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“Inferno” Lights Up Florence With It’s World Film Premiere

FLORENCE, ITALY – “INFERNO” finds the famous symbologist Robert Langdon (again played by Tom Hanks) on a trail of clues tied to the great Dante himself.

Saturday, October 8th saw the World Premiere of INFERNO in Florence.

The highly anticipated film based on the bestselling book series (Da Vinci Code) by Dan Brown. Acclaimed actors Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Omar Sy, Irrfan Khan, Ben Foster, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Ana Ularu, renowned director Ron Howard, author Dan Brown, screenwriter David Koepp and celebrated composer Hans Zimmer will attend the red carpet premiere.

INFERNO finds the famous symbologist Robert Langdon (again played by Tom Hanks) on a trail of clues tied to the great Dante himself. When Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), a doctor he hopes will help him recover his memories. Together, they race across Europe and against the clock to stop a madman from unleashing a global virus that would wipe out half of the world’s population.



SOUNDBITES Dur: 2’ 55”

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Dur: 0’ 08”

Felicity Jones Dur: 0’ 16”

Ron Howard Dur: 0’ 23”

Dan Brown Dur: 0’ 11”

Omar Sy Dur: 0’ 21”

Irrfan Khan Dur: 0’ 10”

Sidse Babett Knudsen Dur: 0’ 21”

Ana Ularu Dur: 0’ 22”

B-ROLL Dur: 3’ 02”

TRAILER Dur: 2’ 00”

INFERNO will be released in cinemas by Columbia Pictures globally from October 12th, 2016.

The film is directed by Ron Howard, written by David Koepp and produced by Brian Glazer and Ron Howard.


Burberry Shows It’s New Collection Influenced By Virginia Woolf’s Novel Orlando

LONDON, UK – Burberry’s latest collection is influenced by Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando – a love letter to the past and to English history, and a kind of dressing up box to visit and revisit.

Burberry opened the doors to Makers House, its new show venue in the heart of Soho, starting a week long programme of activities with the presentation of its inaugural straight-to-consumer collection tonight.

The entire collection, including the make-up look premiered today, is now available to purchase globally, including through Burberry’s physical and digital retail network, shipping to over 100 countries.

Guests attended the show at Makers House including actors Lily James, Felicity Jones, Jenna Coleman, Nicholas Hoult, Kris Wu, Freida Pinto, Vicky Zhao, Charlotte Le Bon, Jeon Do-yeon, Anya Taylor-Joy, Joe Alwyn, Ella Purnell, Burberry models Edie Campbell, Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Amber Anderson and Clara Paget, as well as Mario Testino, Steve McQueen, Tom Harper, Alexa Chung, Poppy Delevingne, Adwoa Aboah, Lady Amelia Windsor, Sandy Powell, Luke Edward Hall, Olivia Palermo and Huda Kattan.



1. Red carpet arrivals GVs:

– Anna Wintour

– Cara Delevingne

– Lily James

– Felicity Jones

– Alexa Cheung

– Edie Campbell

– Jenna Coleman

– Nicholas Hoult

– Freida Pinto

– Vicki Zhao

– Jeon Do Yeon

– Kris Wu Steve McQueen

– Sandy Powell

2. VIP interviews:

– Anna Wintour

– Natalie Massenet

– Jeon do Yeon

3. Burberry September 2016 Show GVs

4. Christopher Bailey interview

5. VIP interviews:

– Lily James

– Felicity Jones

– Jenna Coleman

– Nicholas Hoult

– Kris Wu

– Sandy Powell

– Edie Campbell

6. Makers House GVs

7. GVs new collection on sale at Burberry Regent Street store, London

8. New Burberry September 2016 ad campaign



Additional Information

The brand’s September 2016 collection was unveiled in full tonight for the first time on the runway which spanned across three rooms painted in dusty hues of pink, green and yellow, echoing the colour palette of the collection. The walls of the venue were kept bare, nodding to the past and to the people who had inhabited the building before. Elements inspired by interior designer Nancy Lancaster were found throughout the space, including cornicing on the doorways, fabric-covered benches and the hand-woven carpet that was laid throughout featuring a pattern based on a ceiling tile found in a house she had updated.

“Tonight’s show marked a very special moment for us – it was the culmination of a series of important changes we made designed to bring our collections closer to our customers. The collection was influenced by Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando – a love letter to the past and to English history, and a kind of dressing up box to visit and revisit. Inspired by this, tonight also celebrates the start of an amazing partnership with The New Craftsmen. Together, we are opening the doors to “Makers House” – a space for visitors to experience the British design heritage that is so integral to us and everything we do, and also a chance to be immersed by the work of some of the most exciting creators, and the innovation and inspiration behind their craft.” Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer

A 21-piece orchestra accompanied by pianist Rosey Chan and vocalists, performed ‘Reliquary’ a score written by British composer Ilan Eshkeri, exclusively for the show. The full show soundtrack is available to purchase now through the iTunes store and for streaming through the Burberry Apple Connect page on Apple Music.


The Collection

The origins of the new men’s and women’s collections, which were shown together for the first time, are found in the spirit of Nancy Lancaster’s interior and garden designs and Virginia Woolf’s novel ‘Orlando’.

Inspired by a reflection on the way a house changes its character over the centuries driven by the people, clothes and cultures that inhabit it, the collection combines noble and authentic fabrics, blending denim and sweatshirting with cashmere and pyjama silks. It blurs masculine and feminine, casual and formal, night and day, all mixed together to create a new reality born of all the moments that have gone before.

Highlights from the collection include deconstructed trench coats, regimental capes, coats and jackets (including The Cavalry Jacket, The Military Tailcoat and The Parade Jacket), waisted field jackets (including The Floral Field Jacket), pea coats, pyjama-style trousers, shirts and shorts, and ruffle-neck shirts. Also previewed today was The Bridle Bag, a new runway design for men and women, which takes its inspiration from classic British equestrian designs and Burberry’s outdoor heritage.


Makers House, 1 Manette Street – now open

Guests were given a preview of Makers House, which will be open to visitors from 21 to 27 September, with a daily changing programme of activities and installations showcasing original works by some of Britain’s finest craft makers, as well as a display of the entire September collection.

Celebrating the craft and inspiration behind the September 2016 collection, Makers House features different stations and spaces where makers from The New Craftsmen will be demonstrating various crafts and techniques. Spaces include:

· Precision Workshop, which celebrates the meticulous nature of craft with saddlers, embroiderers and bookbinders perfecting their delicate and intricate work.

· Sensory Lab, which demonstrates the experimental and expressive way of crafting and creating with colour, opulence and scent.

· Library, featuring a JAMESPLUMB staircase inspired by the library scene in Orlando, which will host live readings from Virginia Woolf’s work by Pin Drop daily at 1pm for the public.

· Gabardine Tent, representing a place of interaction and exchange where different makers invite the public to choose words, bring garments, share stories and sit for portraits throughout the week. In this space, the Burberry archive team will also journey through the pivotal moments from the company’s 160-year history.

· ‘The Studio’, a purpose-built creative set at Makers House, where guests can become part of the new September collection experience. The Studio allows visitors to publish short dynamic edits to Instagram and other social media channels. Guests will also receive a photographic print from The Studio.

· The New Craftsmen Shop, a shop selling products and designs created by The New Craftsmen. Limited edition reissues of ‘Orlando’, with the cover artwork recreated from the book’s first edition and a new foreword by Christopher Bailey, will also be for sale in the shop.


The Digital Show Experience

The show was streamed live on and, for the first time, on Facebook Live, allowing users to watch the runway show in real time with the stream autoplaying in their feed. It was also shown live on YouTube, WeChat and partner sites globally.


Facebook Messenger

Burberry also launched on Facebook Messenger, giving users a unique way to discover the collection in real time and offering live customer service on Messenger. Users were invited to uncover the inspiration behind the collection, explore the new show space and unlock content exclusive to Messenger. Discover the Burberry bot by using our Messenger Code or using



For the first time, Burberry is allowing followers to buy a piece of the collection, The Bridle Bag, exclusively on WeChat through in-app purchase. Two editions of The Bridle Bag, the new runway design, are available to purchase exclusively on WeChat. The experience is activated through a bespoke HTML5 mini site, with unprecedented access to the show and a takeover from Chinese actors Kris Wu and Vicky Zha.


A B O U T  B U R B E R R Y

• Established in 1856, Burberry is a global British luxury brand with a heritage of innovation, craftsmanship and design.

• The Burberry business comprises five divisions: menswear, womenswear, childrenswear, accessories and beauty.

• Burberry is headquartered in London and listed on the London Stock Exchange (BRBY.L); Burberry is a constituent of the FTSE 100 index.

• Visit for further information.

“The Magnificent Seven” Rides Into Venice

TORONTO, CANADA & VENICE, ITALY – Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and director Antoine Fuqua present the highly anticipated film “The Magnificent Seven” at the Venice Film Festival.

Following its World Premiere and Opening Night berth at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8, Fuqua’s action adventure tonight closes the 73rd edition of the Venice event.

It is the first time in recent memory that a film bookends these two prestigious festivals.


Shows:  MAGNIFICENT 7 at the Venice Film Festival

From Toronto to Venice


Duration: 1’25”


Denzel Washington (& Antoine Fuqua)

On being at the Venice Film Festival

Duration: 0’08”

(Denzel Washington &) Antoine Fuqua

On being at the Venice Film Festival

Duration: 0’46”

Denzel Washington & Antoine Fuqua

On what audiences will enjoy about the movie

Duration: 0’07”

Chris Pratt

On opening Toronto and closing Venice

Duration: 0’11”

Chris Pratt

On how it feels to be in Venice

Duration: 0’20”

Chris Pratt

On what audiences will enjoy about the movie

Duration: 0’24”


Boat Arrivals

Duration: 1’02”


Duration: 0’29”

Red Carpet

Duration: 1’34”

The Magnificent 7 Interntional Trailer B

Duration: 2’08”



Tom Hanks & Irrfan Kahn Joined By Ron Howard At “Inferno” Photo Call & Red Carpet

SINGAPORE – Academy Award® winner Ron Howard returns to direct the latest bestseller in Dan Brown’s (The Da Vinci Code) billion-dollar Robert Langdon series, “Inferno”.

Actors Tom Hanks and Irrfan Kahn were joined by director Ron Howard at a photo call at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore to celebrate the upcoming release of “Inferno” later this year.

This package includes;

Trailer – 01′ 44″

Tom Hanks soundbites- 00′ 52″

Ron Howard soundbites – 01′ 18″

Irrfan Kahn soundbites – 00′ 33″

Red Carpet B-roll – 03′ 36″

Academy Award® winner Ron Howard returns to direct the latest bestseller in Dan Brown’s (The Da Vinci Code) billion-dollar Robert Langdon series, “Inferno,” which finds the famous symbologist (again played by Tom Hanks) on a trail of clues tied to the great Dante himself. When Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), a doctor he hopes will help him recover his memories. Together, they race across Europe and against the clock to foil a deadly global plot.

Columbia Pictures and Imagine Entertainment present in association with LStar Capital, a Brian Grazer Production, “Inferno.” Starring Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Irrfan Khan, Omar Sy, Ben Foster and Sidse Babett Knudsen. Directed by Ron Howard, with a screenplay by David Koepp, based upon the novel by Dan Brown. Produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard. Executive Producers are David Householter, Dan Brown, William M. Connor, Anna Culp and Ben Waisbren. Director of Photography is Salvatore Totino, ASC, A.I.S. Production Designer is Peter Wenham. Edited by Dan Hanley, ACE and Tom Elkins. Costume Designer is Julian Day. Music by Hans Zimmer.

/ ends


Ghostbusters Fans Set New Guinness World Record Dressed As Ghosts!

SINGAPORE – Ghostbusters fans set a new Guinness World Records title for the Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Ghosts at a Single Venue on Sunday, June 12 at The Event Plaza at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, to celebrate the upcoming release of Ghostbusters, the hotly anticipated reboot of the classic film which will hit theatres around the globe from mid-July through August.

Following the announcement, fans attended a gala red-carpet event joined by Ghostbusters star Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig.


Trailer – 01′ 49″

Featurette – 01′ 31″

Soundbites – Melissa McCarthy (Abby Yates) x 4 – 01′ 04″

Soundbites – Paul Feig (Director) x 5 – 01′ 00″

Soundbites – Rishi Nath (Guinness Adjudicator) x 1 – 00′ 21″

Event B-roll – 03′ 59″

Ghostbusters makes its long-awaited return, rebooted with a cast of hilarious new characters.

Thirty years after the beloved original franchise took the world by storm, director Paul Feig brings his fresh take to the supernatural comedy, joined by some of the funniest actors working today – Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth. This summer, they’re here to save the world! The film is produced by Ivan Reitman and Amy Pascal, and written by Katie Dippold & Paul Feig, based on the 1984 film “Ghostbusters,” an Ivan Reitman film, written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.

Burberry Launches Festive Campaign With An All-Star British Cast

Burberry premiered its Festive film tonight with an event hosted by Burberry Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey and Sir Elton John at the brand’s global flagship store, 121 Regent Street, in London.

The “Burberry Festive Film” – a 3-minute film which sits at the heart of the brand’s 2015 Festive campaign – pays tribute to the iconic BAFTA-winning British film Billy Elliot, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. The film is is based on the much loved opening sequence and features original footage as well as the original soundtrack, ‘Cosmic Dancer’ by T Rex.

Over 500 guests attended the event including a number of the campaign’s all-British cast James Bay, Romeo Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Michelle Dockery, George Ezra, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Toby Huntington-Whiteley and Julie Walters. Other guests included Victoria and Cruz Beckham, actors James Norton, Elizabeth Hurley and Thomas Brodie-Sangster; musicians Paloma Faith, White Lies, Gary Powell, Dougie Poynter, Ronan Keating, and Dan Gillespie Sells; models Erin O’Connor, Jack Guinness, Laura Bailey, Malaika Firth, Neelam Gill, Sam Rollinson, Charlotte Wiggins, Matilda Lowther and Elena Perminova; Burberry S/S16 campaign stars Hayett McCarthy, Louie Johnson, Liam Gardner; Burberry A/W15 campaign stars Jackson Hale and Florence Kosky, as well as Billy Elliot’s producer Eric Fellner, Lee Hall and Raya Abirached.

Following the premiere of the “Burberry Festive Film”, British dancer Nat Sweeney, who currently plays Billy in ‘Billy Elliot the Musical’, performed a sequence from the theatre production, celebrating the inspiration behind the new campaign. Choreographed to ‘Electricity’, written by Sir Elton John (music) and English playwright and screenwriter Lee Hall (book and lyrics) for the musical, which has been running on stage in London’s West End for 10 years, the sequence is inspired by one of the original film’s pivotal scenes.

To celebrate the launch the “Burberry Festive Film” the film was also streamed onto the iconic screens at Piccadilly Circus and Coventry House (Haymarket), exclusively for five hours.


About the Burberry Festive Campaign

The Burberry Festive campaign stars Sir Elton John, James Corden, Julie Walters, Romeo Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Michelle Dockery, James Bay, George Ezra and Toby Huntington-Whiteley and includes a stills campaign shot by world-renowned photographer Mario Testino alongside the “Burberry Festive Film”.

The stills campaign features Romeo Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and James Bay that will run across print and digital titles.

The launch of the campaign coincides with the availability of the full range of Burberry festive gifts in store and on and is now live and can be viewed across Burberry platforms including, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Sina Weibo as well as in selected cinemas until the end of the year.

Follow the Burberry Snapchat account for exclusive content from the premiere at 121 Regent Street, featuring appearances from the cast including James Corden, Naomi Campbell, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Julie Walters.


New Burberry weaving and manufacturing facility

This evening Christopher Bailey also announced plans to open a new state-of-the-art manufacturing and weaving facility in Leeds, Yorkshire. The new site that is due to open in 2019, represents an investment of over £50m and will allow Burberry to continue to produce its most iconic product, the heritage trench coat, in the north of England where the brand has been manufacturing for over half a century.


For more information

For enquiries about the new Burberry weaving and manufacturing facility please contact:

Brunswick Group

Chris Buscombe, Associate 07703 470299


“Billy Elliot is an incredible film full of so much joy and energy, so it was a real thrill and a great honour to be able to celebrate its 15 year anniversary through our Festive campaign. It was also a huge privilege to work with such amazing and iconic British talent – the cast are quite simply some of the biggest names in film, music and fashion and it was so much fun working with them all to make this special film.”

Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer



The film features a cast of British icons from film, TV, music and fashion


The full cast list

James Bay, British musician – this is his first Burberry campaign. James performed live at the Burberry WW SS15 show, and has recorded tracks for Burberry Acoustic –

Romeo Beckham, British Burberry Family member – stars in his second Burberry Festive campaign, and first worked with Burberry on the SS13 campaign

Naomi Campbell, British Burberry model – this marks her third Burberry campaign, her first campaign was in 2001

James Corden, British actor and TV presenter – this is his first Burberry campaign. He attended and closed the Burberry ‘London in Los Angeles’ show earlier this year. He was also awarded the 2015 Britannia for “British Artist of the Year presented by Burberry” in LA on 30 October 2015

Michelle Dockery, British actress – this is her first Burberry campaign

George Ezra, British musician – this is his first Burberry campaign. He performed live at the Burberry ‘London in Los Angeles’ show earlier this year, following the Burberry MW AW14 show, and at the Burberry event in Shanghai in April 2014 –

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, British actress and Burberry model – this campaign marks her fourth Burberry campaign, her first was in 2008, and most famously Rosie was the face of the Burberry Body fragrance campaign

Toby Huntington-Whiteley, British model – this is his first Burberry campaign

Sir Elton John, iconic British singer and songwriter – Longstanding member of the Burberry family, this is his first Burberry campaign. Sir Elton John wrote the music for Billy Elliot the Musical – celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year –

Julie Walters, award-winning British actress – this is her first Burberry campaign. Julie played the role of Mrs Wilkinson – Billy Elliot’s ballet teacher – in the original film, a role for which she won the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress in 2001



Shot in London, England the campaign features images of Romeo Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and James Bay



Directed by Christopher Bailey, the film features a cast of British icons from film, TV, music and fashion

The film was shot at Park Royal Studios in London



‘Cosmic Dancer’ by T-Rex – the track which accompanies the opening credits of Billy Elliot – features in its original studio recording in the “Burberry Festive Film”, having received the rights from T Rex’s estate to use the track

‘Cosmic Dancer’ holds particular significance for Burberry – it has been previously performed by emerging British musicians Clare Maguire (Burberry Menswear Autumn/Winter 2015 show) and by Tom Odell (at the Burberry ‘London in Los Angeles’ event in April 2015)



The “Burberry Festive Film” is inspired by Billy Elliot, the iconic British film, which this year celebrates its 15th anniversary

The film is set in North-East England during the 1984-85 coal miners’ strike and focuses on an 11-year-old Billy Elliot, an aspiring male dancer

At the 2001 British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards, the film won Best British Film, and Julie Walters won Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her role as Billy’s ballet teacher

Billy Elliot was adapted for the West End stage as Billy Elliot the Musical in 2005 – the musical is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year



The original production of Billy Elliot established a legacy of charitable support for the local community of Easington, County Durham where the film is set. Inspired by this, Burberry is making a donation of £500,000 to be split between two charities, Place2Be and the County Durham Community Foundation, that have projects focusing on reducing barriers to education, training and employment in the local area.

This donation is made in recognition of each artist’s participation in the campaign.



Place2Be is the leading children’s mental health charity providing in-school support and expert training to improve the emotional wellbeing of pupils, families, teachers and school staff

Place2Be provides mental-health support and counseling to tens of thousands of children and parents across the UK every year

Place2Be’s highly skilled practitioners deliver services in 235 schools across the UK, offering a menu of services for primary and secondary schools, providing support for children, parents, teachers and school staff

Burberry’s donation will fully underwrite Place2Be’s services in all seven schools around Easington, in Country Durham, over the next two years, helping up to 2,000 young people each year


County Durham Community Foundation

County Durham Community Foundation manages charitable funds donated by local individuals, families, businesses and trusts, building up a source of long-term support for the community and acting as the vital link between donors and local needs, enabling people to achieve far more than they could by themselves

The County Durham Community Foundation supports formerly unemployed young people in finding apprenticeships and work-based learning in the Easington area. It is dedicated to helping communities grow by creating opportunities and tackling disadvantage and exclusion

Burberry’s donation will generate grants that will be paid directly to young people to assist with expenses such as transport, workwear and childcare. By removing these concerns, we will enable young people to focus on developing the skills they need to succeed



The cast wear made in England heritage and seasonal trench coats, with made in Scotland cashmere scarves from The Scarf Bar and Autumn/Winter 2015 runway styles monogrammed with their initials. They are also dressed in Burberry tailoring, limited edition embellished gowns and The Baby Bucket Bag

The launch of the campaign coincides with the availability of the full range of Burberry festive gifts in store and on

Make-up is by Wendy Rowe, Burberry Make-up Artistic Consultant, using Burberry Beauty



A collection of Burberry’s most luxurious giftable items for the festive season, from British-inspired key charms to cashmere Thomas Bears and the Burberry trench coat

This year Burberry introduces The Burberry Scarf Bar. Made in Scotland and available to monogram, the selection of iconic cashmere scarves has been expanded to include new colours, designs and prints

Burberry’s iconic scarves are made in Scotland at two distinguished mills in the towns of Elgin and Ayr, each with a rich history of producing cashmere scarves using the finest materials and craftsmanship techniques

The Burberry monogramming service allows for personalisation of iconic products including Burberry scarves for men, women and children, the My Burberry fragrance for women, as well as the iconic Burberry ponchos with up to three initials in the Burberry font, allowing global customers the ability to personalise bespoke gifts for their loved ones

The Book of Gifts launches on today with a curation of the brand’s most giftable items for the festive season, including items featured in the campaign and other inspiring gift ideas for men, women, children and the home. A Collect- in-Store service also allows customers to shop online at globally, and collect the order at a Burberry store of their choice, as early as the next day.



Established in 1856, Burberry is a global British luxury brand with a heritage of innovation, craftsmanship and design

The Burberry business comprises 5 divisions: mens, womens, childrens, accessories and beauty

Burberry is headquartered in London and listed on the London Stock Exchange (BRBY.L), Burberry is a constituent of the FTSE 100 index

Visit for further information




Julie Walters

Christopher Bailey

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Romeo Beckham

Michelle Dockery

James Bay

George Ezra

Toby Huntington Whiteley

Erin O’Connor

James Norton

Thomas Brodie Sangster



Julie Walters

Naomi Campbell

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

James Bay

George Ezra



Christopher Bailey – Burberry CEO and Chief Creative Officer



Nov, 03, 2015



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