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Maraya Concert Hall Smashes A Guinness World Records Title As The Largest Mirrored Building In The World!

AlUla, Saudi Arabia – Located in the north western province of AlUla, Saudi Arabia, Maraya Concert Hall has set the Guinness World Records™  for largest mirrored building in the world. “Maraya” means “mirrors” in Arabic, and the “mirrored wonder” got this name due to the giant mirrors attached to its structure which reflect AlUla’s breath-taking landscape. This includes the Hegra region, which is the first historical site in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.

The “Maraya” is a giant mirror cube, a silent and respectful building, a” site-specific landmark”, meaningful and elegant with intrinsic and extravagant simplicity, a true “Land-art Architecture”.

The extraordinary new façade of the Maraya Concert Hall was unveiled with a special ceremony held by the Royal Commission for AlUla during the second season of the Winter at Tantora Festival. The concert hall can hold up to 500 seats and hosted leading and prominent international artists, including musician Omar Khairat and opera singer Andrea Bocelli. The festival began its artistic journey with the renowned singer Aziza Jalal, who surprised her fans with a return after a 35-year hiatus.

Located in Wadi Ashaar, near the volcanic freeway, The Maraya Concert Hall is highly equipped with the latest theatrical and operatic sound systems. The structure is cube shaped with the exterior walls covered entirely in mirrors that reflect the picturesque nature of AlUla.  A landscape which has captivated creatives, artists and architects since the Nabataean civilisation and to the present day.

The external cladding displays 9,740 square metres of mirrors, which exceeds the minimum of 6,500 square metres. Commenting on the achievement, Amr Al Madani, CEO of the Royal Commission for AlUla, said, “AlUla is a cultural heritage to the world, and this step comes in fulfilment of AlUla’s vision, to create a regional and global cultural centre. We have developed Maraya Concert Hall as a hub for world events, concerts, celebrations, gatherings, and business conventions. The mirrored hall is a global platform where nature, culture, and human heritage coexist in harmony.”

Al Madani added, “We are proud to celebrate the opening of Maraya Concert Hall, and we thank our partners, experts, engineers, and architects, who worked day and night to create this astounding monument in the heart of the marvellous desert environment of AlUla.”

Designer Florian Boje of Gio Forma said, “As evident in the architecture of the Nabataeans, Maraya Concert Hall was created utilising segmentation and [by] sculpting the blocks. This unique edifice makes us think about the unique landscape of the geological saga, the radical abstraction of the enchanting environment of AlUla, and the uncommon incursions for man in the natural landscape; the reflections give an overwhelming balance and a deep sense of the connection of human heritage with nature and its intertwining and harmonising together, which provides us with the responsibility of protecting our human culture that is combined with the exceptional nature of AlUla.”

The development of the Maraya Concert Hall came within the framework of the cultural and heritage statement of AlUla, which was recently issued and published by the Royal Commission for AlUla, inviting global arts and business communities to join the Royal Commission in a new cultural chapter in the rich history of AlUla.

The cultural and heritage vision of AlUla states, “The artistic mission of AlUla is clear, and [it] will remain the destination for artists to draw their inspiration from a site that highlights the monuments of historical civilisations.”

“What remains of great cultures is art and architecture. Successive civilisations have formed the cultural scene with their knowledge and experience, and AlUla will remain the artistic destination for artists to enhance a spirit of imagination and inspiration in their being, and the expression that constitutes the infrastructure of AlUla and its structures and daily life to enrich the encounters of the visitors.”

During the current season, the Winter Festival of Tantora witnessed a celebration of international events, including the “First Hegra Conference of Nobel Prize Laureates 2020,” which was held in the city of AlUla from January 30 to February 1. Eighteen Nobel Peace Prize laureates in various categories like economics, literature, physics, chemistry, physiology, and medicine joined the event along with an elite group of intellectuals, politicians and social leaders from 32 countries around the world. They presented theses’ to meet the challenges affecting humanity and the world. The conference sought to make a significant impact and offer provisions to urgent global dilemmas, and the discussions aimed to provide precise solutions regarding the future of education, health, agriculture, and the world’s economy.

The Winter at Tantora Festival offers a wide range of diverse experiences that cater to all tastes from all walks of life. The festival took place every weekend starting 19th December 2019, and until the 7th March 2020. Guests had the unique opportunity to visit the historical heritage sites before they are closed to the general public until October 2020 when AlUla will be open for tourist throughout the year. For more info please visit

– The 26m high building includes a concert hall, capable to host generously 500 guest and unique performance stage as well as a dining hall with a breathtaking roof terrace and art features including the installation of the the renown Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama .

– The gigantic stage features an unseen high-tech background ,a large retractable glass window of more than 800 square meters ,providing an exceptional outdoor view on Alula’s amazing landscapes blending the magic of nature and entertainment.

– The Stage design includes high-tech equipment to host the world’s most innovative and powerful shows.

Guinness Book of World Records

To qualify for a record in the Guinness Book of World Records as “The Largest Mirror-Covered Building in the World,” the Maraya Concert Hall has achieved the following criteria:

1. The façade of the building is made entirely of mirrors, not just glass.

2. The building is a permanent structure.

3. It is open to the public.

The size of the stage and the mirrors’ façade were verified on the date of registration with the Guinness Book of World Records on December 26, 2019, by independent surveyors from AECOM led by Thomas Koenig.

“Largest Ever Aerial Projection” Smashes Guinness World Record!

The UAE Breaks the Guinness World Record for the Largest Ever Aerial Projection Screen

The new record set by wasl Asset Management Group commemorates the Founding Father of the UAE 100 years after his birth

A 300-foot aerial projection screen — the equivalent of the length of an NFL pitch — soared over Dubai’s skyline

World record attempt beat the previous world record by 50 feet

DUBAI, UAE – As the UAE celebrates the 100th anniversary of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the nation’s Founding Father, one of Dubai’s leading real estate companies has broken yet another Guinness World Record in the city with the world’s largest aerial projection screen.

The record-breaking effort, which was set by wasl Asset Management Group in partnership with Remarkable Media, saw a 300-foot video screen soar across Dubai’s iconic skyline towed by a Bell Huey 212 helicopter.

A second Bell 212 projected the video onto the screen, using a combination of augmented reality tracking and live projection mapping.

The screen could be viewed from 3 kilometres away and was watched by a crowd of onlookers as it made its triumphant journey across the Emirate of Dubai.

Paying tribute to the late Founding Father, the gigantic screen displayed a short film about the UAE’s ‘Year of Zayed’, which is a nationwide initiative that celebrates the life and values of the late Sheikh Zayed who served as the President of the UAE for 33 years and was the driving force behind the union of the seven emirates on 2nd December 1971.

The world’s largest aerial projection screen record was previously held by MTV Networks for a 250-foot projection over New York’s Hudson River, which was almost as wide as the Statue of Liberty is tall. Last night’s projection flew into the Guinness Book of World Records when it beat the previous record by 50 feet.

The screen was 30 feet wider than the height of Big Ben, 50 feet wider than the Dubai Frame, and almost 200 feet wider than the vertical drop at Niagara Falls.

A Guinness World Records’ representative handed over the certificate to His Excellency Hesham Abdulla Al Qassim, CEO of wasl Asset Management Group.

Shows: HD Broadcast quality B-Roll will be available. The footage is broadcast rights cleared for all territories and will include:

1. Sizzel Reel

2. GVs: World’s Largest Aerial Projection Helecopter Flight

3. GVs: Preperations for World’s Largest Aerial Projection

4. GVs: Crowd reactions on the night

5. Soundbites:  Kevin Southam, Official Adjudicator, Guinness World Records

6. Soundbites:Ryan Osbourne, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Remarkable Media

7. Soundbites:His Excellency Hesham Abdulla Al Qassim, CEO of wasl Asset Management Group

Other: The Guinness World Record is based on the current Total projection area: 22,193 sq/ft. (2061.8 m2) wasl and Remarkable Media’ Total banner size will be: 26,148 sq/ft (2429 m2)


Guinness World Record For World’s Largest Aerial Firework Shell

RAS AL KHAIMAH, UAE – One of this year’s biggest New Year’s Eve firework displays came from Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates.

Guinness World Records were on hand to record the launch of the world’s largest firework into the record books.

The previous world record, held by Japan since 2014, is a 1, 204 pound shell with a diameter of 48 inches.

This new record saw a 2,200 pound shell, with a diameter of 56 inches launched into the sky over Al Marjan island by a 7 metre mortar, weighing 15,000 pounds and buried 4 metres into the sand.

The shell spectacularly detonated at a height of 2,200 feet.

The shell was created by Grucci Fireworks and shipped from America to the UAE where their technicians put the finishing touches to the set up for a spectacular New Year Fireworks display.

Watched by Guinness World Records adjudicators the launch of the new record holder for the world’s largest firework welcomed in 2018, lighting up the sky in the colours of the UAE flag. will finally be loaded and the entire construction put in position ready for the big night.


1. GVs Al Marjan Island New Year’s Eve Firework Display

2. HUGE aerial explosion of the new world record firework!

3. Interview – Phil Grucci, CEO & Creative Director, Fireworks by Grucci

Soundbite 1 “The current World Record for the world’s largest fireworks aerial shell is one thousand and twenty four pounds and the diameter is forty eight inches.

Our attempt to break that record is a two thousand, two hundred pound shell that’s going to be fifty six inches in diameter.”

Soundbite 2 “We came down to recce, to take a look at the island and when we first saw it, in its size and its linear shape, the coral type aspect, the circular aspect but parallel to this beautiful shoreline surrounded by bright, beautiful blue water; I said to myself, this is the perfect stage for a fireworks performance. The perfect stage to break a world record of the size of this”.

4. Interview – Abdullah Rashed Al Abdooli, Managing Director, Al Marjan Island, Ras Al Khaimah.

5. GVs Guinness World Record recognition

6. GVs Al Marjan Island

7. GVs Preparation of World’s Largest Arerial Firework Shell

8. Behind the scenes – setting up the Fireworks display.

9. Contact details, Ras Al Khaimah

Other: About Al Marjan Island

Al Marjan Island, is a man-made island located in Ras Al Khaimah, which extends a vast 4.5 kilometers into the sea and covers an area of 2.7 million square meters.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Arabian Peninsula, and enclosed by the Yanis and Jais Mountains, Al Marjan Island is truly a luxury destination. With sun, sand and sea all year round, Al Marjan welcomes residents and visitors from all over the world


Jaguar Recreates Iconic James Bond Car Stunt To Debut Their New SUV

LONDON, UK – The new Jaguar E-PACE has set an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title during its world premiere. The compact performance SUV leapt into the record books with a 15.3 metre-long jump complete with a 270-degree corkscrew-like ‘barrel roll’.

Demonstrating the agility, precision and performance of Jaguar’s newest SUV, the feat was the final test for E-PACE after 25 gruelling months of work across four continents to ensure extreme durability and that it lived up to Jaguar’s Art of Performance philosophy.

– All-new Jaguar E-PACE revealed with epic barrel roll

– Dynamic twist sets an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the Furthest Barrel Roll in a Production Vehicle

– Final test proves E-PACE lives up to Jaguar’s ‘Art of Performance’ philosophy

– Inspiration from cinema’s most iconic car stunt

– Attitude and stance come as standard with Jaguar’s new compact performance SUV

– Sports car looks with SUV practicality for the next generation of Jaguar customers

– Agile, responsive chassis and sports car driveline technology make E-PACE the hot hatch of its segment

Price from £28,500, customers can order and configure their E-PACE at with order books open now.

The E-PACE completed its world record jump at ExCeL in London – one of only a handful of venues in the UK big enough to accommodate the 160-metre run-up and run-off vital for the 15-metre leap.

Behind the wheel was stunt driver Terry Grant, who has completed stunts on many film sets and holds an impressive 21 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™titles.

Unsurprisingly, the barrel roll is not one to be tried at home; months of testing and analysis were completed to fine-tune the stunt, including achieving precisely the correct speed of run-up. The ramps were modelled extensively using CAD before any jumps took place. Terry experienced a G-Force of 5.5 during the 270 degree twist, and required a 160-metre run up to hit the air at the correct speed.

The Jaguar E-PACE is a five-seat, compact SUV that packs the design and performance of a Jaguar sports car into a spacious, practical and connected all-wheel-drive vehicle.

Trademark Jaguar driving dynamics and design put the brand’s sports car DNA in a practical design packed with advanced technologies to keep you connected.

The E-PACE is the newest member of Jaguar’s SUV family, joining the ground-breaking all-electric I-PACE Concept and the 2017 World Car of the Year, the Jaguar F-PACE – itself launched with a spectacular GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™setting loop-the-loop in 2015.

The exterior design is inspired by the Jaguar F-TYPE sports car and characterised by the distinctive Jaguar grille, muscular proportions, short overhangs and powerful haunches that give the E-PACE a bold and purposeful stance, instantly communicating dynamic agility. Jaguar sports car DNA is also evident in the fast sweep of the roofline and the distinctive side window graphic.

Shows: London, UK

– GVs Jaguar E-PACE reveal

– Interview Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar

– Interview Terry Grant, Stunt Driver

– Interview Graham Wilkins, Chief Product Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover

– Jagaur E-PACE interiors & exteriors