in Avenel, N.J.

Vision of operations at the distribution center, which is a highly automated new facility.

4:10 – 4:14 – Vision of packages on conveyor belt pass through infra-red barcode scanners to be scanned and sorted.

4:15 – 4:43 – View for conveyor belt (camera is sitting on one of the packages) shows packages being automatically sorted

4:44 – 5:05 Location: DHL Aviation facility at JFK Airport, New York 

4:44 – 4:54 – Vision of cargo being towed out to planes; planes being loaded with containers full of packages.

4:54 – 5:05 – DHL helicopter being loaded and taking off from JFK. The helicopter service flies each weekday morning from JFK and makes two stops in Manhattan – financial district in lower Manhattan and midtown Manhattan

5:06 – 5:12 Location: Brooklyn, NY 

Vision of a DHL Express courier delivering a package.

5:13 – 5:35 Mike Parra, CEO, DHL Express Americas

5:36 – 5:55 Lee Spratt, CEO, DHL eCommerce Americas

5:56 – 6:22 Greg Hewitt, CEO DHL Express U.S.

6:23 – 6:42 David Goldberg, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding

6:43 – 7:00 Scott Sureddin, CEO, DHL Supply Chain North America

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DHL Launch New “Silk Road” Rail Route between Asia & Europe

SHENZHEN, CHINA – The first multimodal rail connection between Shenzhen, China and Minsk, Belarus was launched by German logistics giant DHL and China Brilliant, an integrated service provider in global manufacturing and consumption. The route follows the ”Belt and Road” corridors that China is touting as the modern Silk Road.

In a ceremony at Shenzhen’s Pingyan Railway Station, Zhang Chunhua, Founder of China Brilliant Group, DHL’s local partner in the venture highlighted the importance of this new route for the Shenzhen economy.

“By building a central railway and logistics centre, it will allow Shenzhen businesses to reduce their production costs and benefit from the Belt and Road Initiative.”

The sixth route on the Asia-Europe-Asia multimodal network, the Shenzhen-Minsk route will not only serve China. With road and port transfers, the route can extend to Southeast Asia and neighbouring countries including Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan.

Steve Huang, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding Greater China said, “I think this supports the One Belt One Road initiative a great deal because there is no rail service from Southeast Asia to Europe and by this connection from Shenzhen actually brings the whole rail connection between Europe continents and Asian continents. So, I think this is a great support to Belt and Road initiative.”

The route will also benefit Eastern Europe. Ihar Shylau, First Deputy Head of the Belarusian Railway says that the route will not only benefit the capital city Minsk, in Belarus but also other smaller cities. “This route is only the first step, we must provide and organise connectivity for all Belarusian regional cities, Homel, Vitebsk, Mogilev, and so on”.


1. Pingyan Railway Station

2. First Shenzhen, China to Minsk, Belarus train service

3. Train head of the first Shenzhen to Minsk train

4. Banners of all the supporting organisations

5. Event tent, backdrop and broll of guests

6. Broll of speeches and guests

7. Soundbite of Steve Huang, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding Greater China

8. Soundbite of Zhang Chunhua, Founder, China Brilliant Group

9. Ihar Shylau, First Deputy Head of Belarus Railway

10. Launch activation

11. Train launch – the first Shenzhen – Minsk train route service moving off

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May, 22, 2017




The Future Of Urban Delivery Is Electric Cargo Bikes

· DHL expands green urban delivery with City Hub for cargo bicycles

· Containerized trailer can act as mobile hub for up to two DHL Cubicycle

· Pilot projects launched by DHL Express in Utrecht, Netherlands and Frankfurt, Germany

BONN, GEMANY- March 1, 2017: DHL Express, the world’s leading international express services provider, is piloting a new City Hub concept that will enable increased use of cargo bicycles for inner-city deliveries. The City Hub is a customized trailer which can carry up to four containers for the DHL Cubicycle, a customized cargo bicycle which can carry a container with a load of up to 125 kg (one cubic meter in volume). A DHL van delivers the trailer into the city center, where the containers can be quickly loaded on to two Cubicyles for last-mile inner-city delivery. It can then be reloaded for outbound shipments. The solution significantly reduces emissions by minimizing the mileage and time spent on the road by standard delivery vehicles. Each City Hub can replace up to two standard delivery vehicles, with an equivalent CO2saving of over sixteen tons per year and a significant reduction in other emissions

DHL has launched two pilots of the City Hub concept – in Frankfurt, Germany’s fifth largest city, and Utrecht in the Netherlands, which has announced the target of becoming climate-neutral by 2030.

“DHL Express has already replaced up to 60% of inner-city vehicle routes in some European countries with cargo bicycles, and we expect that the City Hub and Cubicycle will both help us to accelerate this approach in other markets over the next 3-5 years,” said John Pearson, CEO, DHL Express Europe. ”Bicycles offer a number of advantages in express delivery operations: they can bypass traffic congestion and make up to two times as many stops per hour than a delivery vehicle. The total cost of ownership over their lifetime is less than half of a van. And crucially, they generate zero emissions, which reinforces our own ongoing program to minimize our environmental footprint and supports city governments’ efforts to promote sustainable city living.”

Thanks to its use of standardized containers, which match the dimensions of a standard shipping pallet and can be transferred more easily and quickly between the different modes of transport within the DHL Express network, the City Hub concept will bring additional speed and reliability to DHL’s last-mile delivery operations for documents and small packages. The Cubicycle, which was developed in the Netherlands and introduced to the DHL network in 2015, boasts a number of features that make it ideal for express delivery operations: the reclining seat for the courier allows greater comfort, safety and speed. It boasts electric pedal assistance for additional speed and support in climbing hills, and it easy to handle, with a tight turning cycle. The removable containers are secure and waterproof, and offer a large volume while not impairing the view of other cyclists. They can be equipped with GPS or Internet of Things transmitters, to facilitate real-time shipment tracking and to ensure they can be monitored for security purposes, and they are self-powered through the use of solar panel.

DHL Express has introduced bicycles in more than 80 European cities in 13 European countries to date, including 14 Cubicycles in seven cities. Cubicycle couriers cover on average 50 kilometers per day.

Deutsche Post DHL Group’s environmental protection program GoGreen

Deutsche Post DHL Group’s environmental protection program GoGreen aims to minimize the impact of the Group’s business on the environment, with a focus on optimizing the carbon efficiency of all operations. For this reason, the Group has set itself an ambitious climate protection goal: to improve its carbon efficiency by 30% (against a 2007 baseline) by the year 2020. Deutsche Post DHL Group has improved its carbon efficiency to date by 25%.

DHL is the leading global brand in the logistics industry. Our DHL family of divisions offer an unrivalled portfolio of logistics services ranging from national and international parcel delivery, e-commerce shipping and fulfillment solutions, international express, road, air and ocean transport to industrial supply chain management. With about 340,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, DHL connects people and businesses securely and reliably, enabling global trade flows. With specialized solutions for growth markets and industries including technology, life sciences and healthcare, energy, automotive and retail, a proven commitment to corporate responsibility and an unrivalled presence in developing markets, DHL is decisively positioned as “The logistics company for the world”.

DHL is part of Deutsche Post DHL Group. The Group generated revenues of more than 59 billion euros in 2015


DHL City Hub Frankfurt

Cargo Pods arrive

Cubicycles arrive

Pods loaded onto Cubicycles

Cubicycles leave for delivery

GV’s City Centre and Cubicycles delivering through out the city

Interview Tobias Wider, MD Operations, DHL Express – Germany

POV Cubicyles

Cubicycles return to City Hub and off load empty cargo boxes

Mar, 01, 2017




Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Dream Moves Towards Reality With DHL

DEFT, NETHERLANDS – A Hyperloop is a capsule that races along a vacuum tube at speeds of over 1,000kph. It uses very little energy and floats, making it much greener and more efficient than traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles, and potentially, could cover vast distances in a fraction of the time it takes today. SpaceX, which was founded by American entrepreneur Elon Musk, is looking to find the Hyperloop that can perform best, combining the highest speed with the lowest environmental impact. DHL is taking the first EU-built Hyperloop Pod to the US, first via its road network and then in a DHL freighter aircraft to Los Angeles, where it will be delivered to the SpaceX facility into testing, ahead of the competition in January 2017.


00:00:08 Delft Hyperloop Press Launch. Pod unveil.

00:00:40 Animation: Future of Hyperloop.

00:01:24 Animation: The Delft Hyperloop Pod.

00:02:00 Delft Hyperloop Workshop. Team work on Pod. Includes CAD drawings on-screen.

00:03:00 Delft University Exterior.

00:03:05 Civil Engineering and Geosciences Exterior.

00:03:06 Delft Team transport Pod from trailer to box.

00:03:28 Forklift carries Pod to DHL Truck.

00:03:42 Truck leaves warehouse.

00:03:47 Press take photos of DHL and Delft representatives.

00:03:54 Truck driving to the airport.

00:04:04 Truck enters Schiphol DHL hub.

00:04:10 Forklift takes Flight case off truck.

00:04:18 The DHL team check the consignment paperwork.

00:04:28 Forklift takes flight case off truck.

00:04:40 sniffer dogs check Flight case.

00:04:53 Forklift puts flight case on wrapping deck.

00:05:01 Flight case wrapped.

00:05:15 Schiphol Airport Tower GV.

00:05:21 Flight case loaded onto DHL plane.

00:05:44 DHL plane. Take off.



00:06:12 Tom Vervoorl – Vice President IT, DHL Express, Netherlands

00:06:51 Leendert Van Delft – Head of Marketing, DHL Express, Netherlands

00:09:16 Michiel Greeven – Managing Director DHL Express, The Netherland

Oct, 21, 2016




RHEXIT! Black Rhino Leaves Europe For New Home

CZECH REPUBLIC & TANZANIAN – DHL, the world’s leading international express delivery provider, has completed another landmark transportation project with the delivery of a black rhino from its birthplace in the Czech Republic to its natural homeland in Tanzania. Three-year-old female Eliska was moved to a natural park in Tanzania as part of an ongoing conservation project run by the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust, aimed at helping endangered animal populations to grow and prosper in their natural habitat.

Eliska’s move was overseen by an international DHL team, comprising around 40 specialists in areas ranging from ground transportation and aviation to customs clearance and certification across more than five countries. The 900 kilogram female was transferred from ZOO Dvur Kralove in the Czech Republic, where she was born in 2012, to the main DHL European Hub in Leipzig, Germany. She was then loaded on to a dedicated 28-ton Boeing 757-200 freighter, specially modified for animal transport, and flown more than 6,500 kilometers directly to Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania, from where she was transferred by truck to her new home. Along the way, she was accompanied and monitored by a team of support staff, including Dr. Pete Morkel, one of the world’s leading black rhino veterinarians. Five containers of food and water supplies were also loaded for the journey.

“We were delighted that DHL was able to support us with this project, as we were only prepared to entrust Eliska to partners who could absolutely guarantee a safe and seamless move,” said Tony Fitzjohn OBE, Field Director, The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust. “Having the support of an experienced team of international transport specialists allowed us to focus without any distraction on the comfort and well-being of Eliska and to ensure that she had the best possible introduction to her new life in Africa.”

Eastern black rhinos are one of the most endangered mammal groups, with large-scale poaching in the late 20th century leading to a significant decline in black rhino populations in Africa. There are estimated to be about 800 in the world today.


00:00:00 Eliska in safari park enclosure

00:01:23 Eliska in safari park enclosure

00:09:00 Eliska in enclosure eating leaves

00:17:11 Safari park building

00:20:03 Close up of safari park sign

00:22:07 Elephant in safari park

00:27:04 Antelope in safari park

00:30:24 Eliska with handler

00:36:05 GoPro of Eliska being led into crate

00:47:17 Handler feeding Eliska in crate

00:51:18 Eliska in crate behind bars

00:59:00 Eliska in crate from behind

01:05:10 Crate being sealed shut

01:09:05 GoPro of crate being lifted onto forklift

01:12:17 Crate being lifted into lorry

01:16:23 Crate in lorry

01:19:01 Handler feeding Eliska in lorry

01:29:17 Transport lorry driving from behind

01:34:11 Driving past transport lorry

01:41:06 Wide of DHL building

01:45:14 Wide of DHL plane

01:48:00 DHL plane tail fins

01:53:01 “Rhino Crew” at airport

01:59:09 DHL “Protecting Rhinos” plane fuselage

02:04:13 Rhino Crew on crane

02:08:07 Eliska being loaded on to plane

02:16:19 Eliska on plane with Rhino Crew

02:24:19 GoPro of Eliska’s crate on plane

02:32:02 GoPro of Pete the vet on plane packing equipment

02:44:22 View of Tanzania from plane

02:48:10 Cockpit view of plane landing

02:51:14 Wide of plane landing

02:56:03 Plane on runway

03:01:11 Rhino Crew moving crate inside plane

03:05:03 Rhino Crew unloading crate from plane

03:10:02 Crate loading on to platform

03:14:07 Close up crate being pushed

03:17:05 Crate being handled on runway

03:20:03 Crate getting loaded on to truck

03:22:21 Crate getting loaded on truck

03:28:05 Crate secured to truck

03:31:08 Eliska in crate

03:34:22 Close up of Eliska in crate

03:38:04 Door on crate being closed

03:42:04 Drive-by of local farmers with cattle

03:46:02 Eliska’s truck driving

03:51:04 Mkomazi National Park roadsign

03:53:20 Mkomazi National Park sign

03:56:02 Eliska’s crate lifted off truck at park

03:59:07 Crate being lowered

04:01:20 View of crate

04:05:02 Inside view of crate, Eliska opening door

04:12:24 Inside view of crate, Eliska walking out

04:19:14 Eliska walks into new pen

04:23:22 Eliska drinking

04:30:14 Eliska eating leaves

04:38:16 Slow pan of Tanzania landscape

04:48:15 GV of Tanzania

04:51:06 GV of Tanzania

04:54:01 DHL sign

04:57:17 Eliska resting in new home

05:07:11 Eliska being brushed

05:17:10 Eliska walking around pen

05:20:16 Tanzania National Parks and DHL signs

05:25:15 DHL signs on park gates

05:29:21 Close up of Tony

05:35:16 Tony talking to Pete

05:42:09 IV Roy Hughes

06:42:10 IV Jiri Hruby, Rhino Curator

06:58:18 IV Pete Morkel, Wildlife Veterinarian

07:37:12 IV Phil Couchman, CEO DHL Express UK & Ireland

08:33:18 IV Tony Fitzjohn, Conservationist


Jun, 30, 2016




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