Meghan Trumps British Royal Family

LONDON,UK – Top Trumps today crowns Meghan Markle as: ‘The New People’s Princess.’. 

The stunning Royal bride-to-be trumps ALL of her very soon to be new family – including the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Diana – in a brand new Royal Wedding Top Trumps pack, that hits shop shelves tomorrow (Wednesday 9th May 2018).

Meghan is described in her Top Trumps citation as “a modern Royal for a modern age” .. as she is also crowned as both Queen of Style AND Queen of Hearts.

Meghan’s Mega Top Trump scores:

        • TOP TRUMP! :  She reigns supreme – alongside Princess Diana – in a People Person section, notching a perfect 10.
        • TOP TRUMP! :  Meghan beats Duchess of Cambridge in a ‘Style Icon’ listing in the pack, also scoring a maximum 10 out of 10 and being declared in her Top Trumps citation as: ‘The Queen of Style’.
        • TOP TRUMP! :  The former actress also takes top billing in a Big Day Rating category, along with her husband-to-be Prince Harry. Each score 100 out of 100.
        • TOP TRUMP! :  So that’s THREE of the game’s FIVE sections she tops – making her the highest ranked of all 30 cards in the pack.
        • TOP TRUMP! : Top Trumps boss Tom Liddell says he can’t recall a pack in Top Trumps’ 41-year history where one person has so dominated a deck.

Top Trumps has for more than 40 years been a cool cult classic, capturing the heartbeat of the public across more than 1,000 different topics from Dr Who to Dinosaurs and Harry Potter to Pop Stars.

The pack also sees dedicated cards to: Harry, The Queen, William, Kate, the new Royal baby Prince Louis  Diana, Charles, Meghan’s parents, Camilla, a Commoners card, The Spice Girls, Ed Sheeran, The Rings, The Dress and The Corgis AND US President Donald Trump.

Prince Louis just makes it into the pack! He joins his brother and sister, having been born only weeks before the wedding!

The Dorgis/Corgis vs Dexter the Cat – there’s animal rivalry at the royal wedding, but who trumps who??

Shows: London, UK

00:00 – 07:20 – Slates

07:20 – 17:04 – London GV’s

17:04 – 01:34 – Street Vox Pops – public playing Top Trumps with giant cards

01:38 – 02:05 – Soundbite (English) –  Tom Liddell – CEO, Top Trumps

“So Top Trumps is a card game famous all around the world and famous for rating popular culture. Everything from dogs to dinosaurs, from planes to presidents,  we’ve even got a card for Donald Trump. What we’re working on the moment though  is the Royal Wedding, obviously the biggest event of the year and we’re currently working on the deck with Harry and Meghan ready for the big day, May the 19th”.

02:10 – 03:17 Soundbites x5 (English) –  Claire Simon – Global Marketing Manager, Top Trumps

Soundbite 1:

“So this was a hard pack to rate, but Meghan trumps the Royal Family, she’s overtaking Kate on style and she’s up there with Princess Diana on “People Person”, she is the Top Trump” .

Soundbite 2:

“So we put Donald Trump in the pack because there has been lots of speculation about whether he will or won’t be invited to the wedding, turns out Meghan and Harry decided not to          put him on the Guest List, so we popped him in the pack but gave him a “Big Day” rating of zero, but does come up high in “VIP” rating only just being Trumped by The Queen”.

Soundbite 3:

“ The Royal Wedding is the biggest event of the year, everyone’s talking about it globally and it’s a big moment in history, it’s the ultimate fairy tale”.

Soundbite 4:

“It’s Hollywood meets royalty and there is an all star cast. We’ve got a Prince Charming – Harry who meets Hollywood star – Meghan, there’s The Queen, Prince Charles and even The Spice Girls. I t’s got everything”.

Soundbite 5:

“We rated the Royal Wedding using five categories, “VIP”, “Age”, “People Person”, “Style” and “Big Day Rating”.

03:22 – 03:38 GV’s Graphic Design working on card design

03:38 – 03:52 CU Hands shuffling pack of Royal Wedding Top Trump Cards

03:52 – 04:50 – Graphics of some of the cards in the pack

          1. Meghan Markle’s card
          2. Prince Harry’s card
          3. The Queen’s card
          4. Prince Philip’s card
          5. Prince Charles’ card
          6. Prince William’s card
          7. Camilla Parker Bowles’ card
          8. Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge’s card
          9. Prince George’s card
          10. Princess Charlotte’s card
          11. Prince Louis’ card
          12. Princess Diana’s card
          13. Donal Trump’s card
          14. The Spice Girl’s card
          15. Sir Elton John’s card
          16. Serena Williams’ card
          17. Ed Sheeran’s card
          18. The Corgis’ card
          19. St. George’s Chapel’s card
          20. The Dress’ card
          21. The Ring’s card
          22. Dexter The Cat’s card

04:55 – 05:31 Soundbite (English) –  Tom Liddell – CEO, Top Trumps

“ So Top Trumps – we are the World’s coolest games company. We make everything from “Game Of Thrones Risk” to “Super Mario Match”, from “Harry Potter Cluedo” to “Beatles Monopoly”, we’ve been around over forty years. I think we reckon we’ve sold a hundred million units to shops around the world, you can buy our games everywhere from Walmart to Harrods and from the Sydney Opera House store to the skyscrapers of New York City. What we’re probably most famous for though, is our card game Top Trumps”.

05:36 – 06:08 GV’s of the London Top Trumps Office including shots of current games.

Cornwall, UK

06:12 – 06.38 GV’s Printing and packing of the Royal Wedding Top Trumps Cards.

Windsor, UK

06:43 – 07:04 GV’s Windsor Castle.

07:06 – 0708 Contacts Slate.