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Wayne Gretzky Visits Sydney Zoo

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – The greatest ice hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky, has taken in the sights of Sydney visiting the city’s Taronga Zoo to get up close with some of New South Wales’ native animals.

Wayne Gretzky is making his first visit to Sydney, secured exclusively by the NSW Government’s tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW. Since touching down in the harbour city, Gretzky has taken to the ice on a custom rink on the harbour foreshore, built specially to welcome him to the state, as well as meeting with Aussie Rules football club, the Sydney Swans, for a ball kicking session.

Gretzky will lace up his skates and take to the ice prior to the USA v Canada match today at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, New South Wales to showcase the skills that saw him hold or break an astonishing 60 NHL records throughout an illustrious career spanning 20 years.

Jun, 25, 2016



Australia Zoo’s Peta The Koala Begins Physiotherapy

BEERWAH, AUSTRALIA – At just one and a half years old, Peta the koala was brought to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for specialist treatment when she sustained multiple fractures, including her leg, pelvis, radius and ulna after being hit by a car and is now undertaking koala physiotherapy to help heal her tiny body.

Peta had just left her mum to find her own way in the wild when she wandered onto a dirt road near Nymboida, NSW and was struck by a car, an all-too-common occurrence on Australian roads. Once the extent of her injuries was clear, Peta was transferred to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital from Currumbin Wildlife Hospital as specialist emergency surgery was required.

Peta has been at the Wildlife Hospital for two months after having pins inserted into her left leg in surgery to stabilise the major fracture. Now the pins have been removed, and although Peta’s fracture is healing nicely, she has also begun a course of physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles in her leg.

Peta’s treating Vet Dr Rosie Booth, Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Director, is pleased with Peta’s progress and is optimistic that she will pass her physiotherapy treatment and make a full recovery before returning to life in the wild in the near future.

“Physiotherapy for koalas is similar to physiotherapy for humans. It’s all about improving mobility and function for improved quality of life with massage and manipulation, as well as a multitude of walking and climbing exercises,” said Dr Rosie.

The only difference, I’d say, is how cute she looks doing it all. She’s such a beautiful koala with a very pert personality. She is very eager to get back to life in the wild and the whole team here at the Wildlife Hospital have been working very hard to get her to that point,” she added.

It’s a very rewarding moment when that day finally comes, especially for a patient such as Peta who has had such life threatening injuries,” said Rosie.

Although Peta needs to be comfortable around people during this stage of her treatment, she will eventually transition to an outdoor area away from human contact. This is to help her learn how to climb larger trees and disassociate from people, much like any other wild koala.

After two surgeries, round-the-clock care and several weeks of physiotherapy, Peta will be released back in the Nymboida area where she can embark on a new journey and enjoy her second chance at life. Peta is otherwise in good health and will soon be at a good age for breeding – hopefully contributing to existing koala populations in the area given their vulnerable status.

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital sees hundreds of koala patients each year, with trauma caused by being hit by cars one of the major reasons. Injuries like Peta’s are easily preventable; by simply adhering to speed limits and driving carefully around wildlife populated areas, you can help to keep our national icon in the wild where they belong.

The Wildlife Hospital relies on generous donations from people both in Australia and around the world to continue their work to save koalas like Peta, and ultimately safeguard the species.

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Interview Dr Rosie Booth

Peta Koala Therapy Sessions


Australia Zoo’s First Koala Joey Makes His Debut

BEERWAH, AUSTRALIA – In the past week, one of Australia Zoo’s newest explorers has poked his head out of the pouch to look at the world for the first time! This new koala joey is the first of a group of joeys born on Koala Island as part of Australia Zoo’s breeding program for the vulnerable species.Leading the group of Australia Zoo’s record season of 13 koala joeys, the yet-to-be-named boy and his mum Ash, will stay together for over a year while he learns a variety of skills, like climbing and grooming, before reaching independence. This little dare devil has already been caught climbing onto his mum’s head while the other joeys are still nestled in the pouch!

As part of Australia Zoo’s on-going commitment to saving our emblem species, our koala experts focus on genetic diversity in the breeding program to encourage the best family trees.

Head of the Australia Zoo koala department Kirsten Latham said that keeping a diverse population within the Zoo is important due to their drastically declining rates in the wild.

“The population of koalas in Queensland are being radically affected by disease, habitat loss and the increasing human footprint,” said Kirsten.

“Having koalas at the Zoo means that people can visit them, fall in love with them and learn how they can help save them from ending up on the endangered list.

“Apart from being a significant contributor to the koala breeding program to ensure that people can see koalas for years to come, Australia Zoo is also one of the only places in Australia where guests can cuddle a koala, which is pretty special!” She said.

Visitors to Australia Zoo have a variety of options to meet koalas and learn about them throughout the day. From encounters, to koala cuddles and koala demonstrations, Australia Zoo is determined to help everyone fall in love with one of Australia’s most-loved animals, which won’t be hard when the adorable new joeys begin exploring their surroundings in the coming months.

Koala-inspired tourism is worth $3.375 billion to Australia each year, with koalas representing 11% of inbound tourists who wouldn’t travel to Australia if not for these native Australian mammals.

FACT: While eucalyptus is the main source of food for koalas, joeys are not born with the digestive enzymes to make the transition from milk to leaves straight away. Before they begin their diet of leaves, joeys must first eat ‘pap’, a specialised form of their mother’s dropping which helps them adjust to consuming such a potent diet.

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How Much Can A Koala ‘Bear’

Paws for thought this festive season for Bon Bon the Christmas Koala!

Born December 25 2014, Bon Bon the baby koala will wake up to one cracker of a Christmas tomorrow when he celebrates both his first birthday and Christmas day.

But the double celebration comes with a single blow for Bon Bon. Unlike most one year olds, this little puff of Aussie fur will get just one present: gum leaves.

That’s right, leaves from a gum tree.

For a koala just beginning to wean off his mum, that’s nothing to sniff at. Leaves from the prized eucalyptus tree are up there with plum pudding and egg nog.

Bon Bon is the third miracle marsupial to be born last Christmas at Queensland’s Rainforestation Nature Park near Cairns, and he has all the ‘koalifications’ of becoming a superstar. The little tyke is cute and curious and right into the festive season, especially when it comes with a toy Teddy Bear in a bright red sweater and a play date with his best friend, Tim Tam.

Bon Bon is one of three Christmas koala joeys born to mum Kiah at Rainforestation Nature Park on December 25, 2014.


Some Bon Bon facts:

Bon Bon will be turning one this year on Christmas Day

His mum’s name is Kiah

His favourite Wildlife Keeper at Rainforestation is Mandji (female)

He’s one of three koala joey’s at Rainforestation

Rainforestation is only 30 minute drive from Cairns, located on the Kennedy Highway near the rainforest village of Kuranda


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Dec, 24, 2015



Liverpool Legend Robbie Fowler Cuddles Koalas, Nurses Wombats & Learns To Surf In Queensland

Robbie Fowler cuddles Tinkerbell the koala at Streets Beach, Brisbane, cruises along the Brisbane River on a CityCat, gets interviewed at New Farm Park, Brisbane, cuddles a baby wombat named Whispa and finally learns to surf at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.
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Story: QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA.Nursing a baby wombat, cuddling a celebrity-loving koala and learning to surf were all in a day’s work for Liverpool FC ambassador and club legend Robbie Fowler during a visit to Queensland this week ahead of the team’s upcoming game in Brisbane.

Robbie, one of the club’s legendary players, nicknamed “God” by his fans, was part of the advance guard for the team, who will play against hometown team the Brisbane Roar on July 17 in what is expected to be a capacity crowd for the city’s Suncorp Stadium.

As part of his visit, Robbie met celebrity-cuddling koala Tinkerbell, who has also been cuddled by professional sports players such as Roger Federer, Kei Nishikori and Petra Kvitova.

“I managed to meet a little girl before and her name’s Tinkerbell and she was a koala” Robbie says. “Apparently she has met a famous sportsman before in Roger Federer. Roger has asked her out but apparently he’s got nothing on this RF. So I’m hoping to be seeing a little bit more of her.”

Now that he’s retired from professional football, Robbie has had more time to tick off some the things he has wanted to do in Queensland – including learning how to surf at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast and getting up close and personal with local wildlife, including Tinkerbell, and 14 month baby wombat Whispa.

Despite some initial apprehension at the prospect of surfing, Robbie quickly gained confidence and skill.

“I loved it, it was brilliant and I’m glad I did it,'” he says.

“I’ve got so much more time and admiration for the teachers and surfers because it’s very, very difficult. And you know what, the short spell I was on the board, I really enjoyed it and I’ll be back and definitely give it another go.”

The English Premier League giants, Liverpool FC, will tour Australia in July, kicking off their campaign in Queensland for the first time ever.

Robbie named the top three things he liked about Brisbane.

“I think number one certainly is the weather, number two, I think the people.

“[Brisbane] has probably some of the friendliest people, not just in Australia but all over the world. I think they make you, or anyone who visits here, very, very welcome.

“And number three is that slowly but surely [Brisbane’s] getting to be a little bit of a hub for all sport, your cricket’s here, your rugby league’s here, AFL’s here, the Asian Cup’s just been here, and more importantly, the Liverpool team’s going to visit here in July so I’m looking forward to that, spending a little bit more time here and seeing a bit more sports.”

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) Chief Executive, Leanne Coddington, says Liverpool FC is one of the world’s greatest football institutions and securing the match further built on Brisbane’s reputation as a premier events destination.

“High-profile events such as this play an important role in enhancing Queensland’s tourism profile and TEQ is proud to support Liverpool FC’s tour,” Ms Coddington said today.

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Liverpool Football Club
Founded in 1892, Liverpool FC is one of the world’s most historic and famous football clubs having won 18 League Titles, seven FA Cups, eight League Cups, five European Cups, three UEFA Cups, three European Super Cups and 15 Charity Shields.

As a socially responsible Club, Liverpool FC is proud of its heritage and plays a proactive role in its communities through its official charity, Liverpool FC Foundation. By delivering a range of award-winning programmes, the Foundation motivates and inspires children and adults, both at home and overseas, using football and the power of the Liverpool FC badge. Its contribution has been recognised by the award of a Community Mark from Business InThe Community.

In January 2013, Liverpool FC launched an official country-specific Twitter account for Australia and New Zealand – @LFCANZ – to help fans engage with the club online. An Official LFC Facebook page for Australia was launched in March and now communicates with over 270,000 fans every day.

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For more information on Dreamworld: www.dreamworld.com.au

For more information on Tourism and Events Queensland: http://teq.queensland.com/

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