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100 Incredible New Student Ideas Unveiled To Change The World

Virtual exhibition showcases best social impact projects by the next generation of graduate inventors

100 of the most promising ideas to improve the environmental, social & economic well-being of people all around the world are revealed today at this year’s Global Grad Show.

The ideas are from students at universities in 42 countries and reveal how the next generation of designers, innovators and entrepreneurs would solve many of the key issues facing the planet today.

The 100 projects have been selected from 1600 original submissions from 270 universities. This year for the first time, the chosen projects have been organized around five key emerging trends: Living with Illness & Disability; Coping in a Complex World; Saving Lives in Danger; Cleaning a Waste Filled Planet; and Sustaining the Urban Experience.

All the 100 projects are being brought to life in a virtual exhibition allowing anyone from around the world to view the prototypes, films and original research material. They can all be viewed from Monday 9th November at

Further Information

The 2020 Global Grad Show participants will be invited to apply to the organisation’s Entrepreneurship Programme. This Programme aims to accelerate the development of innovations through tailored business training, mentorship and by providing introductions to investors to help the students launch their products to market. This programme has so far supported 30 projects from previous years, in fields ranging from medical to waste management, mental health to migrating communities.

This year’s will also see the launch of a specific show to support regional talent in the MENA region. The programme, which received more than 200 submissions from 35 universities based on the Middle East and North Africa will inaugurate a physical exhibition focusing on talent from the region, as part of Dubai Design Week.

The Global Grad Show is held under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairperson of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) and member of the Dubai Council and in partnership with A.R.M. Holding and Dubai Culture.


Atlas Biomed Launches Personalised DNA And Microbiome Health Testing For Consumers In The UK

London, July 2017 – Today, Atlas Biomed, the UK-based personalised health technology company, has announced plans to shake up the £800m[1] UK genomics marketplace and educate consumers on the big data approach to their healthcare. Atlas is launching consumer-oriented DNA and gut microbiome tests with integrated analysis on the company’s health platform. This will allow […] Read more

Jul, 31, 2017



Institut Marquès Offers Less Anxiety During Fertility Treatments

Institut Marquès at the ESHRE Congress

Less Anxiety During Fertility Treatments

– Embryomobile, an application created by Institut Marquès, allows to observe the evolution of the embryos while they are in the incubator

– The results of this application’s use have been presented at the Congress of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE)

– 91% of the patients who have used the Embryomobile say that it helped them feel much calmer during the IVF process. They connect an average of four times a day.

Assisted Reproduction treatments often create anxiety in patients, especially during the days they are waiting for the development of their embryos.

That is why Institut Marquès offers a pioneering service worldwide that helps the well- being of future parents during the treatment. This is the Embryomobile, an application that allows observing the evolution of the embryos from home while they are in the Embryoscope (a high-technology incubator with an incorporated video camera that films their development).

Patients can do the follow-up from home or from any other place, as embryologists do in the laboratory, from the time of fertilization until the day of the transfer to the maternal uterus, five days later.

The Centre has presented the results of the use of Embryomobile at the annual conference of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in Geneva (Swittzerland).

Almost 400 patients from all over the world participated in the study. All of them valued the experience positively and 91% commented that the Embryomobile helped them feel much calmer during the process.

Dr. Federica Moffa, gynaecologist at Institut Marquès, says: “The Embrymobile has been very well accepted among our patients, because it allows them to get much more directly involved in the process and helps them establish the first emotional relationship with their future child. It is as if they go into the laboratory from home. An example of transparency in our way of working”

Choosing the best Embryo

More than 3.000 patients have already used this system and frequently during the day (an average of 4 connections daily). According to Institut Marquès, 43% of the participants in the study connected more than five times a day to see their embryos, 27% between 2 and 4 times and 23% once.

The study also shows that 51% of patients were able to choose the best embryo to get pregnant. Of these, 74% chose correctly the embryo to transfer or vitrify.

About Institut Marquès

Institut Marquès is a centre of international reference in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Assisted Reproduction with offices in Barcelona, Milan, London and Ireland (Dublin and Clane).

The centre, with great experience in cases that present special difficulty, helps people from more than 50 countries to achieve their dream of having a baby. Institut Marquès offers the highest rates of pregnancy success, with 89% per IVF with egg donation cycle.

Leader in innovation, this centre develops an important line of research on the benefits of early life music and foetal stimulation. You will find more information on the following websites: and


For more press information, please contact:

Mireia Folguera:  0034 649 901 494

Estefania Redondo: 0034 661 208 385



Jul, 03, 2017